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Posted by evankessler on December 30, 2005

Oh man, I had the best meal ever tonight at Dinosaur BBQ with Sean Maddison but before I get to all of the mouth watering details I want to talk about the previous evening. Yes, you heard me, last night. Not that it’s so important to catch you up on all events occurring in my life but for some reason I have this egotistical yearning for the entire world to be up to speed on the events of my day to day existence. So assuming the world is ready, I’m going to talk about Wednesday night first.

Ah Wednesday night. There was nary a chill in the air as I headed out to go meet Kristin E, Jill M, and Bill E at Boxcar lounge at around 9pm. Well, I got there around 9pm that’s not when I left to go out. I knew it would take me a while so I left at about 8:30 and made some good time over to the East Village. On my way over, I came across many tourists wandering aimlessly and pointing to street signs, looking for avenues they were nowhere near. I also came across a bunch of teenagers who were expressing their individuality near the Astor Place Cube as if they were high school stereotypes really excited about life in a McDonalds commercial. There were 5 kids piling on each other smiling and excitedly shouting at the base of the cube. I looked around for commercial cameras but couldn’t find any.

I was just about done with my first beer when Kristin, Jill, and Bill arrived at the bar. We promptly sat down and launched into entertaining conversation including Kristin and Jill’s praise for my shirts. You know for all of the praise some people pile on for my merchandise, you’d think the sales would reflect it. Not so, so come on people, how’s about some commercial love? Anyway, soon afterwards, Kristin noticed the 2 guys sitting behind us and proclaimed one of them was cute and insisted on giving Jill’s number to one of the guys. Jill met this idea with resistance and fought off the inevitable for several seconds. When we were leaving the bar after my 3rd drink Kristin handed the guy the number though I’m not really sure what happened from there on out. The guy didn’t call her last night. Next stop on the Thursday night Tour De Force was 7B. 7B was a sort of normal stop with drinking and conversation. We met the people next to us and talked a bit with them. I think they were a couple of thirty-something year old guys from San Francisco. Bill knew some people there but I don’t think I actually talked with them. Before we left, I think Kristin gave Jill’s number to one more guy.

Our third and final stop on the booze train was Doc Holliday’s. Cheap cans of Pabst are always a welcome change and Doc’s has them. Thank the lord for that. It was at this point where Jill, fed up from being the target of Kristin’s manipulation decided to misdirect her anguish towards me, not in a bad way or anything. Jill decided that she was going to give my number to someone. She told me beforehand, and I was drunk enough to not care and I don’t think I would have cared either way actually. Whatever, give my number to a cute single girl who won’t call me. What’s the big deal? Jill got up to give my number to someone and I was not paying attention to the interaction at all. Moments later Jill sat down and told me that she gave a girl my number but didn’t notice the obstacle that was her boyfriend. I guess the boyfriend got mad or said something to her, I’m not completely sure what went down but the girl came over to our table and apologized to Jill. Several minutes later I received a phone call that I did not pick up. It was the boyfriend leaving an expletive laced message on my phone. I got a good laugh out of that. As long as there was no actual physical confrontation. I am a man of peace like Pat Morita. Anyway, Bill had some friends meet us at the bar at some point and I talked to them and then the leaving part is a bit fuzzy but I had a slice of pizza and went home.

I was slightly hung over this morning. I drank plenty of water and tea and what-not to get over it. I spent most of the day going for intermittent walks and paying bills as well as reading the newspaper. It was a low-key day to prepare for an important evening, an evening in which Sean Maddison and I were to triumph over a plate of ribs at the New York City Barbecue Mecca, the little brother of Syracuse’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Sean met up with me at 7:15 at the apartment and we headed straight up to West Harlem via the 1 train. Our mouths were watering upon our entry. We had been talking about this ever since Sean moved back to San Francisco and maybe even before. It was a long road back for Sean and we were going to make sure it was well worth it. We certainly were wearing our fine dining game faces. However, we would have a 45-minute to satisfy our Brachiosaurus sized hunger. No big deal, being the consummate professionals we are we just sat back and had a few drinks at the bar to bide our time. Our wait flew by and it was on to our table. Some people might have considered this the worst table but we loved. It was right next to a huge pile of wood. It barely took us any time to order. I was torn in an Natalie Imbruglia-esque manner over what sides to get. I went with the Mac & Cheese and the Iceberg lettuce with Barbecue blues dressing. Sean got his ribs with sides of soup and Syracuse Salt Potatoes. The best part about the Dinosaur, besides the ribs, is that the wait for the food isn’t too long. Before we knew it we were feasting on succulent tender ribs slathered in Wango Tango sauce. I think if I had one meal to eat before I die it would be Ribs from the Dinosaur, but I’d include mashed potatoes from the Syracuse one. I think it’s impossible to speak in hyperbole when describing the goodness that is the Dinosaur because it’s the best food ever and the most satisfying. My stomach was pleased, as were my taste buds. My mouth was bursting with smoked spicy flavor after the meal. I didn’t even want to drink my beer, as I was afraid it would drain the taste from my mouth. Sean and I didn’t stop at the Ribs though,we wanted a full meal experience. Up next…Dessert! What’s for dessert? Sean had a peanut butter pie and I had a slice of the chocolate icebox pie. I can’t communicate how good it was. Maybe that last sentence did a good job of it though. Seriously if anyone ever wants to go to dinosaur I’m in. Sean and I left after we finished our meal feeling nothing but pleased and full. All Hail Dinosaur BBQ.


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