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Just Like Old Times

Posted by evankessler on July 29, 2005

I wasn’t going to post again until the weekend was over but I figured I could kill some time while waiting for my ipod to recharge for my trip to the gym. So, just to update you on an issue that looked bleak in my previous post, we’ve found a new roommate. We sort of panicked and posted our ad on craigslist again yesterday morning and got a rush of desperate apartment seekers. We saw a couple of people last night and just decided on the person we liked the best though admittedly I didn’t talk to all of them. That could spell disaster but hopefully not as I’m against most forms of disaster, unless they’re of the comical variety and no one gets killed.

Anyway, after the great roommate search came to a close, I headed out to Kush on Rivington and Chrystie for Erica Bryndza’s birthday celebration. It was a little weird. It’s really been about 2 months since I’ve hung out with work people in a drinking capacity. We all used to go out so much together and since the great I Love The Diaspora of May 27th I don’t really think I’ve been a part of much Vhfun drinking.

I arrived at Kush to see Dan Lerner sitting with Sergio Santos and his harem of unknown ladies. I curiously perused their countenances to see if I recognized any of them but they were all foreign to me. We were soon alerted that the birthday girl had been sitting in the back so we all headed to the back area of the lounge. The party soon got much bigger as we were joined by Shari, Gino, Mike Haigh, Robby D, Sinta, Cheryl G, Stacy A, Caroline H, Dave Brown, Cindi B, Zoran, Marissa B, and her boyfriend Kevin. From there it just ballooned into the normal jolly work get together I was so used to. There was lots of joking around, good-natured conversation and plenty of drinking. At one point I even decided to try the hookah, which was a huge thing for me seeing as I’ve never smoked tobacco. Actually, I’ve had one cigar before (is that tobacco)? Okay, so I’ve never smoked anything I had to inhale and I did this about four or five times, each time I understood the appeal less and less. The flavored tobacco doesn’t even taste that good and provides no buzz whatsoever yet people will pay $30 to smoke from it. As far as experiences go, I can file that away under the “not that impressive” bin.

Overall, I had an excellent time seeing everyone last night. It was good to see everyone again. Though, it was weird feeling so out of the loop with people I’d been around constantly for more or less the last 3 years. I always knew what everyone was up to because we were all working on the same thing and now I had some catching up to do. I sort of felt bad, my non-work friend Rob M, met me there and I barely spoke to him because I was so busy reacquainting myself to everyone else.

I left the party at 12:40am walked home all the way to my west village abode stopping to get some food at the new monstrosity on the corner of Bleecker and Carmine known as “Abitino’s Pizza”. I swore I wouldn’t go there but I really needed a chicken roll because I hadn’t eaten dinner. The last thing this neighborhood needs is another pizza joint. We’ve already got 3 of the best pizza places in the city in a 2-block radius with John’s, Joe’s and Bleecker St. Pizza. There was really no reason for them to open up a big chain pizza place right on the corner. Judging by the décor and the sign it really fits in closer to Times Square than the Village. That being said, the Chicken roll was really good but I wasn’t going to try the pizza. Bleecker St. pizza is my spot for a good slice. Damn the man

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Rejection…It Burns

Posted by evankessler on July 28, 2005

This finding a roommate stuff is tough business. Last night, I set up a meeting with someone who I had previously interviewed about taking over the soon to be vacant room in our apartment. I had met with him on Monday and he seemed pretty cool then. I would have approved him days ago but he hadn’t met any of the roommates yet, so I was a little hesitant to tell him he could move in. I wanted to get one more opinion before deciding the fate of our apartment. So last night Sean came home from work early and we set up a little getting to know you chat. Everything went well and our potential roommate went his separate way for the evening. Sean and I both thought he’d be a good fit so I decided to wait an hour or two and give him the good news.

Prior to giving him the good news, Sean and I met Jen and Dave Showers for some eats at Boca Chica on 1st and 1st. I thought I’d wait til after a couple of beers to give our new roommate a call. After 2 Negra Modelo’s I went outside to make a phone call but my call was not answered. I called twice but with no answer. Several minutes later I checked my phone and noticed a message. I thought that surely this was a bad sign and when I checked the message I was right. Our perfect fit of a new roommate had chosen another place over our place. I had a minor feeling of rejection set in. How could someone find better roommates that Sean and I? Surely he is insane. One day this person will surely see the error of his ways when he discovers that his new roommate is crazy when he discovers their secret knife closet. Then he will be sorry. He won’t have time to ask for his deposit as he runs for his life down 3rd avenue. Don’t get me wrong, I wish the kid all the best but now we’re back to square one in the roommate search and that is not good at all. This room must be filled by August 1st or we shall suffer the enlarged rent hit (i.e. consequences).

