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Total System Failure

Posted by evankessler on October 3, 2006

Sometime around 11am Monday morning the Hard Drive of Evan J. Kessler’s 2003 G4 Powerbook died in a bedroom in Pomona, New York. The Hard Drive left behind a keyboard a screen, a CD/DVD burner, and several other circuits and thingies. Those left behind are currently on their way to the Apple Repair center wherever that may be so that their purpose in this world can be revived. They are expected back in the hands of rightful owner, Evan Kessler, in 3 to 4 business days with a brand new, almost certainly better Hard Drive. Unfortunately, for it’s owner, pictures taken the last 2 weekends are gone forever because he did not want to pay $500 to retrieve the lost data. We here at Evan Kessler.com have a special place in our hearts for the deeply departed drive and would like to express the feeling that while this hard drive may be gone it is certainly not forgotten.

Flowers and fruit baskets can be sent to Evan Kessler at his Brooklyn home. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in this trying time.

Also, Evan Kessler will try to update both EvanKessler.com and The Balki System this week from the computer of one Marton Dundics. Bear with us in this difficult time.

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