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Posted by evankessler on July 26, 2005

Tonight was one small step for man… one giant leap for Evan(kind) Kessler. After about 8 months of putting off the inevitable and constant urging from Maureen Hoban to do something with comedy, I finally got my feet wet. Tonight was the first night of my improv classes through the UCB theatre and after some opening jitters and general apprehension about jumping into taking the class I’d have to say it was well worth it. First off, when I arrived at the class location on 36th street there were a bunch of people hanging outside and we all went up at the same time. Mostly everyone was there alone, save for a group of 3 guys who went to Staten Island College together and did some sketch comedy films of their own at school. Everyone was really friendly. The first 4 people I met were 3 girls, Brittany (sp?), Maggie, and Pam. I’d like to think we immediately hit it off while we waited for our teacher. The next guy I met was a guy named Dagfin (sp?) who was also pretty cool. The more people I met everyone just seemed like good people, which was remarkably refreshing. It’s pretty sweet to be in a room full of people who more or less seemed into the same things you are. I’m making a generalization, which I may discover to be completely untrue in the next 8 weeks. My first impression was that of a positive one.
Throughout the three-hour class our teacher Tara (she was actually a substitute teacher) led us through exercises ranging from the usual getting to know you chat to explorations of sounds, actions, emotions, singing, dancing (sort of), and storytelling. Sort of like a bar mitzvah without the religion. After each progressive exercise you could feel everyone in the group become more and more comfortable with each other. I’d have to say several people definitely stood out, me not being one of them, but all in all it was an enjoyable experience. I’m looking forward to next week and getting to know everyone a little better.

I just read back this entire thing and it sounds so sunny and optimistic. I find that to be absolutely frightening. On the other side of things, I’m still unemployed and need a new roommate to replace he will be out on August 1st. Time is running out. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring good tidings.


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