In completely unrelated news, and I’m not sure if you could call it news but every time I use this Hawaiian Tropic 15 plus all day waterproof sun block I get a semi-burning sensation over the areas that I apply it. I don’t recommend using it though it has managed to keep the sunburn away. However, yesterday I didn’t use any lotion and got a weird sunburn in a line on an area of my neck that is in the shadow of my chin and should have absolutely no exposure to the sun. Very odd. Maybe I should wear some sort of neck protection from now on.

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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Posted by evankessler on July 26, 2005

Tonight was one small step for man… one giant leap for Evan(kind) Kessler. After about 8 months of putting off the inevitable and constant urging from Maureen Hoban to do something with comedy, I finally got my feet wet. Tonight was the first night of my improv classes through the UCB theatre and after some opening jitters and general apprehension about jumping into taking the class I’d have to say it was well worth it. First off, when I arrived at the class location on 36th street there were a bunch of people hanging outside and we all went up at the same time. Mostly everyone was there alone, save for a group of 3 guys who went to Staten Island College together and did some sketch comedy films of their own at school. Everyone was really friendly. The first 4 people I met were 3 girls, Brittany (sp?), Maggie, and Pam. I’d like to think we immediately hit it off while we waited for our teacher. The next guy I met was a guy named Dagfin (sp?) who was also pretty cool. The more people I met everyone just seemed like good people, which was remarkably refreshing. It’s pretty sweet to be in a room full of people who more or less seemed into the same things you are. I’m making a generalization, which I may discover to be completely untrue in the next 8 weeks. My first impression was that of a positive one.
Throughout the three-hour class our teacher Tara (she was actually a substitute teacher) led us through exercises ranging from the usual getting to know you chat to explorations of sounds, actions, emotions, singing, dancing (sort of), and storytelling. Sort of like a bar mitzvah without the religion. After each progressive exercise you could feel everyone in the group become more and more comfortable with each other. I’d have to say several people definitely stood out, me not being one of them, but all in all it was an enjoyable experience. I’m looking forward to next week and getting to know everyone a little better.

I just read back this entire thing and it sounds so sunny and optimistic. I find that to be absolutely frightening. On the other side of things, I’m still unemployed and need a new roommate to replace he will be out on August 1st. Time is running out. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring good tidings.

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You Have The Right To Remain Friggin’ Awesome

Posted by evankessler on July 25, 2005

Throughout my summer of unemployment I’ve often said that the days blend together and I can’t tell the weekend apart from the weekdays but in some instances that’s wrong. For one thing, on the weekend more people are available to participate in fun activities much later than on the usual weekday. I suppose that’s what made this weekend so spectacular, kots of good times with different groups of people.

The fun officially got started Friday night for the CD release party of Earl Pickens‘ solo album Country Music Jukebox held by Kill Buffalo Records founder John Vacanti. At 9pm Jessie Yamas (Earl’s harmony vocalist) came on and played some acoustic numbers off of her new mini cd. I was running around the whole time taking pictures because John had asked me to. The 2nd act was The Roulette Sisters, who played countrified versions of old soul , jazz, and blues standards by the likes of Bessie Smith. I’m not sure how many originals they actually had but they were very interesting and pretty good. Some of my friends even poured in to show their support for the cause that is John Vacanti’s new business venture and the success of Earl Pickens’ debut solo album. I was glad to see Adam A., Erica E., Marisa P. Reva, Katey H. and Rob M. make their way all the way down to Sin-e in the East Village though I suppose Marisa lives there so it wasn’t much of a trek. I actually kind of felt bad though, seeing as I didn’t make much conversation with my friends. I was having delightful yet drunken conversation with Caroline (I was drunk not her) who works as the publicist for John’s label.

Earl took the stage at around 11pm and played for just over an hour, alternating between Earl favorites, new gems, and a cover or two. At the end of the night the John-Earl partnership managed to pack the house and sell some CDs. All in all it was a promising start with a bright future ahead. After the show ended I met Reva and Katey at the bar next door for a drink or so and waddled all the way back to the West Village from the Far East.

