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Posted by evankessler on June 16, 2006

As the saying goes, “Expect the unexpected.” And the last couple of days have presented a veritable smorgas board of unexpected opportunity. They haven’t all been of the life changing species, but it’s a step in the right direction. The first such opportunity arrived through the medium of instant messenger. After I arrived home from working a thankless temp job doing manual labor…wait, I have to vent about the manual labor thing first. Seeing as I’m in desperate need of money and a job, temp work has had to be my breadwinning method. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten precious little work via that method. So, when I was offered the chance to work for two straight days doing manual labor for around eight hours a day I figured, it’s money in the bank…money that I need. Monday morning I showed up to work at 11am and moved boxes for and lifted things until 1;15PM. While I was a little sore, I wouldn’t have minded lifting more things until the advertised time of 8pm because it meant more money. Instead of making $90 for that day, the final cash intake was going to be more like $30. Furthermore, the work the next day was postponed due to a truck getting delayed in Kansas City. Basically, I ended up making about 80% less than I was supposed to make. Now back to the story I was telling. So, I went back to scouring for jobs on the Internet and while I did so I decided to strike up conversation with several folks online. One of said chat participants was Cara T whom I hadn’t spoken with in quite a while. After a little catching up I brought up my employment situation, to which she responded, “Do you want to work here?” referring to her place of business. Suddenly there was a light of hope shining down from heaven through the Internet. Just like that I had an interview to go to on Thursday. Opportunity #1 had presented itself. I suppose I should be thankful for the crappy temp job ending early. Not to say that I’m definitely going to get the job but if I had worked later, I suppose I would have ended up sore and way too tired to look for work upon returning home.

More opportunity presented itself Tuesday evening. I returned from the gym and noticed a message on my phone from Suli. He was calling because he had an extra ticket to Radiohead the next day. Opportunity #2, another stroke of luck from out of nowhere, this was shaping up to be my week. Later that evening as I sat watching the Mets I got a phone call from Kristin and Jill to go out drinking. I wasn’t really going to meet them out but then they suggested that we drink on my roof. I wasn’t initially up for it, but when they showed up with two six packs, I figured what the hell. Kristin invited David over. We argued over whether or not Sarah Silverman is funny. David and I were saying that she’s sometimes funny, whereas Kristin was of the opinion that the only valid opinion was her opinion, which clearly stated, “Sarah Silverman is not funny”. David and Kristin, soon left and Jill and I sat on the roof drinking until after 3am.

The big event the next day was Radiohead, but before that I went to Barnes & Noble to do research for my job interview. At 6:30 I met a large contingent of our friends for Radiohead at the Theatre at MSG. We probably had the largest group of friends attending the event together. We were at least 10 strong including, Myself, Suli, Rich, Lina, Maya, Rob, Kishore, Ahmad, Abdullah, Eric L, John, Zerna, Jason, Kayvalyn, Andrea, Joe D. and his sisters Eve and Jess. Upon counting those names, I suppose we had 18 people. However, I could have left someone out. The Black Keys were the opener and played a decent 40 minutes or so. I wasn’t completely enamored with their music but I wasn’t turned off by it either. It was just more or less basic blues based rock ‘n’ roll like the White Stripes. Since I couldn’t hear the lyrics I couldn’t really make a fair assessment on the overall merit of the music.

While waiting for Radiohead to come on, my personal space was impinged upon by a 6’6” wall of preppy douche. He was standing next to his brother and making small talk with a girl he had cut in front of previously. As he made small talk he started to lean into me as if he was trying to subtly get in front of me, taking no notice of the contact he was actually making. Seeing as he was at least half a foot taller than most of the concertgoers he had little need to be in front of anyone. After a while I decided I didn’t want to deal with someone who was going to be annoying all concert so I made my way towards the other side where a group of my friends stood anyway.

Radiohead hit the stage around 9pm and launched into a song that I didn’t recognize. Perhaps it was new or perhaps it was from Hail To The Thief, as I am not overly familiar with the music from that album since it disappeared from my collection shortly after its being purchased. I think it now adorns the CD collection of one Greg Harris Kessler. Anyway, Radiohead played a great deal of later and new material. I enjoyed the more guitar driven of the new songs. However, my personal high point was during the performance of “No Surprises” off of OK Computer, which was dedicated to Michael Stipe. Other classics played included “My Iron Lung”, “Paranoid Android”, “Just”, “The National Anthem”, “Idioteque” and to close “The Tourist”. It was a pretty good show but not the best Radiohead concert I’ve seen. That title goes to the concert I saw in April of 1998 at Radio City Music Hall during their OK Computer Tour.

One thing that really bothers me about concerts though is that technology has really ruined the concert experience. Instead of having a clear view throughout the entire concert, I have to peer through a sea of cell phone video screens capturing relatively low-grade video and audio snippets for concertgoers to cherish forever. I’m not sure for what purpose anyone is really using a 15 second clip of a song they had never heard, but it’s interfering with my line of sight. I just had to get that off of my chest.

Back on track, today, Thursday morning, I woke up at 9am and gave myself time to prepare for my interview, which was to be at 11am in Midtown East. I don’t really have an exciting story about the interview. I think it went reasonably well and I still have more to do, as I was given a bit of a homework assignment. Upon completion of my interview I stopped by Cara T’s desk and had a quick chat. I then headed home for a little lunch and Mets baseball, whilst scouring the net for job opportunities just in case this one doesn’t work out. You can never be too cautious, unless of course you’re too cautious. As I sat watching the Mets and eating a burger from The Burger Joint on Bleecker, my phone rang. It was John W. He was calling to invite me to a taping of The Daily Show that he had tickets for at 4:15. What a couple of days, huh? I met up with John and Eric W. at the studio at 4:15. We had VIP tickets and I guess we got in a bit sooner than everyone. The show was absolutely hilarious with guest Louis C.K. talking about his new show on HBO and how he hates his kids. There seemed to be more expletives than usual but maybe I just noticed because they weren’t beeped out at the live taping. Samantha Bee’s produced package was great and she’s pretty cute in person. Overall it was an excellent Thursday. Hopefully, Friday will continue the streak.

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