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Posted by evankessler on January 11, 2006

Last evening, (Monday1/09) prior to going out with John Vacanti to catch a band at the Rodeo Bar, my roommate Ellen and I were watching the movie Footlose on one of the HBO channels. It had been a long time since I’d actually watched Footloose, the last time maybe being in 1992 or so as I headed back from Dorney or Hershey Park on the camp bus. My impressions then of it were pretty much that it was kind of a lame movie but I don’t know if I was in tune with the absurdity of the whole premise back then along with the fact that it may be the single most homoerotic movie ever or at least second to Top Gun. I mean, the plot is the most absolutely laughable idea ever. That’s another one of those pitch meetings you’d love to be present for. A kid from Chicago moves to a town where nobody is allowed to dance because of a car accident years ago that killed two kids listening to Rock ‘n’ Roll music. The new kid (Kevin Bacon) can’t believe that nobody is allowed to dance so he shakes things up. The best part is that Kevin Bacon’s flashdancing gymnastics team castoff is supposed to exude macho-ness as he bounces off walls and somersaults through the warehouse. He dances to keyboard laden pop tunes when expressing his anger over the townsfolk harassing him over his big city ideas of putting on a dance. The funniest part is that the big bad jocks in this movie harassing him aren’t big football players or wrestlers but they’re gymnasts; big, bad, pickup truck driving hick gymnasts. Also for the ladies the film has some locker room shower ass shots. I don’t know who wrote this film but in no way could it have been a straight male, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean. I’m sure I could bring up a few more issues but I didn’t sit through the whole movie. I have to say that I really enjoy the 80’s dancing. Kevin Bacon should have all copies of this film destroyed as should John Lithgow, Chris Penn and Sarah Jessica Parker for that matter so that no one could say, “oh my god, they were in this!”. That being said, Footloose serves as a strange marker of the climate of American Culture at that time, because there’s no way in hell that movie would be made now.

Now I feel as though I should’ve watched the entire movie and written this because it feels very incomplete without all of the facts but that’s mostly what I do in this site, trumpet my uninformed views on such things.

Anyway, after my viewing or semi-viewing of Footloose with Ellen I headed out to meet John at Rodeo Bar to see a country band called The Weight or The Wait. I never actually saw the listing so I’m not sure. The band was okay if a little flat. They had a few good songs from what I could hear. The bar was reasonably crowded for a Monday night and there were tons of people talking rather than listening to the music at all. The band had also a lot of cute girls there to see them that weren’t paying attention but I surmised that they weren’t my type. Sometimes you can tell this just by the way a girl smells. I know we were at a bar but the section of the room was permeating with the girl who wears too much makeup smell. I discovered this smell whilst hooking up sophomore year in college with a sorority girl who used to date a friend of mine who had set us up. I tolerated a few more times and hung out with her for about a month and then decided that I just couldn’t take it anymore. The girls I like tend to have a certain smell that I associate with them. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like a light vanilla-y nature-y smell. I think the smell just sets off a chemical reaction in my brain but every time I smell it I know there must be a pretty girl around somewhere. I think I discovered this in high school every time I hung out with Jessica I senior year. Subsequently, I started to notice this scent everywhere and wherever it was pretty girls were abound. The scent will forever be known as the pretty girl smell to me even though it is probably just a weird mixture of patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla that was concocted by hippies. Okay, I just realized that this is the dumbest post ever. I’m going to stop writing right now because I’m just grossly off topic now and can’t find my way back.


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