Saturday I was feeling a little worn out from the night before and not in the mood for the task at hand. I showed our downstairs room in the front of the apartment to potential roommates. 3 People came to check it out starting at 12:30 and I think only 1 potential roommate came out of it. I hate this process. I hate not having anyone to really help me make the decision. After that massive pain in the ass, I did some sitting and my roommate Sean had his friends arrive for some drinking and fun in the sun that I would become involved in shortly. Actually, it’s not if it was involuntary. I was fully aware of what the afternoon’s activities were going to entail and I was full speed ahead on all of it except for the fact that I was a bit warn out from the night before as previously stated. Soon enough our roofdeck hosted, Sean, Chris, Chris, Kerrry, and Scooter (as Sean calls him, this causes me to forget his real name, possibly Scott) and myself. We were drinking Coronas and preparing for our evening activity, which would be an evening at Keyspan Park for a Brooklyn Cyclones- Jamestown Jammers game Single A baseball match-up. Before that we had to meet Jen and Dave Showers, Jen’s friend Amanda and Sean’s other friend Cary (?) for some more beverages at Robin Des Bois in Carrol Gardens. We had one beer there while listening to Hall & Oates while someone outed Daryl Hall. Dave and I discussed Billy Ocean and minutes later when I went to the ATM across the street I entered the ATM only to hear “Get Out Of My Dreams Get Into My Car”.

We arrived at Coney Island just after 6 for the Cyclones game. I ran into Maureen Hoban, Laura Renga, and Laura Bassett at the train station. Apparently they were doing to the same game we were so we walked with them to the stadium only to split up when we went to our bleacher seats. We had a good time up there in the outfield. Sean introduced us to a completely silly game called moundball in which a cup full of money is passed at each outfield hit. There’s more to it but it’s not really that exciting and not worth much explanation. That being said, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun with it. Overall, the game was a good time. It was fun to pretend to be overly excited about the Minor league Mets affiliate. After the game our crew went to the bar next to the stadium. I think it was called Peggy O’Neil’s. I could have made that up. There was a band of really old guys playing cover songs that were pretty kick ass. They were pretty funny. Everyone in the band wore a Brooklyn shirt, except for the lead singer who wore a “Flying Burrito Bros.” T-shirt seemingly to assure the crowd of unaware passersby of some sort of classic rock credibility. My favorite guy in the band was the guitar player who looked liked he was 70 but did some killer vocal harmonies. Also I was amused when during their rendition of “Substitute” by The Who, the black keyboardist who was covering lead vocals kept avoiding the line “I look all white but my dad was black.” They also did massive amounts of Beatles and Stones covers and while the rest of our group sat outside drinking Kerry and I watched the old guys rock the house. They even seemed to have some groupies who danced to the music in such an arrhythmic fashion that I was absolutely enthralled, but utterly perplexed at the same time. I had no idea what they were hearing that caused them to move in such a way. Soon enough everyone headed to the Cyclone but Kerry and I wanted to finish our beers so we sat outside and observed the unusual Coney Island crowd with bad tribal chain tattoos and bike chain necklaces. Soon enough we had caught up with the crowd and made our way to the subway. Sean and I were back in the apartment by 12:45 and with good reason. I had to be up at 7:45 the next morning. I was meeting Rich Mai and the 709 grand folks for John K’s bachelor-ish party day.

Much to my surprise I woke up 7:45am despite the previous week’s alarm clock faux pas (see the entry about my mom hating me). After a quick shower I headed out to get a bagel only to have my momentum stopped short by a police car. The police pulled up to me and rolled down the window. I had no idea what they were about to ask me. They asked me where I was coming from and where I lived. I pointed that I lived just two doors away and that I had come from my apartment. I must’ve had a look of complete confusion because I was certainly confused completely. The officer then told me that they had reports of someone in a green shirt ( I was wearing my green Hartford Whalers shirt) with long black hair throwing bottles in Father Demo square just down the street. I assured him that I was not this person, or at least I hope I did. He took down my information anyway, which was not comforting. I feel like I’m going to get a call to be in a lineup later this week. That would truly be awful. The rest of the morning I had this feeling like all of my luck was going to turn on me, and this was a rather ominous sign.

