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Back To The Grind

Posted by evankessler on June 27, 2006

Well, in approximately 10 hours I will be back to being a productive member of society. That’s right, my jobless drought is over for at least five weeks as somebody had the temerity to hire me to work on a production. So after about 8 and a half months of languishing in a world of boredom, misery, monetary uncertainty, and temp work it’s back on the case for one Evan Jeremy Kessler.

I am teeming with a sort of nervous excitement that comes with working in a new place and really just wanting to do a good job. However, I also have a certain reluctance to go back to the working life. I suppose on the upside my wakeup time is not terribly early and with the heat limiting my hours of sleep, I might as well be doing something productive in the morning. No more waking up late and shuffling off to the gym or the park to read. God knows I’ve read my fair share of books over this time period, it’s time to revert to reading the New York Post on the way to work. Though my subway ride in from Park Slope will certainly provide me with plenty of time to scan through a few chapters of a classic novel on the way to the office. I’ll also be able to afford the rent as well as a few more amenities afforded by having a semi-regular gig. However, the dire straits of the past few months has taught me two conflicting lessons, the first being the terribly trite, “A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned” and the second, also a horrible cliché, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”. Nothing feels better than having money in your pocket and spending it but when that money runs out you wish you would have saved it. Alas, life is short and enjoying yourself is basically what it’s all about. For the next five weeks, I shall be blessed with employment and a steady stream of income. I look forward to interaction with new co-workers, creating via the medium of television, and just generally doing stuff other than looking for work. Hopefully it will lead to something semi-permanent or at least reliable. Brace yourself working world, Evan Kessler is back and he’s well rested.

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The Triad of Hope

Posted by evankessler on June 23, 2006

If you’ve been checking back every day in the hopes of finding some new daily witticisms from EvanKessler.com it hasn’t been your week. I’ve spent the majority of my past few days camped out under the under the ceiling fan in my living room staying out of the excessive heat and allowing for the entropy of my muscular tissue due to physical inactivity. Other than that not much has penetrated the sphere of the existence of one Evan J. Kessler. Instead I’ve been focused on the task at hand, which has been the task at hand for oh about the last eight months, give or take, finding a job.

Monday didn’t offer much in the way of positive experiences. I scoured Craigslist, Entertainment Careers.net, Mandy.com, Cynthia’s Cynopsis, and Variety’s jobs section for opportunities. Sure I applied to more than my fair share of jobs but didn’t expect to hear back from any, as that’s how things have been going lately. When I woke up Tuesday morning the first thing I saw in my gmail inbox was a response to one of my emails from the previous day for a Producer gig at a place that mainly focused on 3-D and computer animation things, as well as other production aspects. I responded and set up an interview as a ray of hope shone down on me. I got a good vibe that this week was starting to go my way. Several hours later, I received another email to set up an interview about another gig, this one however less substantial as it was only for a guest bartending gig. I felt hope spring eternal as all of the sudden my responses to Craigslist ads were being transformed into golden opportunities. Just when I thought the deluge had come to an end, I received another notification from an ad I had responded to 8 days prior for an AP gig. Praise the lord, I was beginning to see the light of day. My brights seemed brighter, my whites whiter, and my colors more colorful. It was time to emerge from the depths of depravity which I had been so mired in. I emailed the last people back and told them I would love to meet with them. I have yet to hear from them and it’s nearly three days later. Hmmm, methinks that’s a little strange but I can hold out a little longer. No matter, I had two interviews set up for Wednesday and one potentially for the rest of the week. The way things were going I was expecting three more people to contact me any minute. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom because of the odd chance that I’d have to pick up the phone whilst relieving myself, or risk never hearing from a potential employer again.

I still did things on the cheap for the rest of Tuesday, preferring the comfort of my couch at night to going to see Son Volt at the River to River Festival. I stayed at home by my lonesome watching the Mets dismantle the Cincinnati Reds. I didn’t want to go out and mess myself up for the next day as Jill M was coming over to help me move some stuff to Brooklyn and I had two interviews.

