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28 Minutes to 27

Posted by evankessler on November 4, 2005

That’s right, in 28, wait 27 minutes (the clock just changed) I’ll be turning 27 years old. Actually if we’re getting technical I think I was born at 11:30 in the morning so maybe I don’t turn 27 until then. This weekend will surely be full of celebration to an extent but I got a jumpstart on the festivities with a classy (and by classy I mean expensive) dinner with the family this evening at Blue Ribbon Bakery. Nothing tastes sweeter than a steak that you don’t have to pay for and for the 2nd straight time it was a civilized outing with the parents devoid of constant argument or hair comments. I have to say though it’s been a largely uneventful week aside from monitoring home repairs on account that I’ve wanted to have some energy left for the actual date of birth party. Though I did go out to dinner with the folks I’m working on the soap opera with after we had a read through with some of the actors. They also told me they were making me business cards. I don’t know why that’s so exciting, but for some reason I’m delighted at the prospect of having a business card for something I’m working on. I worked at VH1 for 3 and a half years and I didn’t have my own business cards. I once took generic VH1 cards and wrote my info on it but since I’m a lefty it smeared all over the card and looked unbelievably sloppy.

So that’s all it’s been for me this week, now I’m ready to let loose for a little karaoke birthday Friday fun. That being said, I’ll probably spend most of my birthday sitting alone in my apartment while everyone works waiting to go out to celebrate. While I wait, I’ll probably practice singing any number of karaoke performance possibilities throughout the house. I’ll probably even download Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” because that’s sure fire top notch karaoke. Anyway, I just felt like posting, I don’t really have that much to say. I could write a meditation on the meaning of being 27 but that would be a waste of time because it would be ultimately meaningless one year later and it be some sort of forced pseudo deep commentary which I’m not interested in making. Ok, that’s it. Happy Birthday to me.


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