I got to Rich’s apartment around 9:15 and pretty much nobody was ready. I sat on the couch reading my book next to Kishore who was sick with 102.7 degree fever. He would not be making the trek with us to New Jersey for some friendly combat in the form of paintball. After a little bit of a wait, Steve Miller, Rich Mai, Ahmad Saeed and Dmitry Grigoriev and I headed out to meet John Karian so we could all head out to our destination. We arrived in West Milford, New Jersey about an hour and a half late and we were met by Suli and some of Dmitry’s or Steve’s friends (I think). Paintball was a pretty amusing experience. Everyone at the grounds was much more serious than we were. There was a guy who had his own army fatigues that were covered in leaves. He had made a special camouflage mask and had camouflaged his gun. We called him Bush man. Bush man’s outfit was of little use in the first paintball game as there was no tree cover in the Speed Paint Ball game. There was just a bunch of barrels and inflatable barriers and upright wooden planks.
The first game our team of 12 got our asses handed to us by the serious paintballers with the serious strategy. I didn’t get out to the end when I was shot on the hand.
We asked that our team be split up so that we wouldn’t repeatedly have our asses handed to us.
The next game made a world of difference as these little kids had a detailed military strategy for paintball and I listened and I did not come close to getting hit but I did a pretty good job moving up in the course and advancing on obstacles all the while being shot at. We won that game.

Next up, we went to the course in the woods with bunkers and obstacles and tree cover. The first game we had these marines on our side and I didn’t see any action as they systematically annihilated the other team with their advanced paintball equipment (scopes, maybe some night vision goggles) all the while I was stationed behind a tree hoping to have some poor bastard advance to where he couldn’t see me and I’d pop a paint cap in his ass. That didn’t happen. The next game in the woods it was the same teams and we took the other side of the forest and again with the marines on our side we took the contest pretty easily, though I did see significantly more action in this event but did not get shot.

For our final game the teams were all mixed up but our group of friends was altogether. This was an abbreviated 7-minute session and I think I may have taken out some folks behind a pile of logs but I’m not quite sure. When the ref announced 20 seconds I decided to just go for it and expose myself to get to my next cover area. Much to my chagrin I was immediately plastered by rapid -fire marine paintballs in the goggles chest and thigh. Oh well, better to go out in a blaze of glory like Billy The Kid in Young Guns. Overall it was a fun time and I’m a little sore right now. On the way back, we almost stopped at a strip club called Double D’s in Morristown to make it more of a bachelor party for John but we never made it for some reason. However, we did decide to do something quite awesome. Ahmad called Peter Luger’s Steakhouse, which is known as one of the Best Steakhouses in the city and made a 9:45 reservation. I love me some steak. In the meantime, we had to kill some time, so we had 2 beers at Reservoir and went home to change.

Peter Luger’s was quite the experience I have to say. Steak never tasted so good, actually with the exception of one I made at 3am with Seth Moutal and Brad Winderbaum at a party I had in 10th grade. That was a great steak and it wasn’t quite as expensive at the one at Peter Luger’s but sometimes you have to bite the bullet, especially when for a good cause like a bachelor-ish party. Overall, the hit in the wallet wasn’t that bad and afterwards we topped it off with a beer at Bembe then headed home. This weekend has worn me out like no other in recent memory. It was completely worth it though, except for the little pseudo run in with the law.

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The Dude Abides

Posted by evankessler on July 22, 2005

While I can’t say it’s been a week of milestones, even unemployed people such as myself manage to keep busy. Tuesday evening I went with my brother to one of his friend’s birthday party where I felt very awkward. Wednesday was yet another day of reading in the sun but with several events worthy of mention. For one, I purchased tickets to go see Idlewild on September 7th. The 2nd activity of notice was the screening I took in of “The Big Lebowski” with Jill Mercadante at Pier 54.

I arrived at Pier 54 at 8pm and Jill arrived soon after and we sat talking til about 9pm when the movie finally started and despite some problems with the sound I enjoyed myself quite immensely. The Big Lebowski is one of those films that are just as absolutely, sidesplittingly, funny the 1st time and 100th time you see it. The cast of characters is so utterly unique and so magnificently portrayed and each has their share of memorable lines. John Turturro probably has about 3 or 4 lines in the film but he steals his scenes and don’t forget about John Goodman. He should’ve won an Oscar or at least have been nominated for his role as Walter Sobchak. I don’t think he could ever hope to play someone that memorable ever again. He’s probably one of my top 3 movie characters of all time. I can watch that movie over and over again and never get tired of it. In fact, I sort of had to do that anyway when we did I Love 1998 for VH1. The movie ended at around 11:15pm and Jill and I had a few beers at Red Rocks West and The Hog Pit before heading home at around 1:15am. It was a great way to spend a summer evening. Hey, they’re showing Animal House at Pier 54 next Wednesday. Anyone interested?

