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Met Offensive

Posted by evankessler on May 26, 2006

Well, it’s been quite the uneventful week. Most of the days have been spent indoors looking for jobs and watching the New York Mets on the TV. Though I did spend some time out of doors reading the Vladimir Nabokov classic “Lolita”. Today was somewhat of a change as it was all outside and all M-E-T-S METS!!!! The weather was exceptionally beautiful for a day game at Shea Stadium in Flushing, Queens as the New York Mets took on the Philadelphia Phillies for final game of their three game series. The Mets had won the first two contests via comeback and were looking to sweep the series. Unfortunately, they had the usually atrocious Jeremi Gonzalez pitching and Craig K, John K, and myself had the feeling we’d be in for a long day that did not favor our favorite team. Our fears caught up with us rather early as Gonzalez gave up 3 runs in the first but if we have learned anything from the 2006 Mets, it’s that these guys can come back. Several innings later the resilient Mets struck back has Jose Reyes hit a 3-run homer knotting the game up at 3 apiece. The scoring stopped for awhile but in the Top of the 7th the Phillies regained the lead and would hold on to take the game 5-3. The two highlights of the game have to be when a foul ball landed one row down and three seats over from me, directly into the hands of the guy sitting there and the completely idiotic comments being peppered at the struggling home team players on the ball field. It’s amazing how uncreative and obvious fans can be as the people several rows behind me yelled “HIT THE BALL!” and “You suck.” I don’t know what I expect them to say but it’s sort of obvious to yell to the player below to make contact when in fact that’s the very thing he’s attempting to do. I’m not much of a talker or yeller when it comes to games. I don’t mind loud clapping but superfluous instruction is really where I draw the line, even if I’ve paid money and my team is losing. Oh well, chalk another one up to the hex of my attendance. I think I have a pretty awful record when it comes to attending my favorite teams’ games. The majority of Rangers, Mets, Giants, and Orangemen contests have resulted in losing efforts. Perhaps, I should stop attending sporting events altogether as it seems the teams would benefit greatly and most of the time I enjoy watching the game on TV much more because you avoid obnoxious onlookers.

Speaking of sports, I would like to applaud the NFL for trying to lure Florida Governor and Presidential Brother Jeb Bush to fill it’s soon to be vacant Commissioner position. It is of my opinion that National Football League was just doing its part in trying to prevent a Jeb Bush Presidential run by waving the shiny apple of the highest position in America’s most popular sport, right in front of his face. Unfortunately for the people of the United States, Bush did not take the bait. Oh well, Back to the drawing board. Somebody sweeten the pot. Frankly, I’d rather be Commissioner of the NFL than President of The U.S.A. because the pay is better and nobody blames you for thousands of people dying. Also, you probably have a lot less chance of being killed if you’re the commissioner of a football league. I’d take the higher paying less enemy having job. Big mistake Jeb.

Alright, well I know it’s early but I have to hit the mattress (I’m out of hay). I’ve got a big day with two job interviews tomorrow. Cross your fingers and knock on wood or something. If all goes well, we’re going out and I’m buying, but one at a time I can’t take all of you.

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Posted by evankessler on May 19, 2006

I know I haven’t written all week but to be honest there hasn’t been too much to talk about. I’m still unemployed, I’m still moving to Brooklyn next month, and I’m still writing stuff on the website desperately hoping someone will see fit to buy a shirt someday. That being said, I thought I’d use the website this evening as a mini forum for announcements. So here it goes:

First off, one of my dear friends has requested that his name no longer be used on the site. I am giving him a new name that I will use when referring to him. Furthermore, I’ve changed all previous instances of his name to reflect this name change. From now on when you see the name Arby, it will be referring to that friend. Please note, I do not actually know anyone named Arby. I think that I may get an increased amount of hits to this site based solely upon people looking for the nearest location of the Fast Food restaurant Arby’s. Any reason for increased traffic is fine by me even if the increasing number of hits are obtained through fraudulent means.

