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Costa Rica Day 2 When They Say Rainforest, They Mean Rainy Forest

Posted by evankessler on June 17, 2005

So, after leaving off last night, I actually had a really good time and my hostel was awesome. I met some cool backpackers (Josh, Conor, Wedge) from Florida and California (Becky) and we played spades and drank for a couple of hours. I would´ve walked around San Jose but it wasn´t actively encouraged by anyone from there.

After Josh, Conor, Wedge, and Becky went to sleep, a guy named Topher was chatting me up and we stayed up drinking ’til 2:30am. He was still drinking when I left, but a good guy nonetheless.

Topher the dude at the hostel

I woke up this morning at 8am and saw those guys eating breakfast in the main room of the hostel. Unfortunately, I didn´t have much time to talk since my tour was leaving soon. I was really excited to meet more fun new people when I got on board for the tour, but I was the only one on the bus from my hostel. We stopped by other hotels picking up people for the tour and with each stop my expectations dwindled about the tour. It was pretty much just old Spanish people and me, with the exception of an Irish mom and her 13-year-old daughter who live in New York (Sheila and Shannon). They were pretty cool and I spent most of the day talking to them. Our first stop was a crafts store in Salchi (?) and then we got a good lunch in another town. Our next stop was the Tobagon Hot Springs in the middle of the rainforest near La Fortuna.

Costa Rican scenery

When they say hot springs, they’re not kidding. Upon dipping my first foot in the water I was hesitant to put the rest of my body in for fear that I might boil my genitalia. Once I got in it was another story. It was extremely soothing. As I soaked in the hot springs a torrential downpour  began, which led to an even more unique and somewhat inspirational feeling. It was like you were in the middle of two of mother nature´s miracles. That sounds extremely sentimental and lame. Oh well. In one of the springs an iguana ran by me which was pretty cool. We spent 3 hours at the hot springs, which may have been a little too much. That being said, it was still enjoyable. Afterwards we had an excellent buffet at the hot springs and went to see a night view of the active Arenal volcano where gathered in pitch black to watch the lava drip down the side from a safe distance.


Some Hot Springs Action

After Arenal, the tour bus dropped me off in the middle of rainy La Fortuna to fend for myself and find a hostel. Luckily, I stumbled onto Gringo Pete’s and here I am, safe and sound in a La Fortuna at an Internet cafe. It’s about to close so I have to go, but I´m going to have a beer with some folks that I met at my hostel. Good times.

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