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Posted by evankessler on March 13, 2006

Congratulations to the Syracuse Orangemen (I refuse to just call them the Orange) on their Big East Tournament victory this weekend. It certainly made this month’s upcoming NCAA Tournament much more interesting for me personally and I’m sure countless other Syracuse alumni and fans. We’re coming in to the tournament on a hot streak so the other teams better watch out. Actually, you heard it right here, I’m predicting a first round loss to Texas A&M but it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Anyway, you didn’t come here to read about college basketball. I know I don’t really have anything to write about it besides what I’ve already written so I guess that cancels out any further commentary. We all know you’re looking forward to the weekend recap. Let me tell you, I’m looking forward to writing it for you folks out there who make this all possible by perusing daily and though you may not buy shirts, you’re still number one in my hearts, though you could at least fill in the unnecessary guestbook to let me know you’re out there.
Alright, I’ll get off of your case and get into the weekend recap. Friday was an extremely busy day. I woke up bright and early for a doctor’s appointment at 10am all the in the West 80’s. One hour later, it was off to my old haunt at 1633 Broadway to pay a visit to some old friends and meet some new fans. This one’s for my loyal readers in 6-153. I think that’s my old office. I dropped in to see my old desk across from the ladies room to chat with David and Lauren. I also had a nice chat with my ol’ supervising producer Karla. I then headed upstairs to knock on Mr. Adam Starling’s door where I encountered Sergio Santos, Megan Beshalsky and an unnamed stranger who shares their office. Adam alerted me to his Saturday evening plans, which included an outing at Planet Rose. This, needless to say, tickled my karaoke fancy. I even started knock around song ideas in my head. We’ll get to that part later though.

After my hour-long detour at the VH1 office, I headed home for a little online job hunt and some afternoon R&R before my busy day was to continue. At 4pm I headed over to an Art Gallery in Cooper Square where I was helping out at an art gallery where my friend Bess works. A couple of weeks, prior she had asked if I wanted to do some bartending for an art opening. Having never tended bar before I enthusiastically took up the cause. Not only because it was a new experience but also because I hadn’t actually been paid for working since sometime back in October, once again putting accent on the running theme that I need a job.

When I arrived at the gallery I found out that along with the gallery owner’s work another artists paintings were being featured, and that artist was….Are you ready for this? (Drum roll please) …Burt Young. Some of you are saying, who is Burt Young? Some of you are saying AWESOME! I didn’t know Burt Young painted. I just thought he was Rocky Balboa’s drunken corner man/brother in-law Pauly. Well you’d be wrong. Burt Young is an artist as well and I quite liked his work, not that I’m an expert on art. Anyway, before anyone arrived one of the other worker’s (Eric) and I went to K-Mart to get a cooler and some ice. When we got back we all helped with some setting up. The first guests arrived at 5:30 and I was stationed behind the bar. We didn’t have a full bar which was excellent for me as I have never tended bar before and know how to make very few drinks. Our bar consisted of Red Wine, White Wine, Vodka, Perrier, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, and tonic water. Luckily for me there are not too many permutations that can be created with those ingredients. I was slightly afraid someone would ask for something I wouldn’t know how to make but what I should have been afraid of was the actual ingredients themselves. My first attempt at opening the primary bottle of tonic water was met with an Old Faithful-esque explosion. Luckily for the painting behind me the entire contents of said explosion covered my shirt and pants. Luckily, for me, only one person witnessed my embarrassment and it was a co-worker. Pretty soon the party picked up and I was dishing out drinks at what seemed like a record pace. I felt really great and actually enjoyed doing the bartending bit. My action was decreased when a new worker, cute girl named Serica, a Finlandia Vodka girl, was sent to help dispense drinks. Ironically, she was giving out wine and I was making all of the Vodka drinks.

The funny thing about bartending is that you figure out really quickly who all of the alcoholics in the room are. There was one guy who was leaning against the radiator about 4 feet from me and kept extending his glass every 5 minutes for refills. There was another guy who asked me for some white wine and then about 30 seconds later asked for a refill. I’ve also realized that Perrier is extremely popular. I think had to pour more Perrier than anything else. It is amazing to me that people can drink that stuff. It’s the Yuppie soft drink of choice. I’d say about 60 percent of the drinks I gave out were Perrier. Personally, I don’t understand the appeal of sparkling water. I’m also not sure what the difference is between Perrier, Tonic, and Club Soda. I would like a full explanation. I’m sure I could just look it up but people who wanted vodka and soda wouldn’t take Vodka and Perrier or Vodka and tonic. I don’t think any of those drinks could be so different. That being said, I was told that I make a good vodka tonic, though in all honesty it’s pretty impossible to mess up. Before all was said and done I had worked from 4pm to about 9:45 and managed to explode 2 bottles of Tonic on myself and earn $60. Way to go me. I miss working.

