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All Hallow’s Eve Weekend Eve

Posted by evankessler on October 27, 2006

Boo! Did I scare you? I bet you’re all spooked out from being All Hallow’s Eve Weekend Eve, A night where Evil can truly flourish. Muahahahaa. Are you scared? No, you’re probably not. You’re probably too busy preparing your costume. What are you going to be. What ever you do don’t go as “The Crow” or a “Sexy Devil”. What amazes me is that the crow came out about 12 years ago, give or take and people still thought it was cool. I’ve been saying this for awhile but last night on South Park Satan put an exclamation point on it.

Satan Says: “No Dressing As The Crow”.

The Sexy Devil or “The Girl of My Dreams”
Also off limits but sort of on limits is Steve Irwin. I know it’s kind of sick but several days ago my roommates and I were joking about going as The Crocodile Hunter but thought it was kind of wrong, and then as I watched South Park last night, they had the courage to tackle the Steve Irwin Holiday costume precisely as we had discussed it. If only I had a picture. It was priceless. Matt Stone and Trey Parker never cease to amaze me.

Yes, indeed. Halloween costumes are a hot topic…I enjoy hearing about people’s efforts to come up with the perfect costume. I’ve heard some amazing tales. I was talking to Kate W on the phone this weekend who told me that her sister had once gone as “a tree as seen from a moving vehicle”. I spoke to her sister Linnea the next day who then clarified that she actually had gone as “A Vision of the Forest from a Fast Moving Vehicle”. If that costume idea doesn’t make your Raggedy Ann and Andy costume look completely unimaginative then I don’t know what does. Alright, back to the story of halloween present. Earlier in the week I went to fabric stores in the garment district searching for foam for my halloween “disguise” which isn’t a disguise at all. It’s going to be more me than you can handle. Unfortunately, I purchased the wrong kind of foam to make my costume work. Lucky for me I have a roommate who was more than willing to assist me on my costume (read the words “assist me on” as “make”) as well as go out on a limb to help me purchase the components.

This evening, my roommate Marty, and I, focused on coloring one of the components using hair dye. Unfortunately for us, the hair dye did not work as we had planned and we will be forced to use plain ol’ paint in order to achieve the desired effect. I did however enjoy the several minutes I spent massaging hair dye into a clump of piillow stuffing. How often do you think someone massages hair dye into pillow stuffing. I think you’d be hard press to find an instance of it ever happening since the dawn of human existence. You must try it some time. On the down side, my hands smell like dye. I’d trade dye smelling hands for a unique experience anyday. Anyway, Project Halloween is well underway and we’re on the brink of another superb string of ritualistic pagan parties to celebrate giving candy to children so that they can get upset stomachs and leave us alone.

I hope everyone’s All Hallow’s Eve lives up to potential and maybe just maybe if you’re good you’ll wake up with a Sexy cat or devil in your bed the day after your party. I certainly hope to. Cheerio and I’ll see you in hell.

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