Announcement #2 is that the film that I directed as a member of the vast collective that is MIMF! Productions will be screened this weekend at NYU’s Cantor Film Center on W.8th St. some time between 1 and 2:30pm. You can read the schedule at the NYC Midnight Run website. Our film is called “National Revenge Week”. If you attend the screening I can’t promise you’ll like the film. We did not win any prize for our production, and I can’t say if it’s any good as I still haven’t seen the finished product but it’s only $5 and our film is 8 minutes long, maybe less, so it couldn’t really hurt to come out and support us, not in an athletic supporter way but with your feigned enthusiasm and applause.

Finally, my last thought before I leave you until the weekend recap on Sunday is this. How did people acquire cool refreshing drinks before the advent of refrigeration? In ancient times in really hot places did anyone ever get to feel what it was like to have an ice cold drink of water on a hot day? When was the first glass of ice water that refreshed someone drank? This is something I really want to know. Seriously, if you were living in a landlocked arid region such as a desert was there really any relief other than the cold night air? If you have any answers please send me an email. This is important.

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Midnight Movie Madness and Mom

Posted by evankessler on May 15, 2006

The weekend is finally over exhaustion has set in, but thank god I got sleep at some point over the weekend. If I needed a phrase to describe the activity of the past few days (believe me I don’t) it would be non-stop. At one point on Saturday night/Sunday morning I had been awake for about 39 hours straight. Before the weekend madness began there was a little Thursday Barbecue mayhem as Grand St. hosted a gathering for our friend Nina’s going away party and Pat’s birthday party. It was a well-attended joyful gathering that I would remember more details from had this weekend not been so crazy and draining. I know I stayed at the party until 1am but beyond that, I don’t remember much else except meeting new Grand St. roommate Victor for the first time and discussing the impending creative weekend plans. What creative weekend plans you ask? Well, Pat had suggested several weeks before that since we know such a talented group of individuals we should pool our talents and collectively make a short film for the NYC Midnight Run contest. Over email we had been discussing roles and logistics for a couple of weeks and finally we were on the eve of the event. Now for those of you not aware of what this event is, it is a 24-hour contest whereby you are given a topic at Midnight on Friday and by Midnight on Saturday you are to have completed a film, no longer than 8 minutes in length. That gives you 24 hours to write, direct, edit, and score a short film. It is quite the undertaking. Though we discussed possible scenarios on Thursday evening, we thought it best to not over think what we wanted to do. I always prefer the divine inspiration of spontaneity when it comes to creative projects. Besides, happy little surprises tend to show their face within the course of a production and the ensuing editing.

When Friday morning rolled around I wasn’t exactly inspired to run like a madman around the city. I knew that I would at least be up from 12am to 7am writing, as I had only signed on to be a writer but had the feeling that I would end up helping out a little later. However, Saturday I also had to be at a bachelor party at 1pm for my dear friend Werner who is getting married at the beginning of June. The majority of Friday I sat around the apartment contemplating a trip to the gym but figured it was best to not wear myself out prior to the moviemaking marathon just in case I needed extra energy and boy did I ever. I ventured out of my apartment at around 8:40pm and headed to Sweet & Vicious for a going away party but since I had a very little window of time to enjoy drinking. The latest I was going to be out was 9:45. I rolled up to the bar at 9:05 and looked around but saw no one familiar. I made a few phone calls and much to my chagrin nobody would be at the bar for at least another 25 minutes. I decided I didn’t want to wait 25 minutes only to have to leave a couple of minutes later. Plus, I had to go home and get my computer first before heading to Brooklyn for the wee hours writing session.