When Wednesday came around I was up early and ready to move. I had packed several boxes of Cds, DVDs, and miscellaneous things including my Playstation 2 and VCR. We packed up Jill’s car, drove over to Park Slope and unloaded stuff into my new room. Jill then dropped me off at a Subway stop but before I got on Arby called me and told me he had a potential job. A third opportunity had presented itself and I went home, sent my resume to Arby’s friend who then called me and we set something up for Thursday. With a third interview set up and renewed vigor, I readied for interview #1. I got all dressed up and headed out at 3:15 for a 4pm appointment. I always like to arrive 15 minutes early and the building was quicker than I thought it would be to find. I paced back and forth for 10 minutes before my 15 minutes early limit on 26th Street between 6th and Broadway (I think, or it could’ve been 5th). That whole area is just odd as every single store is the same on that block. If you want hip hop clothing, go to this block. There were 6 or 7 stores in a row dedicated to the same urban style with Jerseys, hats and other hip hop clothing brands. Anyway, I went up to the office at 3:45. First of all, the moment when you walk into an office you’ve never been into for an interview is usually the single oddest moment; even more so if you’re all dressed up and everyone else is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That moment sucks even more upon hearing that the person you’ve come in to interview with had to leave the office. This is what happened to me. As a result, I had to interview with someone who was not familiar with my resume and could only talk for five minutes. My original optimism had dissolved into thin air. After talking for a few minutes the interviewer said that they’d call to set up another interviewer where I’d be able to talk to the original intended interviewee. Onto interview #2.

Interview #2 was for a Guest Bartending gig at the Copper Door Tavern on 22nd and 3rd Avenue. Before making it to the interview I suffered a minor setback as I walked into a bar and sat down telling them I was there to see the manager. The only problem was that I was in the Bullshead Tavern. I pretended that I had to make a phone call and walked a block or two down to the Copper Door Tavern. I sat at the bar for a few minutes waiting to be interviewed and after short wait and brief interview I had myself a Guest Bartending gig. The Guestbartending gig will be from 6-10pm on Thursday June 29th at the Copper Door Tavern on 3rd Avenue Between 21st and 22nd Streets. This is subject to change.

After getting the guest bartending gig I decided to walk to the subway but somewhere on 21st around Park avenue I realized I didn’t have my metro card. I rifled through my pockets but to no avail. I looked up in slight despair and to my immediate right stood Prince. I’m pretty sure it was Prince anyway, it looked like him and he was shorter than me. It didn’t seem unreasonable as we were right by Gramercy Park and I could see Prince living in Gramercy Park if he indeed has a place in New York. Anyway, I wasn’t too distressed by my metrocard mishap since the weather was beautiful and that card was just about out of juice. I returned about 45 minutes prior to the Met game and had my plans set for the evening. The Mets were several runs behind so I decided to drop by my brother’s apartment and give him some mail that had been delivered to my apartment by accident. However, as I headed to the subway I got a call from Kristin and Jill M to join them on the roof two doors down from me. I joined them for several drinks after returning from Tribeca. We sat outside as Kristin attempted to deter a large rat from joining us on the patio. She also expounded on her fear of bugs and refusal to go on a planned trip to South Africa if there are, in fact, too many bugs. The evening came to an end a little after midnight as I had to wake up for an 11am interview. Unfortunately for me I had very little sleep due to the uncomfortable temperatures and had to be at the top of my game. The interview went about as well as it could go, but I won’t know until Monday about the outcome. I don’t really feel like expounding on the interview events because it was rather uneventful. It was comfortable, easygoing, and whether or not I get the job is out of my hands at this point. The rest of my day has been spent as the past few days have been spent, watching the Mets in the comfortable patch of real estate beneath the living room ceiling fan. I may just sleep here tonight.

Oh yeah, expect to be hounded really soon about coming to my bartending gig. I’m sending an evite tomorrow.

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The Last BBQ

Posted by evankessler on June 19, 2006

Goodbyes are bittersweet but long goodbyes can be delicious. Seeing as I’ve known that my time is limited here at my Bleecker abode, I’ve tried to take advantage of all of the amenities my neighborhood and apartment have to offer while I’m still around these parts. That’s why this weekend I decided to take advantage of my roof deck on a grand scale one last time and have a big BBQ blowout. Before I tackle that part of the recap, I suppose I should begin the weekend review with Friday, since it is the first day of the weekend.

