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Hoy Es Domingo

Posted by evankessler on October 22, 2006

It’s Sunday….Time for the Shirt of the Week!

Domingo Means Sunday En Espanol.

Not only am I making Days of the Week Shirts…but I’m making them in Spanish!

Coincidentally, I’m also making shirts in English that you can buy. Nonetheless, whether you’re American or Canadian, you should buy evankessler.com shirts.

Oh and another thing before I forget…in the true spirit of domingo here are my picks for week 7 of the NFL Season. Last week saw another move in the positive direction for EvanKessler.com versus his friendly annual nemesis. This week should continue the winning trend. ..Enjoy and good luck to all of your teams even though you should only have one team you bandwagon jumping douchebag.

Week 7 Picks
Chargers over Chiefs
Dolphins over Green Bay (Bruce picks Packers)
Jets over Lions
Steelers over Falcons
Eagles over Bucs
Patriots over Bills
Jags over Texans
Panthers over Bengals (Bruce picks Bengals)
Broncos over Browns
Cardinals over Raiders
Seahawks over Vikings
Colts over Redskins
Giants over Cowboys (Bruce picks Cowboys)

Week 6 Results
Evan 9-4
Bruce 8-5

Evan 57-30
Bruce 59-28

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