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Posted by evankessler on October 14, 2005

This is the first installment of the Evan Kessler poetry corner. I’m not sure there’ll ever be another installment, it only came about because when I went home today for Yom Kippur, I came across my 2nd grade journal from Mrs Coopersmith’s Class and my Third Grade poetry book in which I wrote a poem for Mrs. Barash’s class. So without further ado, the first installment of Evan Kessler’s Poetry Corner:

Today Is Windy
Today is windy. Oh yes indeed.
The wind will blow you right off your knees.
So when you find out you lost your keys
Please don’t come running to me.

Winter- By Evan Kessler
Winter is a good time of year;
Some days are snow days
Some days are clear
Some days I stay in the house,
I do anything I want.
I can shovel the driveway
I’ll drink something warm
As long as it’s winter
I’ll stay away from the storm.

Apart from the poetry corner I went home today and broke the fast after temple. I was pretty proud of my self for fasting for the entire time but I ate double portions of everything and was pretty full afterwards. Upon arriving home I noticed that the northeast quadrant of the ceiling in my room had pretty much burst open with water. It’s not open to the sky or anything but my ceiling isn’t looking too great right now. This old house is in need of some serious repairs.


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