Friday, I’m not really sure how I spent my day other than the usual job hunt. However, there was some sampling of the local flavor on Bleecker St. It was quite a hot day, and feeling the need for icy refreshment, I made my way to Cones for some Ice Cream. I was debating whether or not to get Mint Chip or Coffee Mocha Chip but then my eyes passed over two flavors I had never tried. Now, that’s not to say that I had never seen those flavors, I was more than aware that Cones has a Corn ice cream and a flavor called “Zabayone” which sounds like a line of dialogue in an Adam Sandler movie. I tried a sample of both from one of those little plastic spoons. The corn was actually quite good and when I tried Zabayone I was amazed that it had a wine taste. It was an interesting and potent flavor. I was so interested that I got a cone of Zabayone. That sort of rhymes if it’s pronounced that way. I slowly realized while licking my cone of Zabayone that despite it’s original strong impression, wine flavored ice cream is not a good idea. After a minute or two I just thought I was licking a solid form of alcohol, though the side effects did not include drunkenness. I should’ve gone with the corn. You live and you learn.

At around 7pm I headed out to the East Village for Radio Perfecto where I was meeting a bunch of friends for Zerna’s birthday. We had a large group including Kayvalyn, Jason, Andrea, Lauren H, John K, Morwin, Ahmad, Abdullah, Ahmad and Abdullah’s mom, Miller, Dmitry, Kishore, Rich, Lina, Shayan, and Eric S. I’m sure there are one or two obvious people that I’m leaving out but sometimes the amount of brain cells you’ve lost from imbibing alcohol catches up with you and impairs your memory. We all partook in our alcoholic beverage of choice (except for Zerna as she is with child) and some Mexican fare. I had some Carne Asada tacos, which were quite delectable. There was also a dessert of birthday cake, which probably was responsible for the most amazing moment of the evening. Zerna blew out all of her candles in one breath. A swift breeze from her lungs immediately quelled the flames of twenty plus candles. Not a one even flickered with defiance. I remarked that it was one of the most amazing displays I had ever witnessed, quite impressive indeed.

We split off into groups after dinner. One portion of the group went to their respective homes, one went to the Living Room, whereas Ahmad, Miller, Eric, and I met Ahmad’s girlfriend Erica at Welcome to the Johnson’s for a quick PBR. I also played three songs in the jukebox but I gave the crowd a little variety with a mix of N.W.A., Loretta Lynn, and The Stray Cats. When our drinks were done we decided to move things across the street to The Magician where I ran into an old VH1 Segment Producer, Matt S. We were both oddly staring at each other as I walked by. I wasn’t quite sure if he was who he was so there was an awkward stare down followed by a, “Evan, right?” from him “Yeah, Matt?” from me. We had a brief conversation and then moved back towards our respective parties. I had one drink at the Magician then headed for the door to end my evening. However, on the way out I ran into Pete, Maureen, and Mike H. I know The Magician is sort of Pete’s haunt so I wasn’t that surprised but it was good to run into them. I talked with Maureen for a bit and it was quite the sobering conversation, but that was my fault. For some reason whenever Maureen is around I seek out life advice from her. I guess it’s because I value her opinion, and her opinion was that I’m not going to find what I’m looking for job-wise until I know what I want to do and while it made me feel depressed and confused, I know that she’s absolutely right. It’s one of those realities that I hate to admit. Okay, I’m going to throw the serious stuff aside and move on to Saturday, because you’re here for the fun.