I arrived in Williamsburg a little after 11pm ready to get my creative on. Unfortunately for the team, we had lost most of our potential writers. Pat, Victor, and my self would serve as the core group of writers for the project and I was confident we would come up with something. At midnight we received notification that the NYC midnight run theme for this year would be Revenge. After a couple of hours of deliberation in the living room a lot of ideas had been tossed around, mostly thanks to the returning crowd from Columbia University’s Battle of The Bands, where Cold Hands Collective had emerged victorious. The three of us soon moved upstairs up to Victor’s room and hunkered down in the hopes that we could hammer down an idea and a script. We were also joined by Dana, who would also serve as one of the editors in the process. She was a great help not only with ideas but also with organization. We emerged from the room a little after 7am with a fresh idea and no idea who would direct as the original person slated to direct did not want to direct a comedy and a comedy was what we had come up with. I thought Victor would jump at the chance at directing since he moved to NYC from Spain to be a filmmaker. However, Victor was editing later and wanted to get some sleep. Who was left but me? I was sort of freaking out at first because I had not planned on any directing. I thought writing would finish, I would go home and nap and then get drunk at Werner’s bachelor party. So much for sleep. I was thrust into the role of director and despite my general unpreparedness and initial reluctance, I handled the responsibility as best I could. It’s not as if I’d never done this before. I sort of went to school for it but it had been so long. I was also afraid of the rush on the project and time constraints. I’ve never been what you would call a fast worker. Slow and steady wins the race according to Aesop and me. That being said I frantically took the reigns but not without help. Certain people were absolutely outstanding, most notably Zerna who constantly had valuable input and our cameraman Sam who I initially wasn’t too fond of but grew to like because of his unwavering dedication to the project. Also, I mean I think everyone deserves credit for the work they did as they really stepped up especially Abdullah Saeed for being the star and Ahmad Saeed for his score and for being egged, Rich Mai for taking over as script supervisor, not to mention all of the actors. I even got in on the acting a little bit with two quick scenes.

When I left Brooklyn around 2:30pm there were still three scenes to be shot. I’m not quite sure who took over the directorial duties but I’m sure they did a good job. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical of how the finished project would look but I left assuming the rest was out of my hands. I had to be a good friend and celebrate my friend Werner’s impending nuptials. I went home, took a quick shower, burned a CD for my mom for Mother’s day and was off. Unfortunately, the subway on Saturday was a manifestation of hell on earth and my travels from Bleecker St. to 81st and Amsterdam took an ungodly amount of time. I met Eric L and put my Mother’s Day attire in his car as he would be giving me a ride back to Rockland after the party. To be honest it was not the best Bachelor Party location. We went to three bars on the Upper West Side that are notorious for being spots for those just out of college. That being said, the company was pleasant and the drinking was much needed. Also, I had not seen Werner in quite some time and some other folks who were there including Scott C and Brandon D, both who I have known since the early days of Elementary School. The first bar I joined the party at was Jake’s Dilemma, where I used to go with my friend Robyn H when we first moved to the city and she lived on 89th and Broadway. Werner and company had been drinking there since 1pm and I didn’t make it until 5-something pm and I was way behind.

After several beers at Jake’s the party moved directly next door to the famous or infamous Brother Jimmy’s depending on whom you ask. We had a large group for dinner and were served ably by our waitress Shasta who told us that she had been to a bachelorette party the evening before. I asked her if there had been any teabagging at her party. I guess I was feeling buzzed enough to be confident enough to ask something that stupid. She didn’t seem to care. I also had a funny discussion with her about whether or not I should get the Sliced brisket or the chopped brisket sandwich. I went with the sliced because everyone else was getting theirs chopped. As I waited for my food I zoned out on the Met game. At one point whoever controlled the TV switched the Met game for Wheel of Fortune which I would like the call the ST_P_D_ST SH_W _N T_L_V_S_ _N. You can figure out what the last couple of words are if you buy some vowels. It is beyond me why anyone would want to watch that show. I think that show is for people who feel alienated by Jeopardy when it’s not teen week or maybe it’s for people who want to learn how to read by learning to spell clichés. Don’t worry, we got it changed back to the Mets game soon enough. Joe D and John G also joined us at dinner but I didn’t talk to them so much as I was falling asleep while zoning out on baseball. However, soon I went outside to call my mom and tell her I would be coming home that evening. There’s nothing more sobering than talking to your mother on the phone. I was okay from that point on.

