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Posted by evankessler on June 27, 2005

That’s right folks, I’m back in town and more unemployed than ever. Look out world, because the possibilities for Evan Kessler are endless! Oh man, did I just refer to myself in the third person. That is horrendous. Strike that remark from the record. I return to this website 12 days older, 12 days wiser and 12 days more well read if that makes any sense. I learned many valuable lessons on my trip to Central America, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that I should never fly American Airlines again, oh and that you don’t need to wear those ridiculous money belts when traveling. Nothing says tourist like reaching into your crotch underneath your pants to receive currency while bargaining in a foreign market. I bought way too many security precautions when preparing for this trip and I used maybe two of them. That being said, I didn’t lose anything so all my security measures did the trick.

Also, I learned that you don’t make many friends for life while traveling for such a short time. I wish I had given myself longer to travel. I met some really cool people and hung out with them over the course of a day but then I usually had to move on to another destination really depriving myself of meaningful personal experiences with other people. Most of the people I met were traveling for extended periods of time and had days if not weeks to explore certain destinations whereas I was rushing to see as much as I could in such a little amount of time.

That being said, I think I accomplished a lot as well. I set certain goals for myself on this trip. Okay, maybe two goals. I wanted to go to the Rainforest and I wanted to take a surfing lesson, and I did those things. All in all it was a good trip and a much-needed break from the realities of life in New York City, such as my crumbling apartment and my non -existent employment situation. Not that I was particularly troubled by those things it was just nice to not have to think about them. Thankfully my apartment did not burn down while I was gone though a tree did fall on it.

In any event, I am back and ready to conquer the trials and tribulations of everyday existence and discuss those trials and tribulations as I see fit. However, if you want a recap of the Costa Rican experience, click on the red entry below. As they say in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida,” whatever that means.


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