Saturday, oh Saturday how you light up my life. Saturday I had planned to have my last big BBQ bash before the sun set on my Bleecker St. tenure. I woke up early and started cleaning up my room. I bought 8 pounds of ground sirloin from Ottomanelli’s butcher shop down the street. Instead of getting a 18 pack of Budweiser like I usually do, I noticed that Gristedes was selling 6-packs of an obscure Belgian beer called Krait for $2.99. Now, normally you’d assume if a 6-pack of beer is being sold for $2.99 it can’t be very good and in this case that assumption was pretty right on. It didn’t really matter though, being strapped for cash, you can’t beat 50 cents per beer, unless it’s free that is. I had plenty of free beer Saturday evening as friends upon friends piled into the apartment and onto roof to bid adieu to the sight of many a fun summer party and one New Year’s Eve bash. I’d name everyone who was there but I don’t want to offend anyone by leaving them out and I’d no doubt be naming people that I’d already named on this page so it would be semi-redundant. We ate cheeseburgers, but Maureen had a boca burger. Sometimes vegetarians have to do what vegetarians have to do. We had an appearance from former roommate John V who lured the cops into our apartment because he was dangling his legs over the side of the building. The cops buzzed up to tell him to get off the ledge. That was amusing but for a second I thought they were going to bust us for having a party. That would’ve put a damper on the festivities. As the party died down I started to clean up while simultaneously enjoying my drunken state. Arby was waiting for me downstairs because I told him I would go to the bar where his girlfriend was guest bartending and I figured this would be fine since my roommate Ellen and a few of my friends were just chatting on the roof. I left my own party with Arby who was sort of being very anti-Arby. He was being the bizarre Arby if you will as he is normally very laid back. I felt an air of impatience about him and I was really drunk so I should’ve just stayed at the party and not gone anywhere. Plus, I still had my friends there. Anyway, to make a long story short, we want to a bar on the Upper East Side and I was not having a good time. I was fighting off a probable vomiting fit and a minor headache. True, I got some free beer out of the deal but I had to spend $10 on a cab ride back home after the unwarranted bar trip, which gave a little sour aftertaste to the otherwise excellent evening. To be honest, I blame myself because I could’ve just said I didn’t want to go. Oh well, again, you live and you learn, though I never seem to.

I woke up at around 10:30 this morning with a massive hangover. There was a large task at hand involving roof cleaning but the pre-emptive cleaning job last night rendered it merely a slight annoyance. However, I had to clean the dishes in the sink, and I noticed something that resembled vomit in that area. No matter, I was the one who threw the party, so I was going to deal with the consequences. Presto! Dishes were cleaned. However, I still was being burdened by a massive hangover. I dealt with it as best I could and nursed it to near extinction by the time I had to go to Rockland on a bus for Father’s Day. Father’s Day is very odd for me since I have a stepfather who I don’t really consider to be fatherly, though he tries. I just don’t really want fatherly input from him. We could get into a whole psychoanalysis here but I think laying down the basic facts is enough. Anyway, so going home for father’s day is odd seeing as I’m not really into it. Though there were gifts involve I never once said “Happy Father’s Day”. We did have an okay dinner though of Ribs and corn pudding. I was really tired all day though and didn’t talk much. I had no energy for the family get-together. I know family is important but I think I would’ve just rather been sleeping all day instead of taking two bus trips just for dinner with the family. I probably just lost a ton of points for insensitivity with this paragraph but if this website is anything, it’s an honest forum for anything on my mind and I write what I think is important. Anyway, that’s it for the weekend. I don’t really know what this week is going to bring. Hopefully, I’ll get a job or more interviews. I need something before I lose my mind.

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Opportunities Knock

Posted by evankessler on June 16, 2006

As the saying goes, “Expect the unexpected.” And the last couple of days have presented a veritable smorgas board of unexpected opportunity. They haven’t all been of the life changing species, but it’s a step in the right direction. The first such opportunity arrived through the medium of instant messenger. After I arrived home from working a thankless temp job doing manual labor…wait, I have to vent about the manual labor thing first. Seeing as I’m in desperate need of money and a job, temp work has had to be my breadwinning method. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten precious little work via that method. So, when I was offered the chance to work for two straight days doing manual labor for around eight hours a day I figured, it’s money in the bank…money that I need. Monday morning I showed up to work at 11am and moved boxes for and lifted things until 1;15PM. While I was a little sore, I wouldn’t have minded lifting more things until the advertised time of 8pm because it meant more money. Instead of making $90 for that day, the final cash intake was going to be more like $30. Furthermore, the work the next day was postponed due to a truck getting delayed in Kansas City. Basically, I ended up making about 80% less than I was supposed to make. Now back to the story I was telling. So, I went back to scouring for jobs on the Internet and while I did so I decided to strike up conversation with several folks online. One of said chat participants was Cara T whom I hadn’t spoken with in quite a while. After a little catching up I brought up my employment situation, to which she responded, “Do you want to work here?” referring to her place of business. Suddenly there was a light of hope shining down from heaven through the Internet. Just like that I had an interview to go to on Thursday. Opportunity #1 had presented itself. I suppose I should be thankful for the crappy temp job ending early. Not to say that I’m definitely going to get the job but if I had worked later, I suppose I would have ended up sore and way too tired to look for work upon returning home.

