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Posted by evankessler on September 9, 2005

I think with the moon in shifting into Virgo recently, things have really started to shift into my favor. Opportunity has begun knocking at my door as of this week and it’s up to me to let it in or not. As of now, I’ve cracked the door open a bit and have a wedge under the door as to prevent it from opening further but I sort of hope opportunity is strong enough to muscle it’s way past my feeble obstacle. What am I talking about? Give it some time. I need to verbally meander around the topic before I actually tackle it. Okay, perhaps I’m ready. Maybe not yet, I’m going to do it in the normal recap style.

Tuesday was marked with very little activity save for my tennis experience with Matt Wood at the Canal St. courts. I got my daily exercise by engaging in a battle over the fuzzy yellow ball with my roommate. I did quite a bit of running. I have a great amount of fondness for tennis, as it is the only sport that I have something that resembles athletic prowess in. Indeed I have been dealt a shite hand in the sphere of physical ability. When I arrived home I received a phone call from my brother who put me on the phone Franck who told me about his project, which he and a friend were producing a soap opera for a website and ask if I’d be interested in contributing. I said I was, slightly turning the knob, hinting to opportunity that I might be willing to fulfill any creative aspirations I have in this world. I have to say I was quite skeptical about this opportunity as the phone discussion confused me more than intrigued me. I was a bit nervous but nonetheless agreed to a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the project. Afterwards, I wasted time before my class by playing Madden 2006 and watching TV. I also got a smoothie. I’m completely ecstatic that they’ve opened a Jamba Juice around the corner from my apartment as I am a smoothie addict.

Tuesday’s improv class was a lot of fun. Despite fucking up a fair amount I also had some basic critiques hammered in my head that will help with any improv efforts in the long run. It’s a shame the last class is next week. I’m just starting to get really comfortable. I’m probably going to take the next class but I’d like to coordinate with my classmates. I’m still amazed that I could be in a class with this many people and like all of them. Usually, by this time I’ve judged half of the people to be douche bags, but this is quite different. I think most of the people in this group are genuinely great people. I do feel bad about one thing. After class when we were drinking I was talking to John from my class and I made a remark about not liking people who have soul patches, then I realized he had one. I felt pretty dumb and I tried to cover it up though that’s generally how I feel, in no way do I think he is a douche. I also bought a sketch comedy DVD from him that he made with two other guys from class that for the most part is pretty damn impressive. Anyway, to summarize, Tuesday was fantastic.

I woke up Wednesday thinking about my soap opera meeting. I wanted to sound intelligent and involved and more or less, not like an idiot who didn’t care. I’m sure I come off like that a lot because there’s oh so much I don’t care about. To be honest, I was completely intrigued with the possibility of working on this project though. It’s something different than what I have been doing the past few years and I thought that I might get to impress some people with my writing abilities or any abilities that I honestly do not have the utmost confidence in, despite receiving praise from friends and family. At around 4pm I met at the Visionary Ventures office to discuss the soap opera and I to be honest I came away feeling good, like maybe this is the opportunity I had been looking for. Oh actually perhaps I should rewind a little bit. Before I attending this meeting I received a call about a job interview for MTV Tempo, which is their new Caribbean network and I set up an interview at 10:30am on Thursday. Okay, now where were we. That’s right, soap operas and feeling good about it. Actually I think I said all I have to say about that. I’m actually in the middle of trying to write it. Wish me luck.

Wednesday was not all about meetings and opportunities though. Wednesday also had some fun intertwined. I met Arby and Janet Turley outside of Irving Plaza at 8pm for the Idlewild show. For those of you who don’t know, Idlewild is one of my favorite bands of the past 5 or 6 years. They’ve been around a bit longer but I’ve only known of them since 2000 when I was a Capitol Records rep at Syracuse. A little note about my walk over to Irving Plaza; I was walking by a church on Broadway and 9th (I think) and a Spanish couple (I think) did the spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch routine. It made me wonder, do all Catholics have to do that every time they pass a church? Can someone confirm or deny this for me?

Anyway, the three of us met up and got drinks pre-show at Revival on 15th street. We ran into Rich’s old boss Bruce and had drinks with him in the garden outside. We like the drink. At around 9:40 we headed to Irving and caught Idlewild’s opener Inara George who was pretty bad. We were not moved to buy her album. Idlewild came on around 11pm and really just put on an all out rocking show. It started off a little slow but definitely picked up towards the end with the last 7 or so songs being the highlight. I’m a sucker for the early stuff. In the last 7 or 8 songs they pulled out my three favorite songs from their 1st major release, 1998’s Hope Is Important. The one time frame in the show I can pick out as a personal favorite was when they played “When I Argue I See Shapes” (though I was a little disappointed no one shouted out the word ‘Shapes’ like they do on the album) followed by “The Bronze Medal” off of 100 Broken Windows which is probably one of my favorite songs of theirs. While I loved hearing older songs, the new ones did not disappoint. “El Capitan” and “Love Steals Us From Loneliness” were absolutely perfect. “As If I Hadn’t Slept” was also given extra meaning as lead singer Roddy Woomble explained how it was about bars in New York City, and that it didn’t portray them in a positive light. The first encore was surprising as well. They played a song I had never heard from an album that I believe was only released in Scotland back in ’97 and they finished the show with “A Film For The Future” which really felt almost too upbeat to end the show on. It felt like it should have led to one of the slower songs ending the show. Maybe I just wanted them to play every one of their songs because they’re all excellent. I probably wouldn’t have been satisfied without that. Either way, I love Idlewild and you should too. Go buy all of their albums. After the show Rich and I went back to revival and had two beers. We watched the last set of the Agassi-Blake U.S. Open match, which was phenomenal. I haven’t seen tennis that exciting in a long time.

I woke up early this morning for my MTV Tempo interview at 10:30am. I can’t believe I was up that early. Other than during my Costa Rica vacation, I don’t think I’ve woken up that early in 3 months. That being said, I actually enjoyed starting my day off early. Despite a painfully slow train ride to 50th street I made my interview on time and was of the opinion that it went very well. Afterwards, I stopped by the VH1 floor as my interview was in the same building and said hello to the folks down there. The rest of my day was spent preparing for my big Thursday evening. What was so big about Thursday evening you ask? FOOTBALL!!! The first game of the NFL season was this past evening. Man, was I excited. I live for this stuff. Before I did that there was an obstacle, though not a huge one. My brother had some photos at a gallery on Broadway and the opening was this evening. He told me he’d be there around 7pm so I showed up at 7. He wasn’t there yet, but I walked around anyway. The gallery was crowded with artsy fashion-y society type peoples around whom I immediately felt uncomfortable. My brother wasn’t there either and everyone else seemed to know each other. After 15 minutes of picture browsing I took off because there was so little room to move and I felt really odd being there alone. Directly after, I met up with Sean Maddison and we headed up to the Upper East Side to meet his friends, drink some beer, and watch some football at a bar. We ended up going to two bars whose names I can’t recall. It was a good time. Unfortunately for Sean his Oakland Raiders lost to the New England Patriots. Nonetheless, Football is here. There will be much rejoicing. Things are looking up this fall.

Idlewild @ Irving Plaza 09/07/05
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