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Posted by evankessler on June 23, 2006

If you’ve been checking back every day in the hopes of finding some new daily witticisms from EvanKessler.com it hasn’t been your week. I’ve spent the majority of my past few days camped out under the under the ceiling fan in my living room staying out of the excessive heat and allowing for the entropy of my muscular tissue due to physical inactivity. Other than that not much has penetrated the sphere of the existence of one Evan J. Kessler. Instead I’ve been focused on the task at hand, which has been the task at hand for oh about the last eight months, give or take, finding a job.

Monday didn’t offer much in the way of positive experiences. I scoured Craigslist, Entertainment Careers.net, Mandy.com, Cynthia’s Cynopsis, and Variety’s jobs section for opportunities. Sure I applied to more than my fair share of jobs but didn’t expect to hear back from any, as that’s how things have been going lately. When I woke up Tuesday morning the first thing I saw in my gmail inbox was a response to one of my emails from the previous day for a Producer gig at a place that mainly focused on 3-D and computer animation things, as well as other production aspects. I responded and set up an interview as a ray of hope shone down on me. I got a good vibe that this week was starting to go my way. Several hours later, I received another email to set up an interview about another gig, this one however less substantial as it was only for a guest bartending gig. I felt hope spring eternal as all of the sudden my responses to Craigslist ads were being transformed into golden opportunities. Just when I thought the deluge had come to an end, I received another notification from an ad I had responded to 8 days prior for an AP gig. Praise the lord, I was beginning to see the light of day. My brights seemed brighter, my whites whiter, and my colors more colorful. It was time to emerge from the depths of depravity which I had been so mired in. I emailed the last people back and told them I would love to meet with them. I have yet to hear from them and it’s nearly three days later. Hmmm, methinks that’s a little strange but I can hold out a little longer. No matter, I had two interviews set up for Wednesday and one potentially for the rest of the week. The way things were going I was expecting three more people to contact me any minute. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom because of the odd chance that I’d have to pick up the phone whilst relieving myself, or risk never hearing from a potential employer again.

I still did things on the cheap for the rest of Tuesday, preferring the comfort of my couch at night to going to see Son Volt at the River to River Festival. I stayed at home by my lonesome watching the Mets dismantle the Cincinnati Reds. I didn’t want to go out and mess myself up for the next day as Jill M was coming over to help me move some stuff to Brooklyn and I had two interviews.

When Wednesday came around I was up early and ready to move. I had packed several boxes of Cds, DVDs, and miscellaneous things including my Playstation 2 and VCR. We packed up Jill’s car, drove over to Park Slope and unloaded stuff into my new room. Jill then dropped me off at a Subway stop but before I got on Arby called me and told me he had a potential job. A third opportunity had presented itself and I went home, sent my resume to Arby’s friend who then called me and we set something up for Thursday. With a third interview set up and renewed vigor, I readied for interview #1. I got all dressed up and headed out at 3:15 for a 4pm appointment. I always like to arrive 15 minutes early and the building was quicker than I thought it would be to find. I paced back and forth for 10 minutes before my 15 minutes early limit on 26th Street between 6th and Broadway (I think, or it could’ve been 5th). That whole area is just odd as every single store is the same on that block. If you want hip hop clothing, go to this block. There were 6 or 7 stores in a row dedicated to the same urban style with Jerseys, hats and other hip hop clothing brands. Anyway, I went up to the office at 3:45. First of all, the moment when you walk into an office you’ve never been into for an interview is usually the single oddest moment; even more so if you’re all dressed up and everyone else is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That moment sucks even more upon hearing that the person you’ve come in to interview with had to leave the office. This is what happened to me. As a result, I had to interview with someone who was not familiar with my resume and could only talk for five minutes. My original optimism had dissolved into thin air. After talking for a few minutes the interviewer said that they’d call to set up another interviewer where I’d be able to talk to the original intended interviewee. Onto interview #2.

Interview #2 was for a Guest Bartending gig at the Copper Door Tavern on 22nd and 3rd Avenue. Before making it to the interview I suffered a minor setback as I walked into a bar and sat down telling them I was there to see the manager. The only problem was that I was in the Bullshead Tavern. I pretended that I had to make a phone call and walked a block or two down to the Copper Door Tavern. I sat at the bar for a few minutes waiting to be interviewed and after short wait and brief interview I had myself a Guest Bartending gig. The Guestbartending gig will be from 6-10pm on Thursday June 29th at the Copper Door Tavern on 3rd Avenue Between 21st and 22nd Streets. This is subject to change.

After getting the guest bartending gig I decided to walk to the subway but somewhere on 21st around Park avenue I realized I didn’t have my metro card. I rifled through my pockets but to no avail. I looked up in slight despair and to my immediate right stood Prince. I’m pretty sure it was Prince anyway, it looked like him and he was shorter than me. It didn’t seem unreasonable as we were right by Gramercy Park and I could see Prince living in Gramercy Park if he indeed has a place in New York. Anyway, I wasn’t too distressed by my metrocard mishap since the weather was beautiful and that card was just about out of juice. I returned about 45 minutes prior to the Met game and had my plans set for the evening. The Mets were several runs behind so I decided to drop by my brother’s apartment and give him some mail that had been delivered to my apartment by accident. However, as I headed to the subway I got a call from Kristin and Jill M to join them on the roof two doors down from me. I joined them for several drinks after returning from Tribeca. We sat outside as Kristin attempted to deter a large rat from joining us on the patio. She also expounded on her fear of bugs and refusal to go on a planned trip to South Africa if there are, in fact, too many bugs. The evening came to an end a little after midnight as I had to wake up for an 11am interview. Unfortunately for me I had very little sleep due to the uncomfortable temperatures and had to be at the top of my game. The interview went about as well as it could go, but I won’t know until Monday about the outcome. I don’t really feel like expounding on the interview events because it was rather uneventful. It was comfortable, easygoing, and whether or not I get the job is out of my hands at this point. The rest of my day has been spent as the past few days have been spent, watching the Mets in the comfortable patch of real estate beneath the living room ceiling fan. I may just sleep here tonight.

Oh yeah, expect to be hounded really soon about coming to my bartending gig. I’m sending an evite tomorrow.


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