More opportunity presented itself Tuesday evening. I returned from the gym and noticed a message on my phone from Suli. He was calling because he had an extra ticket to Radiohead the next day. Opportunity #2, another stroke of luck from out of nowhere, this was shaping up to be my week. Later that evening as I sat watching the Mets I got a phone call from Kristin and Jill to go out drinking. I wasn’t really going to meet them out but then they suggested that we drink on my roof. I wasn’t initially up for it, but when they showed up with two six packs, I figured what the hell. Kristin invited David over. We argued over whether or not Sarah Silverman is funny. David and I were saying that she’s sometimes funny, whereas Kristin was of the opinion that the only valid opinion was her opinion, which clearly stated, “Sarah Silverman is not funny”. David and Kristin, soon left and Jill and I sat on the roof drinking until after 3am.

The big event the next day was Radiohead, but before that I went to Barnes & Noble to do research for my job interview. At 6:30 I met a large contingent of our friends for Radiohead at the Theatre at MSG. We probably had the largest group of friends attending the event together. We were at least 10 strong including, Myself, Suli, Rich, Lina, Maya, Rob, Kishore, Ahmad, Abdullah, Eric L, John, Zerna, Jason, Kayvalyn, Andrea, Joe D. and his sisters Eve and Jess. Upon counting those names, I suppose we had 18 people. However, I could have left someone out. The Black Keys were the opener and played a decent 40 minutes or so. I wasn’t completely enamored with their music but I wasn’t turned off by it either. It was just more or less basic blues based rock ‘n’ roll like the White Stripes. Since I couldn’t hear the lyrics I couldn’t really make a fair assessment on the overall merit of the music.

While waiting for Radiohead to come on, my personal space was impinged upon by a 6’6” wall of preppy douche. He was standing next to his brother and making small talk with a girl he had cut in front of previously. As he made small talk he started to lean into me as if he was trying to subtly get in front of me, taking no notice of the contact he was actually making. Seeing as he was at least half a foot taller than most of the concertgoers he had little need to be in front of anyone. After a while I decided I didn’t want to deal with someone who was going to be annoying all concert so I made my way towards the other side where a group of my friends stood anyway.

Radiohead hit the stage around 9pm and launched into a song that I didn’t recognize. Perhaps it was new or perhaps it was from Hail To The Thief, as I am not overly familiar with the music from that album since it disappeared from my collection shortly after its being purchased. I think it now adorns the CD collection of one Greg Harris Kessler. Anyway, Radiohead played a great deal of later and new material. I enjoyed the more guitar driven of the new songs. However, my personal high point was during the performance of “No Surprises” off of OK Computer, which was dedicated to Michael Stipe. Other classics played included “My Iron Lung”, “Paranoid Android”, “Just”, “The National Anthem”, “Idioteque” and to close “The Tourist”. It was a pretty good show but not the best Radiohead concert I’ve seen. That title goes to the concert I saw in April of 1998 at Radio City Music Hall during their OK Computer Tour.

One thing that really bothers me about concerts though is that technology has really ruined the concert experience. Instead of having a clear view throughout the entire concert, I have to peer through a sea of cell phone video screens capturing relatively low-grade video and audio snippets for concertgoers to cherish forever. I’m not sure for what purpose anyone is really using a 15 second clip of a song they had never heard, but it’s interfering with my line of sight. I just had to get that off of my chest.

Back on track, today, Thursday morning, I woke up at 9am and gave myself time to prepare for my interview, which was to be at 11am in Midtown East. I don’t really have an exciting story about the interview. I think it went reasonably well and I still have more to do, as I was given a bit of a homework assignment. Upon completion of my interview I stopped by Cara T’s desk and had a quick chat. I then headed home for a little lunch and Mets baseball, whilst scouring the net for job opportunities just in case this one doesn’t work out. You can never be too cautious, unless of course you’re too cautious. As I sat watching the Mets and eating a burger from The Burger Joint on Bleecker, my phone rang. It was John W. He was calling to invite me to a taping of The Daily Show that he had tickets for at 4:15. What a couple of days, huh? I met up with John and Eric W. at the studio at 4:15. We had VIP tickets and I guess we got in a bit sooner than everyone. The show was absolutely hilarious with guest Louis C.K. talking about his new show on HBO and how he hates his kids. There seemed to be more expletives than usual but maybe I just noticed because they weren’t beeped out at the live taping. Samantha Bee’s produced package was great and she’s pretty cute in person. Overall it was an excellent Thursday. Hopefully, Friday will continue the streak.

