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Posted by evankessler on May 12, 2005

I haven’t felt much like writing the past few days, for understandable reasons. I don’t think wakes, viewings, and funerals make for fun blog fodder. That’s not to say there weren’t moments of laughter in the past few days, because there certainly were. The people who I’ve had the pleasure of being around the past few days are an amazing support system and such a spectacular group of loving friends. We’re all very lucky to have each other. I’m honored to know each and every one of them, I’d name them all but there are too many to name and they know who they are if they read this blog and it wouldn’t do justice to name but a few. Anyway, on with the blog, because as a blog supporter I don’t think Jasky would have appreciated the lull in evankessler.com activity.

First off, I would like to say BBC America on demand just might be the greatest thing around. For the past couple of days I’ve been watching episodes of Monty Python on demand. It’s a shame they only have 6 episodes or so at a time. As good as Saturday Night Live, The State, SCTV, and UCB were, I don’t think any other sketch comedy show has ever been as brilliant. Feel free to argue with me but you should know that you are wrong.

Also in today’s news, I had a Doctor’s appointment because over the past few weeks I’ve had a feeling that something is wrong with my body. Symptoms include mild chest pains, and lots of burping, which isn’t very pleasant and now having said that no one will talk to me because of the possible burping smell (don’t worry I’m always stocked with mints), but the doctor thinks that it’s probably heartburn and recommended some medicine. So I’m going to see how that works out and hope for the best. I may not have insurance pretty soon so it had better work out.

I thought the doctor’s appointment would be slightly more awkward than it was seeing as it was with a female physician and I had never been to a female physician before today. I was worried that I might have to reveal my nether regions at some point but that didn’t happen and it was not awkward at all anyway. I know they don’t give pelvic exams with chest problems, but I was initially going to get an entire physical examination, since I hadn’t been for a checkup in a long time. I don’t think I would normally be taxed about that sort of thing but when I called a couple of weeks ago to make the appointment, the receptionist asked if I minded having a female physician as if it should have been a big deal to me so it gave me an additional neurosis.

The funny thing about going to the doctor is that most of the time when I go to address a specific problem, my symptoms magically disappear about three hours prior and I feel like the biggest dolt when I have a hard time explaining the actual problem because it has momentarily subsided only to return later. Today was no different. However, I’m somewhat excited to see how my symptoms react to the medication tomorrow.

Okay, enough about the doctor. I feel a little rusty on this blog thing, I know that story wasn’t at all exciting and somewhat disjointed but I’ll be back in the swing of things soon enough. Stay tuned for more bloggery.


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