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Posted by evankessler on June 19, 2006

Goodbyes are bittersweet but long goodbyes can be delicious. Seeing as I’ve known that my time is limited here at my Bleecker abode, I’ve tried to take advantage of all of the amenities my neighborhood and apartment have to offer while I’m still around these parts. That’s why this weekend I decided to take advantage of my roof deck on a grand scale one last time and have a big BBQ blowout. Before I tackle that part of the recap, I suppose I should begin the weekend review with Friday, since it is the first day of the weekend.

Friday, I’m not really sure how I spent my day other than the usual job hunt. However, there was some sampling of the local flavor on Bleecker St. It was quite a hot day, and feeling the need for icy refreshment, I made my way to Cones for some Ice Cream. I was debating whether or not to get Mint Chip or Coffee Mocha Chip but then my eyes passed over two flavors I had never tried. Now, that’s not to say that I had never seen those flavors, I was more than aware that Cones has a Corn ice cream and a flavor called “Zabayone” which sounds like a line of dialogue in an Adam Sandler movie. I tried a sample of both from one of those little plastic spoons. The corn was actually quite good and when I tried Zabayone I was amazed that it had a wine taste. It was an interesting and potent flavor. I was so interested that I got a cone of Zabayone. That sort of rhymes if it’s pronounced that way. I slowly realized while licking my cone of Zabayone that despite it’s original strong impression, wine flavored ice cream is not a good idea. After a minute or two I just thought I was licking a solid form of alcohol, though the side effects did not include drunkenness. I should’ve gone with the corn. You live and you learn.

At around 7pm I headed out to the East Village for Radio Perfecto where I was meeting a bunch of friends for Zerna’s birthday. We had a large group including Kayvalyn, Jason, Andrea, Lauren H, John K, Morwin, Ahmad, Abdullah, Ahmad and Abdullah’s mom, Miller, Dmitry, Kishore, Rich, Lina, Shayan, and Eric S. I’m sure there are one or two obvious people that I’m leaving out but sometimes the amount of brain cells you’ve lost from imbibing alcohol catches up with you and impairs your memory. We all partook in our alcoholic beverage of choice (except for Zerna as she is with child) and some Mexican fare. I had some Carne Asada tacos, which were quite delectable. There was also a dessert of birthday cake, which probably was responsible for the most amazing moment of the evening. Zerna blew out all of her candles in one breath. A swift breeze from her lungs immediately quelled the flames of twenty plus candles. Not a one even flickered with defiance. I remarked that it was one of the most amazing displays I had ever witnessed, quite impressive indeed.

We split off into groups after dinner. One portion of the group went to their respective homes, one went to the Living Room, whereas Ahmad, Miller, Eric, and I met Ahmad’s girlfriend Erica at Welcome to the Johnson’s for a quick PBR. I also played three songs in the jukebox but I gave the crowd a little variety with a mix of N.W.A., Loretta Lynn, and The Stray Cats. When our drinks were done we decided to move things across the street to The Magician where I ran into an old VH1 Segment Producer, Matt S. We were both oddly staring at each other as I walked by. I wasn’t quite sure if he was who he was so there was an awkward stare down followed by a, “Evan, right?” from him “Yeah, Matt?” from me. We had a brief conversation and then moved back towards our respective parties. I had one drink at the Magician then headed for the door to end my evening. However, on the way out I ran into Pete, Maureen, and Mike H. I know The Magician is sort of Pete’s haunt so I wasn’t that surprised but it was good to run into them. I talked with Maureen for a bit and it was quite the sobering conversation, but that was my fault. For some reason whenever Maureen is around I seek out life advice from her. I guess it’s because I value her opinion, and her opinion was that I’m not going to find what I’m looking for job-wise until I know what I want to do and while it made me feel depressed and confused, I know that she’s absolutely right. It’s one of those realities that I hate to admit. Okay, I’m going to throw the serious stuff aside and move on to Saturday, because you’re here for the fun.

Saturday, oh Saturday how you light up my life. Saturday I had planned to have my last big BBQ bash before the sun set on my Bleecker St. tenure. I woke up early and started cleaning up my room. I bought 8 pounds of ground sirloin from Ottomanelli’s butcher shop down the street. Instead of getting a 18 pack of Budweiser like I usually do, I noticed that Gristedes was selling 6-packs of an obscure Belgian beer called Krait for $2.99. Now, normally you’d assume if a 6-pack of beer is being sold for $2.99 it can’t be very good and in this case that assumption was pretty right on. It didn’t really matter though, being strapped for cash, you can’t beat 50 cents per beer, unless it’s free that is. I had plenty of free beer Saturday evening as friends upon friends piled into the apartment and onto roof to bid adieu to the sight of many a fun summer party and one New Year’s Eve bash. I’d name everyone who was there but I don’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out and I’d no doubt be naming people that I’d already named on this page so it would be semi-redundant. We ate cheeseburgers, but Maureen had a boca burger. Sometimes vegetarians have to do what vegetarians have to do. We had an appearance from former roommate John V who lured the cops into our apartment because he was dangling his legs over the side of the building. The cops buzzed up to tell him to get off the ledge. That was amusing but for a second I thought they were going to bust us for having a party. That would’ve put a damper on the festivities. As the party died down I started to clean up while simultaneously enjoying my drunken state. Arby was waiting for me downstairs because I told him I would go to the bar where his girlfriend was guest bartending and I figured this would be fine since my roommate Ellen and a few of my friends were just chatting on the roof. I left my own party with Arby who was sort of being very anti-Arby. He was being the bizarre Arby if you will as he is normally very laid back. I felt an air of impatience about him and I was really drunk so I should’ve just stayed at the party and not gone anywhere. Plus, I still had my friends there. Anyway, to make a long story short, we want to a bar on the Upper East Side and I was not having a good time. I was fighting off a probable vomiting fit and a minor headache. True, I got some free beer out of the deal but I had to spend $10 on a cab ride back home after the unwarranted bar trip, which gave a little sour aftertaste to the otherwise excellent evening. To be honest, I blame myself because I could’ve just said I didn’t want to go. Oh well, again, you live and you learn, though I never seem to.

I woke up at around 10:30 this morning with a massive hangover. There was a large task at hand involving roof cleaning but the pre-emptive cleaning job last night rendered it merely a slight annoyance. However, I had to clean the dishes in the sink, and I noticed something that resembled vomit in that area. No matter, I was the one who threw the party, so I was going to deal with the consequences. Presto! Dishes were cleaned. However, I still was being burdened by a massive hangover. I dealt with it as best I could and nursed it to near extinction by the time I had to go to Rockland on a bus for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is very odd for me since I have a stepfather who I don’t really consider to be fatherly, though he tries. I just don’t really want fatherly input from him. We could get into a whole psychoanalysis here but I think laying down the basic facts is enough. Anyway, so going home for father’s day is odd seeing as I’m not really into it. Though there were gifts involve I never once said “Happy Father’s Day”. We did have an okay dinner though of Ribs and corn pudding. I was really tired all day though and didn’t talk much. I had no energy for the family get-together. I know family is important but I think I would’ve just rather been sleeping all day instead of taking two bus trips just for dinner with the family. I probably just lost a ton of points for insensitivity with this paragraph but if this website is anything, it’s an honest forum for anything on my mind and I write what I think is important. Anyway, that’s it for the weekend. I don’t really know what this week is going to bring. Hopefully, I’ll get a job or more interviews. I need something before I lose my mind.


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