Today (Thursday 7/21) was full of activity. I woke up first around 6am when the brightest sun I’d ever seen entered my room. I fought off the urge to wake up and be productive until 11am. Well, I didn’t produce right away. I sent some emails about events going on this week and posted some apartment ads on the Craigslist. We need a new roommate by August 1st. At around 1:45 I headed up towards the ol’ VH1 office. I wanted to say hi to Adam Starling and some other folks. After almost 2 months of unemployment, I’ve missed being around some of those people. It was good to see some of the folks. I met with some of my old producers and just generally loitered around some of the offices of my VHfriends.

I rushed out of the VHFun office just before 4pm because I was meeting Orly Sigal at her building for the private Chuck Klosterman book signing. Orly and I rushed to the signing room but when we got there it was too late, the signing had ended about a half hour early. I wasn’t heartbroken or anything. I just wanted a signed copy of the book. I didn’t have anything overly important that I wanted to ask Mr. Klosterman. However, Orly made some calls and tracked him down. He was in a friend’s office and she brought me down to meet him and get a book signed. This was a very awkward situation, as I really had nothing to say. Orly did some talking on how she was obsessed with his previous book Sex, Drugs, And Cocoa Puffs. I didn’t really have anything interesting to say. I’m not obsessed with him. I just like his writing. I just told him I’ve read his books and then he signed my book and that was it. Meeting people you admire is always kind of awkward and unrewarding, for me at least, partially because I don’t really admire that many people. Also because you shake hands with someone and you’re on your way, it’s not as if you become fast friends and share a memorable experience. They won’t remember me, so what’s the big deal. I don’t make it a priority to meet everyone I admire because of this, even if I see a great actor walking down the street, it’s seems to be a moot point if I were to tell him, he’s really great. He doesn’t need my affirmation. He’s making a living doing what he’s doing. You need to be at least decent at what you do (or Keanu Reeves) to make money for something like that. Anyway, I seemed to have happened on a pointless tangent. The point is I got a free, signed book but no meaningful conversation, which I wasn’t expecting anyway.

After dropping my book off at home, I met Marty and his friend from work by their office and headed up to Central Park for a UCB Theatre improv show featuring the original 4 UCB members (Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh) as well as Paul Scheer (from VH1’s Best Week Ever), Rob Corddry (from the Daily Show) Rob Riggle (SNL), Rob Huebel (inconsiderate cell phone man), SNL’S Horatio Sanz, and Rachel Dratch. The show ran from about 7:45 to 10pm (give or take) with an intermission in the middle and was extremely funny and worth the free price of admission. Paul Scheer and Amy Poehler I think were the best of the lot but everyone except maybe Horatio Sanz had their fair share of moments. I think I’m signing up to start taking UCB classes this Tuesday. Wish me luck or talk me out of it. OH AND SERIOUSLY GO SEE EARL PICKENS TONIGHT AT SIN-E

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Monday Metal Mania

Posted by evankessler on July 19, 2005

Yesterday was quite the rockfest. Well not really the entire day but for one shining hour Monday evening. I went to see my friend Josh Rothenberger’s band, Bloody Panda at the Knitting Factory. It was their biggest show yet, opening for a band called Soilent Green. Immediately upon my arrival I knew this wasn’t my scene as there were plenty of people with rings in their faces and an abundance of tattoos, not to mention everyone in the place was wearing black and I was wearing a short sleeve button down, khaki shorts and thongs. Everyone’s black shirt also had the names of their favorite metal bands like Carcass, Doom and Pig Destroyer, splattered all over the front alongside some violent image. I’m not judging anyone, I just know it’s not my scene. In fact, I’ve had certain epiphanies in the past that if I was really angry I would probably like Pantera or some of these bands who are pretty damn good instrumentally, I’m just not that aggressive and I prefer to not be assaulted by what I’m listening to.

