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Taking My Work To Bed

Posted by evankessler on July 27, 2006

I have to stop working on these celebrity themed shows. I’m taking my work home with me. It’s even invading my dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was dating/engaged to Jennifer Aniston. I was sleeping in a large hotel room not really realizing I was in bed with the former Friends star at the beginning of my dream.

She Should Be So Lucky

When I woke up in my dream I thought, crap, it’s 7:45 I have to go to work, lucky for Jennifer Aniston sleeping next to me. She never has to go to work. I tried to keep things quiet and make my way to the shower. While in the shower, I thought, “Is it okay if I sing in the shower or will that wake my famous girlfriend/Fiance Jennifer Aniston.” Meanwhile, I was in a cavernous glass hall of a shower that spanned a great deal of our hotel room, so much so that I could walk through the room while in the shower, yet the area below my waste was not visible from the outside of the shower. So I spent about two hours in the shower deciding that since I was dating Jennifer Aniston I probably didn’t have to go to work and watching Jennifer Aniston mill around the room like a SIMS character, completely ignorant of my existence. Soon we began to get famous visitors such as Courteney Cox, all of this while I’m still in the shower. I get quite the view of the whole hotel room from my winding hall of wet. I was even able to make some small talk with people through the shower. Apparently in Hollywood once you’re dating someone you invite people over to congratulate you, as there were plenty of people on hand to congratulate us and talk to me through the shower.

I had a few friends there but not really any of my best friends. All of the sudden after I got out of the shower I was talking to Earl Pickens and Mike (The Reverend Jedidiah P. Houston) from Earl Pickens and The Black Mountain Marauders. I surmised that their attendance at our “just woke up and are dating party” was due to the fact that Earl is from Long Island as is Jennifer. We talked about their next show and how maybe they could play at one of our parties while I was looking for a CD of my liking to play at this party. There was really little to no interaction between Jennifer and myself but there couldn’t be because we were entertaining. I also began to worry about going outside and dealing with Paparazzi. I thought that I might have to go back into the shower. Fortunately for me before I had to resort to desperate measures I woke up and had to take an actual shower. Phew…saved by the bell, or the latin loops ring on my cell phone for that matter.

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Manhattan Redux

Posted by evankessler on July 17, 2006

You can take the Man out of Manhattan but you can’t Manhattan out of the Man, or more accurately, you can’t forcefully prevent him from enjoying the occasional beer and band performance in the borough he used to call his home. One of the Jess S’s I know was sure that I would no longer venture to Manhattan upon my relocation to one of the quieter boroughs.

In the two weeks since leaving the West Village, I’ve enjoyed quite a few alcoholic beverages within the borders of the borough with the bigger buildings. This weekend I spent ample time on both Friday and Saturday evenings in Manhattan. Friday night after the conclusion of my first full work week in nearly 9 months, I grabbed a drink with my producer at an insanely loud bar called Stitch on 37th street. After said drink was over I met up with Marty, Jerry, Adam, Erica, and Erica’s co-worker Sally for some food and drink at the Cedar Tavern on University. There weren’t any terrifically exciting occurrences but our food was good and our waitress was cute. Cedar has always been a solid go to place for drinks and food. It’s not a bad date place either, though I’ve only gone there on a date once and I wasn’t sure if it was a date but I think it was. After leaving Cedar we hopped the train back to Brooklyn.

While on the train, my phone mysteriously began to ring. I have to say, I’m worried about the prospect of all people’s phones beginning to work on the train. The train will become a lot less pleasant upon every commuter’s realization that his or her phone is working despite the underground location of their preferred mode of transportation. Usage of my headphones during my ride into work is destined to become an indispensable necessity. Anyway, back to the story, or unstory as it were…my phone rang, it was Kayvalyn but for fear that she would soon cut out I told her I would call her when I got out of the train. When we exited the train I found out that she and her boyfriend Jason were enjoying a beer at Farm on St. Mark’s and Flatbush. Marty, Adam, and Erica whined about not wanting to go. I told them they didn’t have to but they came with me anyway and we discovered an impressive, sprawling bar layout with an even more appealing outdoor garden with plentiful seating. Farm was quite the find, the only downside was the price of the microbrew selection on hand. Their only cheap beer was Rheingold but unfortunately since they had just opened, the bar’s shipment of Rheingold had yet to come in. I enjoyed a beer or two with Kayvalyn and Jason and company which now included two of Kayvalyn’s friends with whom she conversed in Thai the majority of the time. The night ended rather early, as I think it was before midnight or maybe just after. No big deal, every night out does not have to be a marathon.

