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Pre Kickoff Pickoff

Posted by evankessler on October 29, 2006

Alright, I’m hella hungover but that doesn’t mean I can’t post my football picks for this week. This week went down to the wire as I got a call from my nemesis in Pigskin Prognostication at 10:15 this morning and was barely conscious enough to decide who I favored in this week’s matchups.

Anyway, I’m not so much in the mood for writing so here you go…

Packers over Cardinals (Bruce picks Cardinals)
Bengals over Falcons (Bruce picks Falcons)
Saints over Ravens
Titans over Texans
Eagles over Jaguars
Seahawks over Chiefs
Bears over 49ers
Giants over Bucs
Chargers over Rams
Colts over Broncos (Bruce picks Broncos)
Jets over Browns
Steelers over Raiders
Panthers over Cowboys
Patriots over Vikings

Week 7 Results
Evan 5-8
Bruce 6-7

Evan 62-38
Bruce 65-35

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