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Posted by evankessler on February 3, 2006

You would not want to switch places with me this past week if your life depended on it. Okay well maybe you would but I don’t see any logic to support that reasoning. With each passing day my life seems to be getting exceedingly worse. I apply for jobs and never hear back, my unemployment recently ran out and due to a miscommunication with the woman from the Newhouse Career Services office I missed my career counseling appointment on Monday. Nothing seems to be going right. My days have been spent browsing through classified ads and online postings for jobs, the majority of which, I am not qualified for nor am interested in. Every day the walls seem to close in a little more. Not only that but my apartment building is for sale and I may be forced out in a matter of months. That would not be the worst of things as I have been aching to move for quite some time now.

I just read over this past paragraph and maybe I am being just a tad bit overdramatic but my point is that I am not a happy camper and I really have no idea how to turn things around. My misfortune seems to be spreading to arenas outside of housing and employment as of late. On Wednesday Afternoon I was excited at the prospect of getting a haircut and a nice relaxing temple massage from the girl who would be washing my hair. However, when I arrived at Hair Mates on 3rd avenue for my 3:15 appointment the only hair washer was a guy named Michael and lets just say he did not have the touch that the previous hair washers had. I was used to a soothing, press along the boundaries of my forehead stretching to my temples which were then firmly kneaded with delitcate fingers sending a waterfall of relaxation through my body that amounts to almost an erotic experience. Instead, my head felt like it was being pressed into one of those old fashioned orange juicers until all of my grey matter as well as the shampoo and conditioner that had penetrated my scalp was exorcised. It was the opposite experience than what I was longing for and I felt utterly duped, like I was Superman going to meet Lois Lane and when I got there she pulled of her mask to reveal that she was in fact Lex Luthor. I know that is kind of a crappy metaphor but that was the best I could come up with on such short notice. These posts are not prepared beforehand.

Today (or what was Thursday), I took another break from the job search, not that I completely blew it off. I applied to several jobs that I will not hear back from. I decided that after lunch I would head out to the Angelika to go see a movie, as this would undoubtedly put me in a better mood. Perhaps I should do this every day and I could stay rather jolly. Well, maybe I haven’t really drunk too much this week and that could be keeping my mood dour. Having alcohol dependency is not admirable I suppose. I need to hang out with some friends and alcohol. Now, I have veered off topic. Where was I? I went to the movies today and took in a showing of Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story. I have to say I quite liked it. It is basically a film about trying to make a movie about a novel that is said to be unfilmable and for the most part it is. Very little of the film is actually spent on the plot of the classic novel and more so the chaos of the actual filming which is very enjoyable and Steve Coogan gives a wonderful performance as himself, Tristram Shandy, and Tristram Shandy’s father. Kelly Macdonald (Ewan Macgregor’s underaged girlfriend in Trainspotting) plays Coogan’s girlfriend and has one of my all time favorite accents. Anyway, it was a good movie and I recommend it if you want to have a good laugh while watching a 4 year-old get his penis stuck in a window. This is not a spoiler it is a very small part at the beginning of the film, which caught me pretty off guard. Okay, I think that should suffice for tonight. Otherwise I will just ramble some more.

Also, I’m thinking about leaving the poll question up another month because nobody ever fucking answers it.


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