After the show, I ventured about 1 block from the art studio to McSorley’s to meet my friends John and Chris from my improv class. It was John’s birthday and what better reason to celebrate. It was really great to see them though I only stayed for about an hour which was enough time to down about 5 of those dark half pints. We were also joined by fellow Level 1 improv classmate Jonathan Desley, but he came right before I left. When I was saying goodbye to everyone some girl they were chatting with outside wanted to play with my hair and then invited me to go to Fat Cat Billiards with her and her friends but I was on my way up to 52nd st. to hang out with Morwin, Miller, Andy, Kayvalyn, Andrea, Jason, and several others. I don’t remember exactly who was there because the majority of them decided they were leaving right before I showed up. This is right after they told me to get more beer. I stayed at Morwin’s drinking with Andy, Andy’s brother, Jason, and Steve Miller before leaving about an hour later. Something tells me I should have stayed downtown but I had a good enough time as it were. I also found out that our friends John and Zherna Karian are officially expecting, so congratulations to them.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I reinstituted my spring/summer tradition of aimless wandering whilst listening to music on my ipod. I wound up getting a frosty and Wendy’s and walking to Strand bookstore where I bought Woody Allen’s book Side Effects. I then meandered over to Washington Square Park to begin reading said book. It’s a good thing I had just finished reading Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, the day before. It’s funny, that book took me about a month to read and it’s only 182 pages. I’m already one-third of the way through this Woody Allen book and it’s only been one day. I moved the action away from the Folkie Guitar playing hippies in the park back to the front stoop of my apartment on Bleecker St. I sat out in front reading and people watching. At around 5:30, Kristin Ertel, her boyfriend David, and his roommate Alex crossed my path. We decided we would get some dinner so we went to the gimmicky Slaughtered Lamb Pub on Jones and W. 4th Street. The Slaughtered Lamb Pub is funny because they try to make their dishes sound either haunted or British. For example, the Chicken Fingers are called “Cheshire Chicken Fingers” and the basement area is called “The Dungeon”. Nonetheless the food was okay but we couldn’t resist renaming everything on the menu to sound more British.

After we ate, I split with Kristin, David, and Alex thinking that we would get together to watch the Syracuse game but that did not happen. Instead, I watched Syracuse skim the Pittsburgh Panthers by 4 in the Big East Conference final whilst eating a bag of popcorn from across the street by my lonesome. Not that I’m complaining, I don’t really like watching sports with people around me yelling. After the game ended I set out to meet Adam Starling at Planet Rose for some karaoke only I hadn’t talked to Adam all day. I stupidly assumed he would be there. I’m not trying to passive aggressively blame him for not being there, I’m just saying, the only thing I went on was a suggestion Adam made the previous day. In the back of my mind I sort of thought he wouldn’t’ be there as I hadn’t spoken with him all day. When I finally arrived after a pleasant stroll I entered Planet Rose to find Adam’s friend Mike but no Adam. I stayed and had one drink and then decided I really didn’t feel that much like being out anyway. As I headed back to home sweet home I made some calls to see if anyone was out but it really didn’t seem like a busy night. Anyway, I was perfectly satisfied with the way the night ended up. I got a couple of nice walks out of it and Syracuse won the Big East Championship.

Today (Sunday) wasn’t much of a day. I had plans to meet my family for Brunch on the Upper East Side. For some god awful reason my mom decided to make Brunch plans at El Greco, a place whose specialties were Greek and Seafood. I was more in the mood for Breakfast. So not only was this not a good Brunch place but it was all the way up on 72nd and 2nd. Instead of taking the 6 train to get their I decided that I didn’t want to walk far in the light drizzle so I got on the E train figuring I would switch at the 51st and Lexington Avenue stop to the 6 train. However, when I got to 42nd street it was announced that the E was going to be on the D track or something so I was kind of screwed and needed to find a new route to the East Side. I begrudgingly got out at times square and walked to Bryant Park where I jumped on the F which was riding on the V track and it took me to where I wanted to switch. Why does the MTA feel the need to fuck with every single train route on the weekend? I am confident that none of the trains were running their entire usual route this weekend. Anyway, I had a subpar brunch with the family. I really was not in the mood for Rigatoni and eggplant but I ate it anyway. The rest of my day was spent wasting valuable space on the couch. Given the amount I’ve written about this weekend you’d think it was more eventful than it actually was. Oh well. This week is sure to be a good one maybe. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s hot 24 action.


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