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National Revenge Week

Posted by evankessler on June 12, 2006

One thing I forgot in the weekend recap. The film we made for the NYC Midnight Run is up on youtube.com. Here’s the link to National Revenge Week.

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Paintin’ The Park Tan

Posted by evankessler on June 12, 2006

Sunday night has rolled around once again and I am utterly exhausted. This weekend has been filled with things to do. Actually, that’s not exactly true, I’ve done three things this weekend and all three of those things have been time consuming. In last weekend’s recap I proclaimed that I would be back on the drinking train this week, but that declaration didn’t truly manifest itself until this weekend. True, on Wednesday I did get drinks with Jill M at the Village Tavern for our usual evening of conversation over goldfish and the ale of our choice, but the alcohol monster wasn’t present nearly as often as I thought it would be. When the summer comes around it seems like a fact of life that you’ll be drinking with your friends every night. Luckily for my finances I didn’t take up residency at a watering hole for the majority of the week. Unfortunately, when the weekend hit it was a free for all of sorts, which is really bad since I haven’t worked a temp job in weeks and there were no job interviews to provide a hint of hope that my slump is coming to an end. This chapter in my life is getting increasingly more difficult to write an end to with each passing day. However, on nights such as this past Friday, when surrounded by friends, the strain feels a little less and my facial expression tends to suggest that all is right with the world.

So where did I go on Friday night? Well folks, I spent some time in my new home borough of Brooklyn, though not in Park Slope. Instead it was off to Williamsburg for an evening of hip-hop hysteria with the Cold Hands Collective at Grand Central Bar. Much to my surprise, when I entered the bar it had undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis from run down neighborhood bar to nicer neighborhood bar with free pizza. They did quite the job and when I looked at the jukebox I noticed that it was basically my dream jukebox with everything from Clem Snide to Otis Redding. I guess it wasn’t that important to the evening, as I had gone there to see Cold Hands. Usually the band attracts a much bigger crowd of friends and fans but for some reason the audience seemed dramatically less than the normal outing. Besides the band the bar patrons included Lauren H, Victor, Sam T, Dmitry, Lina, Maya, Potts, and I’m not really sure whom else. There were probably a couple more people that I knew and some people that Abdullah knew from Philly or something. It was a shame the crowd was so small because they played a pretty good show. I also got plenty of compliments on my Evan Kessler & His Only 2 Friends Shirt. I even got a shout out during the set, which I guess isn’t weird. One thing that perturbed me about the evening at Grand Central bar was that no matter how many beers I got, I didn’t get any on the house. I mean I probably bought at least 6 beers. That, my friends, is a subpar buyback policy, unless the bartender just didn’t like me. After the show we went back to Grand St. to Ahmad, Rich, Dmitry, and Victor’s apartment. We’re not going to have many more nights there since they’ll all be moving out soon. We sat around there for awhile but I had to wake up early Saturday morning and I knew I had to get some sleep. I probably didn’t make it home til around 4am, give or take, with a bagel and iced tea in hand to combat the impending hangover.

My phone alarm went off at 8:45am Saturday morning. I was not happy but I had to wake up because today was the day I was going to paint my new bedroom in my new apartment. After a push of the snooze button I was up several minutes later only to hit snooze again. Thinking I would wake up 10 minutes later. Apparently, I had shut off the alarm completely and would not be awakened until my mother called at 10:15 to alert me that she was down the street in her car. I told her I had to take a shower and that she should take her time. My head was pulsating with the after effects of the previous evening but the pain wasn’t too horrible. The shower did a good job of alleviating some of the hurt and then a sip of green tea gave me some fuel to conquer the task at hand.