Saturday I had a nice sleep and ventured out unkempt on an errand quest. The one errand I had to run consisted of finding a digital camera battery for my Canon Powershot so that I could again take more pictures and put them on this here website. I went to Circuit City, Office Max, and Target but my search was fruitless. I returned dejected and feeling a tad bit lazy. I had previously planned to go to the Siren Festival in Coney Island but was having a hard time mustering up any enthusiasm for the acts. Finally, I hit the subway around 4pm and made it to Coney Island around 4:30. I may have the timetable wrong but you don’t really care, you’ll take what I’m giving you and like it. When I got off of the subway, I was about to call Jeni L but then I saw her and some friends standing by Stillwell Avenue. That was convenient. I walked with them to the Surf Avenue stage where we caught The Stills set. Unfortunately, the Surf Avenue stage, which is the main stage, has awful sound and awful sightlines. We would’ve been better off watching whoever was at the Stillwell stage where the sound was astronomically better and the crowd was much smaller. Anyway, I didn’t stay much longer, we went over to Nathan’s after The Stills set. On the way I ran into Mike H, and Mike K, from the VH1 days as well as Craig D my fellow Syracuse TRF alumnus. Siren Festival is always a good place to run into the various groups of friends and acquaintances you’ve met over your time in New York City. I also ran into my friend Ronit I hadn’t seen in awhile. The line at Nathan’s was ridiculous. It just seemed like it wasn’t moving but I finally got access to a Chili Cheese Dog and some fries. Mmm, Chili Cheese Dog and Fries. After enjoying that most Coney Island of meals I decided to head back to Park Slope. I want to make it back to Coney Island soon for a Cyclones game. Maybe next week.

After a short spell in the Slope I headed to Manhattan alone for an Earl Pickens show at Lakeside Lounge starting at 11pm. I expected to see other people I knew there but the only people there I knew were the band, which was fine because I don’t much like talking during shows. Though I did feel slightly pathetic being there by myself. However I made friends with Dave the bass player’s girlfriend and we watched the show in the corner. It was a pretty sweet show and the old band (The Black Mountain Marauders) was back together but this time as “Family”. They played some of my favorites in the hour set including “Annie” and “If I Could Sing Like That”. Afterwards, I hung out talking to Frank, Mike, and Earl’s wife Jackie for a bit before heading out to meet with Gina at the Dark Room. We soon decided that the Dark Room sucked and met up with Ahmad, Abdullah, Miller, Kishore, John, Zerna, and whoever else was at Welcome To The Johnson’s. My memory of the evening was very fuzzy but I think I was out til about 3 something when I hopped on the train with Miller and headed back to Brooklyn.

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t remember what I did after the Earl show but it all came flooding back to me minutes later. I hadn’t blacked out or anything I just had a bit of a hangover and couldn’t think clearly. Upon rising and shining I headed out on another errand quest to find a cable splitter. Luckily this one was more successful as I found one at my first stop, the Radio Shack on 7th ave and 3rd street though it stupidly did not occur to me to find my camera battery there. Oh well, I’ll go there later in the week when I have time. I spent a good portion of the rest of the afternoon walking around the slope. I checked out two gyms because I really need to get back into shape. I think it’s been a month since I’ve had any healthy activity. Let’s face it, drinking beer frequently and sitting at a desk all day are not healthy and just borderline able to be referred to as activities. I’m looking forward to feeling healthy. Despite my quest for health, the rest of my day focused on unhealthiness though I admittedly had a reasonably healthy dinner. Due to my lack of cable access at home I continued my trend of going to the Lighthouse Tavern on 5th and Carroll to watch the Mets. I was originally going to leave after the 2nd inning because I kind of felt pathetic but I befriended fellow patrons Dan and Annette who themselves are youthful regulars at the Lighthouse. I drank 2 beers and was given two free shots by Tom the bartender who made us all drink some Jagrmesiter in celebration of Sunday evening. That being said, my healthy dinner of grilled chicken strips with some salsa-y mayonnaise-y dipping sauce went a long way towards quelling any potential drunkenness. I left during the 7th inning as the Mets had taken the lead with 11 runs the prior inning and everyone sort of took their cue to head out. So ended my evening and my weekend. Now it’s back to the grind and a second full week in a row. After that, a third…oh the agony, but a good kind of agony. It’s the kind of agony that makes others refer to you as a valuable member of society.

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Bimonthly Terror Alert

Posted by evankessler on July 12, 2006

Well, it’s official, Fox 5 just notified their viewers that Rudy Giuliani thinks that there will be another terror attack on US soil. Thanks Fox 5 for the fear-mongering reminder. My feeling on the whole thing: As long as my phone lines they’re tappin’, I better not see any explosions happen. If they’re impeding on our rights they could at least do so without telling us that they’re not sure if it will work. We’re about 20 minutes into the newscast and pretty much every story has been a specific terrorist threat. I think Fox is trying to keep their viewers up all night cowering in fear and watching reruns of “Just Shoot Me”.

In the meantime, I came across an absolutely asinine story on yahoo about a movement to simplify spelling to make people more literate. The way to simplify it, spell everything phonetically. So, for example, this entire paragraph would look like this.

In tha meentym, I caym ucraws an absolootlee assinyn storee on yahoo abowt a moovmint to simplifuy spellng to mayk peepl mawr liturit. Tha wey to simplifuy it, spel evrything funetikly. So, for exampull this entyr parugraf wood look lyk this.

Here’s the link:

How spelling words like a complete idiot cures illiteracy, completely eludes me. For one thing, no one will know what the hell anyone is writing because everyone’s phonetic accents have the potential to be different. Furthermore, words are spelled a certain way because they have roots, and these roots are clues to the meaning and origin. If you know the root of the word but do not know the meaning, you at least have a fighting chance of extrapolating to find the meaning, but minus those roots, you are completely lost in the woods. If you ask me, these advocates for misspelling for literacy are doing nothing but advocating illiteracy and are themselves total morons. That’s my rant for the day. I know it has nothing to do with my personal life but it really pisses me off to no end. If you know me, you know I have strong feelings against using unnecessary abbreviations and emoticons in favor of words in all forms of writing so when I see an article like this I feel as though it is my duty to say something.

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