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Posted by evankessler on July 13, 2005

2 Days down 5 to go for “alcohol-free with possible exceptions week”. I have yet to imbibe alcohol since Sunday afternoon and we’ve just barely crossed Wednesday’s threshold. I will face serious tests the next few days that I am quite confident I can fail. Just give me that one chance to drink a beer and I will take it. That being said, if the weather is crappy, the odds swing in my favor despite the fact that there is beer left over from Sunday’s Barbecue. I shall force my roommates to funnel the remaining Budweisers against their will in a hail of “Chug, chug, chug” chants.

Minus the influence of alcohol my days have become quite ordinary. On Monday, after being rudely awakened by the sound of incessant jackhammering next door, I waited for the guy to come to fix the hole in our ceiling. He arrived at around 12:30 only to tell me that he was going to have to come back later in the week because it was a bigger job than he had expected. The saga of the gaping hole may enter its second month soon if it hasn’t already. I spent the rest of Monday basically sleeping off the alcoholic stupor of the previous 2 weeks. I was completely devoid of energy but somehow managed to muster up enough energy to head to the gym and walk to Union Square to buy new headphones. I fell asleep rather early as I had early plans for this morning.

I woke up at 10AM because I had plans to meet family friend Bruce Ullman for lunch. Bruce and I have our own weekly football pool dating back probably around the time my father passed away so that’s about 13 years. Every year we keep track of who wins and say that someone owes the other person something but this is the first time we’ve actually done something about it. We decided after the 2003 season that the loser would take the winner out to lunch, only that never happened after I won that year. He won last year so I owe him a lunch making us even. I called him last week and said he’d take me out to lunch this week and the next week we’d go out and I would pay. So that settles that. Though I’ve probably won the majority of the seasons so he probably owes me a lot more. Not that I’m holding him accountable.

I met Bruce on 86th and Broadway and we drove down to Isabella’s where they immediately sat us in a darkened corner away from the other patrons, as I don’t think we were rich enough. Everyone there seemed to be dressed in white or some perfect summer dining attire. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals, or my unemployed summer attire. The service was mediocre but my steak sandwich was pretty good. We spent most of our time discussing football, as men of our ilk are wont to do. I think we covered every sport and every New York team, save for soccer and lacrosse, oh and of course the WNBA. Who talks about the WNBA? Anyway, it was time well spent and we soon parted ways.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon sleeping in my room and made my way to the gym in a timely unrushed fashion. Tonight, I was quite the domestic. I cooked myself some linguini and had some left over pasta sauce to pour on top. Later on, in an effort to disprove the theory that I am completely incapable of performing most simple feats I decided I would attempt to make my own Iced Tea. Using Irish Breakfast tea and some mint leaves I brewed up a pitcher’s worth. So far the jury’s still out but one thing’s for sure; making Iced Tea is by far the most domestic thing I have ever done.


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