Our next stop on the Upper West Side Bachelor party express was The Gin Mill which is almost the identical twin of Jake’s Dilemma save for the fact that the bar is on the opposite side of the room. We finished watching the game there and drank some more. At one point I got phone call from Pat saying that our short film actually came out funny. I was extremely surprised by this development if still skeptical. Time will tell as I’ve yet to see it. ,A few girls joined our bachelor party as Eric’s girlfriend Gina and her friends Jessica and Dara met up with us. I was still awake and curiously anticipating whether or not strippers would be in the cards for our night of so-called debauchery. Unfortunately, I got word that the groom and his college friends may or may not be going to New Jersey for that part, but they were definitely not sticking around in Manhattan. However, since I had no way of getting back from New Jersey and I was getting a ride home from Eric for Mother’s day, we were not free to take part in that section of the evening if that in fact happened. The evening ended rather early and after a car ride home in several parts as we had to drop off Jessica before high tailing it to Rockland, I was back home by midnight after a rather hilarious car ride and boy was I ever ready to go to sleep. The 40-hour marathon of consciousness was soon over.

I woke up Sunday morning, kind of surprised to be in my old room. Sobriety had pretty much enveloped me before bedtime but nonetheless when you’re not used to being in a certain bed, waking up can be an adventure. I looked at the picture on my wall of a green Porsche with the license plate “KESSLER” and I wondered why I put up with having that on my wall for such a large portion of my childhood. To be honest, I never really liked it. I’m not a car person and that picture in no way, shape, or form tells anything about me other than that my lack of ambition extends so far that I was never motivated enough to take a picture off my wall over a span of 10 years.

My only real order of business this Mother’s Day was to go with my mother to the Verizon store in Nanuet because she needed to get a new phone and was going to get me a new phone as well since with her phone upgrade she got an additional free phone. This ordeal was the ordeal to end ordeals. My mom got one of those RAZR phones and I got some itty-bitty crap free phone that was not anything better than my current phone. We went back and forth in front of the customer service lady as we tried to decide whether I would take the RAZR and she would take the free phone. It would have been such a hassle and in the end I decided I didn’t care which phone I got only to realize that the free phone wasn’t going to have my numbers transferred to it and my current phone has ring tones I like on it. In the end I decided to keep my phone, and not take the crappy free phone. However, we went back and forth so many times that she was visibly annoyed with this episode. By the time we left the Verizon store we were visibly drained and somewhat embarrassed about the length of debate and discussion this matter took to resolve.

At 4:40 my brother arrived at the house in Rockland and at 4:50pm the early bird Mother’s day Dinner commenced. I didn’t say much the entire meal. My mom, Irwin, and Greg talked about furniture in the East Hampton house and my brother’s roommate’s modeling career. All were topics I had absolutely no opinion on. That being said dinner was delicious as Irwin had cooked Steak Au Pouivre, New Potatoes, and asparagus. There’s something to be said for home-cooked meals. By 8pm my brother and I were on the bus headed back to the city and mother’s day had come to a close. I was completely exhausted and slept the entire bus ride. I wonder if I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight.

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The Fat Lady Is Warming Up Her Vocal Chords

Posted by evankessler on May 4, 2006

They say that all good things must come to an end and after calling Bleecker Street my home since December of 2001, it appears that my reign of affordable rent is about to come to a rather abrupt demise. The next step seemed as steeped in mystery to me as it does to you. If things continue on their current trajectory, I will no doubt still be jobless with a side order of homeless barring a minor miracle, by July. If you want to contribute to me not being homeless you can always buy a shirt.