We arrived shortly thereafter at my apartment in Brooklyn to get our paint on. The first step was to move the bed and put tarp over everything. After that, it was time to paint above the molding as well as the ceiling. Seeing as I am very short, painting the ceiling was no easy task. My mom is shorter so I was the only go to option on this one. Most of it was done from my tiptoes while applying uneven pressure via a roller on a long stick. This took quite sometime. At around 5pm we stepped out from a bite to eat at a mediocre gourmet café and then went in to finish the job on the walls. My mom kept talking about how they got a tan color that was similar to the color of my roommate Marty’s wall but when we opened the can of paint it resembled the exact color currently on the wall we were about to paint. My mom and step dad had mixed two colors to find the perfect color for my wall only to come up with the exact color that was already on my wall. We didn’t let this mishap deter us from our task. We took to the walls with determination to put a new coat of the same color on my wall. My mom kept bringing up how it was the same color as if the fact that she was talking about it was going to change the color. At first it seemed like she mentioned it every four seconds but after about a half hour her mentions grew further apart. As I painted the wall I could not tell the difference between where I had just painted and the parts that needed paint applied. After awhile it became easier to tell since the new coat certainly appeared cleaner. All in all I was glad that my mom had volunteered to help me paint and drove down all of the materials from home.

When PaintFest 2006 ended at around 8:15, I was dropped off in Manhattan. I just wanted to stay home and catch up on sleep but I had plans to go to drink with Anna M. and friends as Anna is going to Tunisia for work. She is doing a shoot for the history channel. Here’s where not having a job sucks. I immediately become spiteful towards people who have jobs in the field where I want to be working. Especially because I see no reason as to why I am not getting the same opportunities. It’s not their fault I’m not getting work so I should not be so spiteful. I originally didn’t want to go because I thought I would have to hear people talk about work and I would just feel like crap. However, I sucked it up and went because my friends would be there and seeing friends is a better way to pass the time than sitting at home alone. Kevin Macalester might be inclined to disagree but unless your thwarting would be thieves than it’s just no fun. So, off I went to 11th St. Bar and caught up with Anna, Deb M, Jennie F, Tom R, Maureen, and Pete. I mostly enjoyed myself. I invented a back story with Tom that we both went to high school together in Wantucket (Go Wantucket Cougars!) and that we were on the State Championship Football team. Tom had 2 interceptions in the game. Maureen busted open our lie as she saw through our attempt to combine the towns of Wantaugh and Pawtucket into one super town. After a while at 11th street bar a couple of us went over to Luca Lounge where we met up with Giselle R and had one more drink. I split off after that drink because I was tired. Though I ran into said crew as I exited a pizza place. They had left Luca Lounge in favor of Solas on 9th Street. While I was tempted to rejoin the fray, I just really wanted to sleep.

…And sleep I did. I woke up around 12:15 this morning and really didn’t do much. I wanted to go to the gym but couldn’t find my mesh gym shorts, which was really frustrating. I settled for taking a walk around downtown, though I still really wanted to sleep. I came back in time for Mets watching laziness, as I hadn’t sat and watched a full game for at least three days. The Mets absolutely pounded the Diamondbacks but as I kept track of my Fantasy Team (Chico Escuela) via Yahoo StatTracker ™ I noticed my team drop from 5th place to 9th place in one fell swoop. My fantasy hopes are flagging. This has not been a good week for my hopes in general. Let’s hope the coming week is better.

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More Moviemaking Madness and The Unexplainable

Posted by evankessler on June 7, 2006

I suppose I wanted to avoid the hex of Satan by not posting this before Midnight. I feel oddly at ease knowing the date of the beast has passed without incident. However, that doesn’t mean I stayed inside and curled up into the fetal position hoping the devil wouldn’t grasp my soul with his fiery tentacles or at least pop up on one of my shoulders. On the contrary, today I was involved with yet another cinematic undertaking. Early Monday evening I received a phone call from my former co-worker Damien (wait a second Damien, this is eerie) who invited me not to sell my soul but to join him on a massive project he was getting involved in. I agreed if I didn’t have any temp work. What do you know, I didn’t get any paid temp work on Beast day so I went to meet Damien at Roseland at 2pm for a massive documentary film project in which 400 plus people gathered to film for one hour on Broadway. Each person with a camera would get assigned one block and shoot for one hour from 4:30 to 5:30pm. Damien and his other friends all were assigned blocks in the Mid 20’s whereas I got 125th and Broadway. Before leaving for my destination, I stood on line waiting to see if I could get an assistant as they had advertised that everyone with a camera would be given an assistant if there were enough people. One of the guys on line with us seemed absolutely unaware of what was going on and kept asking idiotic questions to a volunteer who was trying to explain to him in the simplest of terms how the operation worked. It seemed like the most frustrating interaction ever as she was doing a fine job in explaining how the plan was to be carried out but she was continuously met with blank stares from said participant. The guy ended up going with Damien’s friend Mark as his assistant and ended up nearly getting arrested after exhibiting bizarre behavior in the Madison Square Park dog run. I’ve only heard stories I wasn’t there but if you saw the volunteer having the conversation I described, you could’ve foreseen something horrible happening, as this person was certainly not all there.

