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You Can’t Spell Fun Without U or N

Posted by evankessler on August 8, 2005

I suppose that much is obvious. There’s not really much meaning to the title except there was a lot of fun had over the past few days, though that’s not to say the letters U and N aren’t involved. Many of the worlds I’ll be using will have the letters U or N in them and some of them may have both. I’ll even mention the actual U.N. I suppose it all began on Thursday, I seem to be having one of those blurry flashbacks taking me back to August 4th and I’m starting to recall what occurred. Ah, yes, Thursday was the day of the wedding of my friends John and Zerna at Supreme Trading on North 8th Street in Williamsburg. I don’t even know where to start with this event. There were a ton of good friends (and Boy George) there. I can’t possibly list them all. The best I could do is just throw in some pictures in after describing the event.

Kayvalyn and Ken chow down on some bbq.

It was definitely not a traditional wedding by any means. There was an open bar, a jazz-blues band called The Crooners, barbecue caterers (some of the best barbecue I’ve had) as well as a Mister Softee truck outside giving out free ice cream. Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely all night long. The party slowed down a bit by midnight in order for John and Zerna to exchange vows. A woman from the U.N. (there’s the U.N. mention) officiated over the ceremony. Everyone was silent for the most part save for when our recently departed friend Jasky was mentioned. People started shouting out private jokes honoring his memory. Everyone remained in high spirits as we sipped champagne and celebrated the union of our two friends. The party raged on for hours after that. I didn’t get home until after 5am. It was a hell of a way to spend a Thursday night.

Wanna lick? Psyche.
Me With Pimped out Groom John Karian
Party Til’ You Drop. What a stupid caption.

I didn’t think I could face another night out when Friday arrived. I spent most of the day replenishing my damaged cells with green tea and other anti-oxidants. Plenty of rest was the order of the day. I loafed around the apartment and did some reading. If I was going to be ready for Friday activities I was going to have to do plenty of nothing beforehand. That last sentence seems somewhat redundant.

Before I knew it the time was 6pm and my scheduled plans were sneaking up on me. I didn’t actually have much time to do the aforementioned “plenty of nothing” since I had woken up at 1pm. At around 6:15 I headed up to Social on 48th and 8th to meet Adam Starling and the VH1 gang for drinks celebrating Adam’s birthday for the 2nd time in the span of 4 days. I began to imbibe alcohol upon my arrival but found it completely ineffective towards enhancing my mood. My brain felt completely blank. I couldn’t even think of any words to start a conversation. I just stood there drinking and occasionally interjecting a few words. There was medium turnout from the folks at work and I spent time talking to Betsy, Noelle, Matt Bier, Karla Hidalgo, Emily Anderson, and Starling. I know I left out some people I also ran into Heidi Padauer who I knew from Syracuse at the bar. She was there for her friend’s birthday.

After leaving Social a bunch of us jumped into a cab and headed downtown. We met a bunch of Adam’s friends at a place called Bua, which was actually pretty cool and I stayed for a drink. I had to rush out afterwards to catch a Bloody Panda show at Scenic on Avenue B. On my way out of Bua I ran into Kristin Ertel and Jill Mercadante who were on their way into the bar. I told them I’d call them after the show. On my way over to Scenic I got a phone call from Stacey Fryer who had her brother in town. They said they’d meet me at Scenic. When I got to Scenic I saw, Katie, Reva, Rachel Myers, and Chris Mellen. I’m not sure who else was there it was such a short show that I wasn’t really there for too long but the band was good. Stacey had shown up midway through the show and afterwards we left and met up with Kristin, her boyfriend Dave, and Jill for a drink.

My Friday had quickly turned into a complete whirlwind; running into people, getting phone calls left and right. You’d start to think I was actually popular and the good news was, it wasn’t over just yet. After Niagara, Stacy and her brother left, Jill was gone and I went to catch up with Kristin and her boyfriend at a bar on 7th and C. I completely forgot the name of the bar. When I arrived at the cross-streets I was on the phone with Bess Sobota whom I had drunkenly called to see what she was up to, as well as being waved at by Marisa Patt who was coincidentally at the same street corner I was on with her friends. I think I abruptly hung up on Bess after running into Marisa (according to Bess). I don’t think I said goodbye. Marisa and I went into the bar and had drinks and danced to 80’s new wave-ish music. It would be my final stop in a bizarre night of coincidences. Despite having been all over the east village all evening I had had a hell of a night.

Saturday morning arrived and I was completely out of steam, more so than the previous morning. My couch was privy to more slovenly behavior. I watched the Met game and did some reading until Saturday’s evening activity rolled around. Marisa (from the previous evening or several hours prior) had a going away/birthday party on her rooftop on the lower east side. I arrived at around 7:45pm completely lacking energy. The last two days had taken quite a toll. That being said, Marisa had put together quite the array of drinks and party food that was easy on the taste buds. I actually felt really guilty though since the only thing I brought was cheap beer. I am a selfish asshole. Well, I’m not totally selfish I didn’t really intend to drink the beer it was for other people. I didn’t really intend to drink anything. I had no desire to be friendly with the drink that night and while I was slightly friendly, I wasn’t friendly to the point where it would cause me to make obnoxious phone calls. I left the party with Bess, Knoah, and Deena at around 12:15am. I didn’t plan on a late night but I didn’t fall asleep as early as I had hoped based on my early exit.

The weekend finale was in Long Beach, Long Island as we had a good ole BBQ family friend get together hosted by Melanie & Steve Sirof, and attended by myself, my brother, Andrew Paskoff Jamie and Dan Maccarone, Russell and Pernilla Datz,, and Stacy and Marc Barenberg. I don’t really have many interesting details. I was so out of it the entire time that I don’t think I said very much the all day. It was fun to watch everyone’s kids running around and Steve made some good food. Overall, it was good to see everyone and a nice relaxing way to cap off the weekend. It’s nice to get out of the city every once in awhile. We headed back on the 6:48 train from Long Beach. The first stop on the way back my friend Krissy that I know from MTV got on the train and I waved at her from afar since the train was so crowded but it was another funny coincidence in a weekend that had many.


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