Some might say that this should cause me to take immediate action, though I prefer to use the zen-like approach of waiting it out. This approach might seem more valid if I had my very own rock garden complete with one of those wooden sand combs. Anyway, action is for the ambitious and it seems as though my own unconscious ambition to fail trumps all of my conscious ambitions to succeed. You might be asking yourself just what I am talking about, well today I got the call from my “landlord” that our building is on the verge of being sold and that at the latest I will have until July 1st to vacate the premises. This problem is even more vexing since I do not have a job and prospective landlords generally frown upon potential tenants not having jobs. Over the past couple of weeks I feel as though I’ve exhausted so many employment options. I’ve even been on an interview, a real live interview! That being said, I’ve only had about three interviews in the span of a year. That is not a good sign. My resume is obviously not impressing anyone. I find it extremely difficult to be optimistic at this point at am at my wit’s end, unsure if it is time for me to make a new beginning somewhere doing something else. But where?

Perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way. Maybe getting out of this apartment will free me in a way. For the longest time I’ve been afraid to leave here and experience other places for fear that I wouldn’t have this apartment to come back to. Maybe now that I don’t have this place, the cord is finally cut. Hmmm, I fear that this post is way to serious but I suppose I’m in a serious mood. Tonight I saw a film that was about how all good things must come to an end. For the 4th time in the past week and a half, I caught a film at the Tribeca Film Festival. This evening’s selection was Tell Me Do You Miss Me, a documentary about rock band Luna’s farewell tour.

I have to say that I was completely riveted, both because I am a fan and because some excellent moments were captured on film. I think I also got a good idea where Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips live but I’m not going to stalk them or anything, though Britta Phillips is utterly gorgeous and sort of reminds me of a cross between Madonna and Kylie Minogue but much younger than Madonna. As I entered the theatre I noticed that one of the Luna band members was right in front of me on the escalator but since I only know Dean and Britta I didn’t know which guy he was until after the film. I’m past the days of fanaticism and having to know the names of everyone in the band though sometimes when I see bands enough I’ll have figured it out by then. Probably the best moment captured on film was after the last show at Bowery Ballroom the band members sitting in silence with tears in their eyes. It was all very poignant. Just to think, Arby and I had been in that venue just hours before at that matinee show (you can read about it on my 2/28/05 post). The movie closed out on a montage of a performance of the song 23 Minutes in Brussels, which contains the movies title lyric. Despite the bittersweet ending it was nice to escape from my own reality for an hour and a half and to be honest I think it gave me some perspective in about as much as you could expect a music documentary to give you valuable perspective. Anyway, the DVD comes out on June 20th and if you like good music I highly recommend it.

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Meat, Potatoes, and Football

Posted by evankessler on May 1, 2006

Was there ever a better weekend to be a man? Probably, but judging by Saturday’s activities you wouldn’t know it. Actually, last weekend’s outing of Gambling and Strip Clubbing may have been a better weekend to be of the male persuasion but this weekend was pretty competitive in it’s testosterone output solely on Saturday’s Schedule alone. What made Saturday so lacking in pheromone-based activity. I’ll string you along a bit before I tell you because Friday comes first.

Aaah yes, that foul temptress and beginner of weekends. How did thou treateth me? Thou treateth me with the utmost respect. The last few weeks I seemed to have my entire weekends planned out but that was not the case as Friday night approached. Uring a flurry of reply all emails between Jeni, Miller, Rich, Pat, Ahmad, and others it was decided that there would be a group gathering at Happy Ending that evening. However, I had spoken with Adam Starling earlier in the week and a possible Friday night hangout was also discussed. Prior to settling on definite Friday plans I stopped over at Jeni L’s for some BBQ action. Jeni knows how to make the beef and my stomach and taste buds thank her for it. There was also corn present as I BS’d with Jeni and Gina until Miller, Rich M, and Ahmad arrived. We polished off some beer and sat around. They passed around the hookah and we discussed an upcoming 24-hour creative project we may all collaborate on. At a certain point Rich disappeared and inexplicably reappeared with a bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey just as we were to leave, thereby prolonging our stay until we all had some Whiskey. It was during my time sipping the Irish nectar that my phone rang with Starling on the other end. Rather than join Rich M, Ahmad, Gina, and Jeni and Happy Ending I changed direction and hopped a cab to 11th and A where I met up with Starling, Betsy, Noelle, Brandi, MT, and Marisa R.

