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Leaving New York

Posted by evankessler on June 15, 2005

I’m getting out of this city and not a moment too late. Last night I was almost mugged for the first time so I took that as sort of a sign that it was good thing that I’m about to step into new scenery temporarily. I was walking back from the Bowery Ballroom at around midnight after seeing Sloan play a dynamite set due to Arby’s invitation, when I approached the corner of Houston and Sullivan (or maybe it was Thompson) when I came upon four thuggish characters. I thought nothing of it since it seemed like they were just walking and three of them actually were just walking when the fourth drunkenly staggered toward me and slowly wound up with what looked to be a punch. Luckily for me, his friends stepped in just before he really got around to throwing it. His friends grabbed him saying, “You don’t want to do that,” and started dragging him across the street. Just as they started pulling him, he broke loose and headed towards me again but again his friends caught him. Thank god for his friends being sane and thank god for his friends not being in the mood to fight because I might have been able to fight off one drunken idiot, but four, not a chance. Afterwards I was a little freaked out. I would’ve been more freaked out had he actually hit me. You never think something like this can happen in your little neck of the woods, but I guess you do have to watch out. I think this situation was more of an anomaly than anything seeing as I’ve lived in this city nearly four years and have never been in a situation nearly as threatening.

It doesn’t really make me more afraid to walk around in my neighborhood, but it does make me more aware than the decay of human nature more than anything else. First, someone doesn’t return my phone, then someone pseudo-attacks me. I better get out of dodge before my luck runs out. Maybe I’m overreacting. It’s not like anyone actually beat me up.
Anyway, I spent most of the day today awaiting the arrival of my new phone as well as activating it. I got lunch with my brother and then went to the gym and now I’m finishing up with packing. Wish me luck on my Costa Rican adventure. I’m going to need it. Hablo espanol un poquito pero yo tomo clases en el colegio y Universidad.

Oh, also I wanted to thank everyone who emailed me their phone numbers after my lost phone travesty. I especially like that some people took the email really seriously and thought I was begging for their forgiveness. Amongst my favorite responses were, Jason Haitkin’s telling me “Tough luck my Nubian brother,” and Evan Wagman, who kept our tradition of signing our emails, “Evan, not you”. I also got some weird ones from people who thought I had talked to them that day but hadn’t actually talked to in a year. Overall, the response was excellent and I even got some numbers that I didn’t have before which is good though I have to say I am probably missing about 40 numbers I previously held, though most of them were probably not called very often. Okay, I’ll shut up and go to Costa Rica.


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