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The Sweeps Week Sweepstakes Revisited

Posted by evankessler on October 12, 2006

You may or may not recall that at the end of August Andrew Morton and I announced a contest where we were allowing you, the reader, to pick the name of our Sweeps Week Story that we were co-writing and posting on our respective websites. Well that contest was a resounding success (mostly on Andrew’s blog) We received between 10 and 12 responses, mostly our own or few people picking several titles. Two of the Titles were unquestionable favorites garnering two votes each. Other possible titles received 1 vote but most of the potential monikers received zero votes. Of the titles receiving one vote, Andrew and I chose 2 of them to compete against the two unquestionable favorites. Now, we leave it to you, dear readers, to once again make the final choice in the SWEEPS WEEK SWEEPSTAKES.

You pick from the potential titles, we write the story for your enjoyment. So in a way, you’ll be helping yourself and we’ll all be winners.

Be Thankful This Isn’t Your Prize

Alright so without further ado here are combatants in the competition:

Incident At Crossover Overpass (2 votes)

War and Peace 2: Peace and War (2 votes)

Dick Private: Private Dick (1 vote)

C.S.U.V.N.S.I (1 vote)

So there you have it…The 4 Choices for our Sweeps Week Story. Choose wisely and you shall have the pleasure of soon reading a mindblowing collaboration between myself and Mr. Andrew Morton a soon to be published author.

Remember your vote counts.


4 Responses to “The Sweeps Week Sweepstakes Revisited”

  1. Blackbird said

    Before I announce which title I thought was best, I just wanna say that all the potential titles were really fantastic and I honestly didn’t think choosing was going to be so hard, but really, great job to all of you– give yourselves a hand.

    Okay, now, I swear, they were all great, but they said I HAD to pick one, and so after a lot of thought, I just thought it had to go to Dick Private: Private Dick!

    *cheers and applause*

  2. Anonymous said

    After much consideration, I choose “Incident at Crossover Overpass.”

  3. Evan Kessler said

    Thank you Blackbird, and thank you “anonymous” for being so brave as to leave a comment. You shall be rewarded for your valour and your velour. Any one else brave enough to vote in the Sweeps Week Sweepstakes!?!?!?!

  4. Free Joe Boles said

    Dick Private. Private Dick.

    Sad to see that 13 points of Judith Light didn’t make it, but Dick Private was my favorite anyway. Well done.

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