While at Bar on A I caught up with some folks I hadn’t seen in awhile, namely, Marisa R, Lucy and Kelsey L, as well as other former VH1ers Brian W and Mike S. I was already three sheets to the wind when I got to the bar, but that didn’t stop me from partaking in several more beers and a shot with Marisa. I’m not immune to a good time. Soon best friend Maureen H. joined the fray and it was officially a party. The party soon took on it’s usual momentum and carried us over to Planet Rose for some Karaoke. After a bit of a wait, I finally got my chance to sing Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” with a little help from Noelle and I think I may have done Phil Collins “Against All Odds” though I don’t quite remember.

When I woke up the next morning I barely remembered going to do karaoke but I definitely remembered drinking because I could feel it. Nonetheless it was 10:15 and I had to get a move on. There were big happenings going on, bigger than you or me. Rich B and I had tickets to the NFL draft for the 2nd time in three years and we were full of excitement. Some of you are probably thinking, “What is the NFL Draft?” and some of you are probably thinking “How could that be fun?” and let me just tell you that your questions are valid and I’ll try to answer them all at once. The NFL Draft is the point in April when all of the teams in the National Football League get to pick new players from the pool of college football talent who hath either graduated or decided that they are ready for professional football because college football is beneath them or they just simply need the money. It’s not a very exciting event. Old people call out names of the players that best fit their teams needs in an orderly fashion. There was somewhat of a shock this year when the Houston Texans passed up on Reggie Bush, one of the most touted players in years to pick North Carolina State Defensive end Mario Williams. Bush was picked second by the New Orleans Saints. Let me explain something to you about the sort of people who attend the draft. They are complete losers. I realize I throw myself in that group by saying that but I am in no way on par with the majority of fans there. Rich B and I sat in our seats in plain clothes surrounded by fans completely immersed in gear announcing their team allegiances. I am a New York Giants fan and Rich is a New England Patriots Fan but the other folks on hand took it to a completely different level of fanaticism. We were surrounded by a sea of green-clad Jets fans led by an absolute lunatic who bore an uncanny resemblance to recently relocated Former Jets coach, Herm Edwards. Rich and I referred to him as “Herm” the entire afternoon and were constantly amused by his antics. He was wearing a uniform of a player who only played with the team for a year. He backed this up by saying “once a Jet, always a Jet” though the player in question clearly was not of the same mind. Herm also made it a mission of his to establish a rapport with every Jets fan with in spitting distance. Each Jet fan that was spotted walking to his seat was immediately spotted by Herm and given high fives with Herm’s hands clad in black gloves and assured that the Jets were awesome and making the best picks of the day. Herm also started several “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!” chants and after they made their selection of D’Brickashaw Ferguson led Jets fans in choruses of “BRICK! BRICK! BRICK!” despite being slightly disappointed upon the original pick. Herm took it upon himself to also round up the fans of whatever team was picking in a scam to get himself on TV as many times as possible. He would round up all of the Broncos fans if the Broncos were picking and then when the camera went on them he would jump in front of them so he could be on TV yet again. Herm was exciting to watch as he worked the crowd. Rich and I were even in the middle of a Herm moment as he leaned over us to weigh in on an argument between a Jets fan and a Chiefs fan who were exchanging pleasantries despite not looking at each other. Herm diffused the situation but as it was happening Rich and I kept exclaiming to each other, “This is awesome, we are right in the middle of this”, “This is so exciting”.

