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Unemployment Part Deux

Posted by evankessler on October 18, 2005

After 22 days of Freelance employment, I’m back on the Funemployment bandwagon. Life is sweet once again. Today (Monday) was my last day of work on the VH1 R.Kelly video special and I can stay up as late as I want because tomorrow is not a school day. I almost forgot, today was a big day for other reasons. I woke up early and went downtown and waited for over 3 hours to get tickets to see a free Jeff Tweedy show in November. There were tickets for several shows being released. Amongst them were Jeff Tweedy (2 shows), Aimee Mann, Ryan Adams, Rickie Lee Jones, and a double bill with The Blind Boys of Alabama and Cat Power. The majority of people were on line to get Jeff Tweedy and/or Ryan Adams tickets. I was surrounded by some weird, paranoid, old, people who were overly talkative in an annoying sort of way. They all kept freaking out that the line was too long and we weren’t going to get tickets. I think a couple of them might have paid people to move further up in line to insure that they would get what they wanted. There was also a cute girl in a yankee hat standing next to me too but she wasn’t too talkative. She was reading a Stephen King book but warmed up a little bit later. I use that term warmed up loosely because she would just inject occasional answers to my questions. I think my chance for making a good impression on her was ruined early on in the wait when the old music nerds around kept saying annoying things baiting me into conversation, and I came off as one of them, absolutely destroying the chance at any positive impression. She said something along the lines of, “wow, you guys are serious fan,” in a half mocking/half amazed tone. Anyway, when I finally reached the front of the line at 12:40, there were still plenty of tickets left and all of those line-jumping weirdos really had nothing to worry about. The wait was worthwhile. Also, I had a chance to win my office pool tonight but the Colts gave up too many points. God damned Colts.

As for the rest of the week, I plan to have some meetings regarding the soap opera, go catch up on some movies, finish my book and go out for drinks. I can’t wait. Let Freedom Ring.


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