I arrived at 125th and Broadway at around 4pm and walked up and down pseudo-scouting my location but really just messing around with my video camera as it had been a while since I’ve actually used it. Perhaps, I should get back into the swing of shooting. Right before 4:30 when the filming was to commence, a crew of people documenting the documentary interviewed me about what I hoped to film. I didn’t really know so I just BS’d about the diversity of all of the neighborhoods and streets of New York City. When the clock struck 4:30 I was off and almost as soon as I pressed the record button, I was interviewing a homeless man named Willie about the neighborhood I was in. He was talking about development of the area and how he used to live right off of Broadway and all of the stores that used to be in the neighborhood. After about four minutes of talking I gave him $2 thanked him and moved right along. I wandered around for a good twenty minutes taking in scenery and happened upon a kid playing baseball against the wall, which made for some entertaining footage. He soon noticed I was filming him and became embarrassed and walked away but that made for funnier footage. Further along Broadway, at about 132nd Street I came across some Domincan Auto Mechanics making fun of each other and just hamming it up for the camera so I shot them for a bit. It was entertaining but rather the chore to get them to sign releases. It took up a good portion of my real time assignment. Oh well, they’re only probably going to use 7 seconds of my footage if they use any.

I got back to Roseland at around 6pm to turn in my footage where I heard of the crazy antics of the guy that ran around in the Madison Square dog run. I was given a t-shirt for my efforts and took a picture for my directorial credit. I think it’s going to be on the website. Once I figure out what the website is I’ll post it. Not that my footage is so remarkable but it’s always nice to get credit for something. I sat down and had a beer with two of Damien’s friends and a girl named Stacy that they had just met. When they all left I circled around to kill time as I waited to see if Damien showed up as I had a show idea I wanted to discuss with him While wandering aimlessly I ran into Jess S’s friend Brenda. I sat down with her and her friend Wyatt and talked about our experiences on the shoot. After finishing my 2nd drink at around 7:30 we split off. That pretty much did it for the day other than my watching the Met game.

Aside from the days activities I did some thumbing through the Village Voice and I came across something that blew my mind. It was the unintentional comedy moment I had been waiting for. I spotted it in the BB King’s concert listings. I don’t know if you’re ready for this, and furthermore I don’t know how nobody has commented on this anywhere yet. Has the build up got you curious as to what I’m talking about yet? Are you dying to know? Are you looking for the BB King’s listings yet? Well, I shan’t leave you hanging any longer. On Sunday June 25th Martial Arts film legend Steven Seagal and his band Thunderbox will be taking the stage at B.B. King’s. Now, I’m a little short on cash right now, but forget all of the outdoor festivals in the warmth and comfort of a sunny day. There is no show I’d rather see this summer than Steven Seagal and Thunderbox. I imagine two hours of sheer horror only made tolerable by the belly laughs resulting from Mr. Seagal’s musical prowess. I imagine him making all types of ridiculous faces whilst playing his guitar in some sort of Native American Sensei frock and taking the odd break to elbow an audience member in the face. The trip to see Yakov Smirnoff in Branson, Missouri is now on the backburner. I think we should get a group together to rent an RV and follow Steven Seagal and Thunderbox around the country. Oh, on another note, why did they make another Fast and The Furious movie? Who goes to see those movies? Did someone sign a contract with Paul Walker they regret and for some reason it’s cheaper to make the movie than pay off the remainder of the contract? These are important questions.

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