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Happy New Week

Posted by evankessler on January 6, 2006

Well, it’s 2006 and so far, nary a dull moment. Well, perhaps there have been several. The daytime has been mostly dull since I still do not have work. However, the evenings with the exception of Sunday and Monday have been action packed this week.

Tuesday evening had a little happy hour fun as I went to Samantha Hahn’s art opening at Kanvas and despite a slow beginning it picked up when the crowd died down. Most of the night I wandered around with no one to really talk to save for Sam’s mother. Though we did have a delightful conversation about the silliness of certain piercings and teenage rebellion. Soon after the departure of the masses I had some good interaction with Matt K (sp?) and Sam’s friends Violet, Jolie, and Susan. I had a few drinks in me by that point as well so that helped. After the party I went home and passed out on my couch only to wake up at 1am and not really fall asleep again til 7:30am. I tell you, I did not enjoy that.

Wednesday night I did not originally have any plans. I had hoped to watch the Rose Bowl with some Texas folk when midday I got a phone call from Ole Schell who wanted to watch the game. Far be it from me to turn down a social offering so later in the evening Ole and I met up at Diablo Cantina or Cantina Diablo, whatever the name of the place is next to Buster’s Garage in Tribeca. My brother soon joined us and we had some beers and Mexican food in the first half, headed back to my brother’s apartment to watch the 2nd half. It was quite an entertaining game and quite representative of the top billing it got as the National Championship game. If you don’t know who won, let’s just say everyone I know from Texas is happy.

Thursday was pretty similar to Tuesday and Wednesday in that the days were completely boring and uneventful. I have to be honest I’ve been completely depressed during the day and I really am in need of work so my overactive imagination doesn’t continue to do a number on my ego. Oh, and work would give me more money too so I could actively enjoy life without feeling guilty for spending the money that I’ve been spending lately. Anyway, midway through the day and emailed surfaced about a happy hour get together and I was more than pleased to make my presence felt at said happy hour gathering. It was a small gathering though. The only people at the Fat Black Pussycat were myself, Lauren H, Jesse P, Rob M. and his friend Akiko. I was not disappointed, it was a fun gathering though small and plenty of beer was shared between the five of us. I got home at around 8:30 and now I’m writing this. I have to say though, in the time I’ve been home I’ve already had a disturbing event happen. I was sitting on my couch and our friendly apartment mouse ran up the leg of my jeans. That has never happened to me before and it was disturbing to say the least. I washed my leg after like I had OCD. I seriously need to get a cat for this apartment. If anyone has a cat I can borrow for like 3 weeks to alleviate my mouse problem it would be much appreciated. Or if you just want to bring your cat over to hang out I will love you forever. FOREVER. Anyway, the weekend is upon us so stay tuned for the EK.COM weekend recap on Monday and while you’re here you might as well go to my store and buy a shirt. Six other people have so far. Do you think you’re better than those people? Also, there will be some official 2006 designs coming soon that I’m working with some collaborators on. Be on the lookout. Also, look below, because I threw some new years photos in.


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