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Posted by evankessler on November 11, 2005

Over the last couple of days I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I’ve been sitting in my house at night watching TV and taking up space while all 3 of my roommates have been on dates with the opposite sex. This week the majority of my days have been following a general cycle. I wake up at around 11am and sit around for a bit. My next move is usually to head out to the gym for upwards of an hour to an hour and a half. That part is usually interchangeable with getting lunch. Then I’ve been generally sitting around until bedtime, though Tuesday evening did include a dinner at John’s pizza with the one and only Sean Maddison, as well as Matt Wood and Greg Kessler. I switched up the routine a bit today. Most of the sitting around and doing nothing happened in the early part of the day as I did a little script writing and ordering of the Strangers With Candy Season 2 DVD from Amazon. Unfortunately I had the shipping address on my order wrong so it’s going to VH1 office before it’ll end up in my hands. It was quite the unfortunate error on my part.

My sitting around today was rewarded when Jessica Smith and I made dinner plans over the instant messenger for this evening since our plans for last night fell through due to an unfortunate event requiring an hour wait for a locksmith. We met up tonight at 6:15 at Mo Pitkin’s house of Satisfaction. Both of us were almost perfectly on time, which doesn’t happen very often. I was really glad to see Jess. I don’t think I’d seen her since August where she went on trip to Peru for two weeks, with my brother. So we had a nice catching up meal with good conversation and good food. Mo Pitkin’s has quite the astounding array of cuisine. How different you ask? (Just admit that’s what you were asking, as opposed to “why do I care?”) My dinner consisted of Matzoh Ball soup and Brisket and Jess’s meal was Paella. So basically the restaurant is a mix of Cuban and Jewish food. I have to say, my meal was outstanding. I highly recommend it. I also had a He’brew with my meal. There’s nothing like a hip kosher meal. Plus, they also have a good bar area and a performance area. I should have at least stayed to catch some music but I was full and sleepy and in a food coma afterwards and called it an early evening at around 8:30pm. I’ve got to stop being such an old man. Who wants to party this weekend?


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