That being said, I arrived just as Bloody Panda took the stage. At first Josh was on stage playing guitar, and after a short intro each band member was added to the stage incrementally until the lineup was complete including lead singer Yoshiko, a little, cute, unassuming Japanese girl who can really wail. The songs basically consist of slow plodding (though not always, and not in a bad way) heavy guitar, atmospheric keyboard tones, moaning mournful vocals paired with painful screaming as well. I’m not really describing this well, but I’d describe the music as almost funereal, dark, noisy, emotional and just really riveting. If I were to create a genre I would call it Heavy Art Noise Metal. I think most of the people there wanted to see some hard thrashing rock, as evidenced by the guy who mockingly yelled “play slower” but were drawn in by the atmosphere Bloody Panda created. There’s something extremely hypnotic about the music. It’s evocative and full of gloom, so much so that it was extremely disarming when Yoshiko (the lead singer) spoke in her shy manner saying a quick “hello”, turning the dark and dour mood into a cute moment. It happened once again later in the performance when she thanked the crowd for coming. All in all, I was impressed by Bloody Panda’s performance, which commanded the attention of all of those in attendance. No matter what kind of music is your thing Bloody Panda deserves a listen. I should also say this, and perhaps it should’ve gone sooner in the post, the first time Josh gave me a cd of the band, I listened to it during a thunderstorm and it kind of scared me a bit but in a good way. It was almost the perfect thing to listen to in that situation.

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Plans For Tomorrow

Posted by evankessler on July 14, 2005

In light of the news that a 7-Eleven has opened in Manhattan, tomorrow afternoon I will trek to the location on 23rd St and Park Avenue South, get a huge slurpee and sit on the curb slacking off for the rest of the day. Okay, maybe not the rest of the day because I may go see Son Volt at South St. Seaport at 7PM. However, if you want to know where to find me this Thursday, I’ll be sippin’ 7-Eleven’s finest delight. Come join me this Thursday afternoon won’t you?

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Domestic God

Posted by evankessler on July 13, 2005

2 Days down 5 to go for “alcohol-free with possible exceptions week”. I have yet to imbibe alcohol since Sunday afternoon and we’ve just barely crossed Wednesday’s threshold. I will face serious tests the next few days that I am quite confident I can fail. Just give me that one chance to drink a beer and I will take it. That being said, if the weather is crappy, the odds swing in my favor despite the fact that there is beer left over from Sunday’s Barbecue. I shall force my roommates to funnel the remaining Budweisers against their will in a hail of “Chug, chug, chug” chants.

Minus the influence of alcohol my days have become quite ordinary. On Monday, after being rudely awakened by the sound of incessant jackhammering next door, I waited for the guy to come to fix the hole in our ceiling. He arrived at around 12:30 only to tell me that he was going to have to come back later in the week because it was a bigger job than he had expected. The saga of the gaping hole may enter its second month soon if it hasn’t already. I spent the rest of Monday basically sleeping off the alcoholic stupor of the previous 2 weeks. I was completely devoid of energy but somehow managed to muster up enough energy to head to the gym and walk to Union Square to buy new headphones. I fell asleep rather early as I had early plans for this morning.

I woke up at 10AM because I had plans to meet family friend Bruce Ullman for lunch. Bruce and I have our own weekly football pool dating back probably around the time my father passed away so that’s about 13 years. Every year we keep track of who wins and say that someone owes the other person something but this is the first time we’ve actually done something about it. We decided after the 2003 season that the loser would take the winner out to lunch, only that never happened after I won that year. He won last year so I owe him a lunch making us even. I called him last week and said he’d take me out to lunch this week and the next week we’d go out and I would pay. So that settles that. Though I’ve probably won the majority of the seasons so he probably owes me a lot more. Not that I’m holding him accountable.

I met Bruce on 86th and Broadway and we drove down to Isabella’s where they immediately sat us in a darkened corner away from the other patrons, as I don’t think we were rich enough. Everyone there seemed to be dressed in white or some perfect summer dining attire. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals, or my unemployed summer attire. The service was mediocre but my steak sandwich was pretty good. We spent most of our time discussing football, as men of our ilk are wont to do. I think we covered every sport and every New York team, save for soccer and lacrosse, oh and of course the WNBA. Who talks about the WNBA? Anyway, it was time well spent and we soon parted ways.

I spent most of the rest of the afternoon sleeping in my room and made my way to the gym in a timely unrushed fashion. Tonight, I was quite the domestic. I cooked myself some linguini and had some left over pasta sauce to pour on top. Later on, in an effort to disprove the theory that I am completely incapable of performing most simple feats I decided I would attempt to make my own Iced Tea. Using Irish Breakfast tea and some mint leaves I brewed up a pitcher’s worth. So far the jury’s still out but one thing’s for sure; making Iced Tea is by far the most domestic thing I have ever done.

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Saturday Showers

Posted by evankessler on July 9, 2005

It’s kind of weird to tell someone whose last name is Showers that you’re going to jump in the shower. I had just had this experience and it sort of struck me funny. Carry on.

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