Herm wasn’t the only one at the draft worth mentioning. Most notable after him was The Triplets”. Three Dallas Cowboy fans were in full Cowboy uniforms dressed as the Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin. They had on the jerseys, the pants and the helmets and they were taking quite the tongue lashing for their fanaticism, the simplest and funniest of the razzing came from a guy two rows behind me who shouted “You guys are gay”. Now I don’t condone homophobia but it was one of those you had to be there moments. I could understand wearing a jersey of your favorite team but the entire outfit complete with helmets just for an event where names are being called out. I think a line has to be drawn over how psyched you can get for such an event. Rich and I surely knew where that line I but the Triplets and Jets fans did not know where that line was as they were well over it. Several other teams had their superfans on hand including a Miami Dolphin Fan wearing all Aquamarine clothes and the lamest had I’d ever seen and a Steelers fan with a cape. Another fan thing that bothers me is fans who put their own name on their teams jersey. I didn’t know the Jets had a #31 named Difede. Oh, they don’t that’s you? Great. There was also a guy in front of me wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey that had the #69 and read “Minksnest.com”. I thought for sure this was a porn site but apparently it was just a guy’s normal website. I was kind of disappointed. There were plenty of strange things that went down at the draft besides what I have mentioned. There was an inexplicably hot girl who Rich and I had a hard time figuring out why she was there and whom she was with. My theory was that she was a high- class escort who figured that this was the place to pick up guys who need to pay for sex since there were literally four other females on hand.

At one point NBC’s sports reporter Bruce Beck came over to our section to interview the same idiotic rabid Jets fans. They got to do more chants on TV so they can brag about it to their grandchildren god forbid they ever procreate. When it got to the point where the New York Giants were to pick all of the Giants fans gathered and they got into a heated shouting chant against Jets fans that went something like this:

Giants Fans: Let’s Go Giants
Jets Fans: Suck

Jets Fans: J-E-T-S
Giants Fans: Suck! Suck! Suck!

Followed by:
Giants Fans: Get your own stadium
Jets fans: (?)

I’m glad I don’t feel the need to argue with people about how good the team I like is. Being completely retarded must be a horrible burden for some people. Anyway, after about four and a half hours at the draft the Giants traded their pick to #32 but Rich and I couldn’t stand to stay any longer. Rich had been mentioning his hunger for steak for the previous two hours and as soon as we left the Draft at Radio City we found ourselves at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on 51st and Broadway.

A word about Steakhouses, they are the strip clubs of food. Every time one finds oneself in a steakhouse one ends up dropping a ridiculous amount of money and each successive thing ordered costs at least $20. Rich and I managed to keep this trip reasonable as neither or us had any desire to take part in alcoholic delights or appetizers. We were very focused on our aim of getting Meat and Potatoes, so we did. We both had Ribeye steaks cooked medium well with a side of Mashed potatoes. Another word about Steakhouses, delicious. There’s something to be said for making meat that melts in your mouth yet still tastes just as delicious and juicy as meat should This ribeye was perfectly seasoned with butter, pepper, parsley, and whatever the hell else they put on it over there. Each bite was complete heaven and our waitress was delightful as she brought out our sizzling choice cuts of beef on a 500- degree plate. I quizzed her as to what would happen if I touched it and she told me that they have burn cream. I decided against touching the plate. It’s funny, I was sort of against going to the steakhouse at first but the reward I was met with after taking a chance was quite tasty. I think that’s my favorite part about hanging out with Rich. Half of the time I don’t want to do whatever he suggests we do and every time I end up thinking “I’m glad we did that.” Anyway, I felt plenty full after our early bird steak dinner. I spent the rest of the evening watching the Met game and following Stattracker ™ in between naps on the couch.

I woke up Sunday feeling fully refreshed and headed out to early (12:45pm) to Brooklyn for Andrea P’s birthday celebration at Soda Bar. It was quite the crowd as we were joined by Lauren, Jesse, Jason, Kayvalyn, Miller, AhmadKishore, Rich, Lina, Morwin, John, Zerna, Morwin, Pat, and people I’m definitely leaving out. I wasn’t planning on drinking too much but about 6 beers and 5 hours later my plan was down the drain. When the afternoon drinking bout was over we all headed back to Kayvalyn and Andrea’s for The Sopranos and Sake bombs for no good reason. I don’t really know what else to say about it other than it was a phenomenal afternoon and I am exhausted as a result. I’m surprised I made it through this post without passing out on my keyboard. And with that note, Have a Happy Monday! I’ll see you Monday night. I might add draft pictures to this tomorrow, but maybe not.

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