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Getting A Leg Up

Posted by evankessler on September 21, 2006

Wow, it’s been one hell of a busy week and I’m amazed that I actually found time to get to this. With Monday night’s solo drinkathon, Tuesday Night’s Dinner with the Family and Wednesday night’s dinner with Kate W, my days have been wall to wall activity this week, not to mention work…actually let’s not mention work. Let’s mention John Mellencamp.

Does anyone remember that John Mellencamp song Get A Leg Up? The one where he’s in the video with that model who ended up being his wife? The lyrics go something like…”Get a leg up… Get a leg up boy. You know I ain’t that handsome…but you know I ain’t that shy…shy…shy. Get a leg up!” No? Well I guess it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember it but the only part that actually pertains to this post is the Getting a leg up part.

Noted American Fool and Legend John “Don’t Call Me Cougar anymore” Mellencamp got his leg up and it stayed up.

Last week in Football pickoff ’07 I went 12-4 in my weekly pickoff against my seasoned rival and close family friend Bruce. Now, I’m one game ahead of him for the season and you know what, I’m beginning to like the sweet taste of victory. So much so that I will be disappointed to the point of utter depression if I don’t pull off a 2nd consecutive victory in Week 3. However, in order to do that, we’ve gotta make picks first. Let’s get to it.

Week 3
Panthers over Buccaneers
Redskins over Texans
Dolphins over Titans
Bills over Jets (Bruce picked the Jets)
Colts over Jaguars
Lions over Packers
Steelers over Bengals (Bruce picked the Bengals)
Bears over Vikings
Ravens over Cleveland
Cardinals over Rams
Eagles over 49ers
Giants over Seahawks (Bruce picked the Seahawks)
Patriots over Broncos
Falcons over Saints

Week 2 Results
Evan 12-4
Bruce 11-5

Season so far
Evan 22-10
Bruce 21-11

Also don’t forget to check out The Balki System. This week Balki has an old friend drop by for some football adwice. And it ain’t Cosin Larry.


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