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The Fruits of My Seder

Posted by evankessler on April 24, 2005

Get it. It’s like a take on the phrase the fruits of my labor by I replaced the word labor with Seder because it’s Passover. I guess I shouldn’t have to explain everything like that. Anyway, it was generally a fruitless weekend. Friday night I just plain didn’t feel like going out. I was feeling full from the previous nights culinary adventure and therefore unmotivated. Besides that, many of my friends had already headed home for their Passover Seders at home. I decided that I would leave the next morning on the train from Hoboken.

This weekend last year I was getting excited to go to the NFL draft with Arby at Madison Square Garden and this year I would miss the excitement of watching TV for 7 hours waiting to see each team draft a player out of college every 15 minutes starting at noon on Saturday. That was fine by me, since the Giants only had 4 picks this year spread out over 2 days. Although, my curiosity got the better of me several times during my time in Rockland and I had to run over to the TV to check if the Giants had picked yet during our Jewish tradition. I think I could’ve phrased that last line better. Anyway, it was an interesting get together. Our guests included Rhona and Stuart Wolk who we basically do every holiday with, although their kids were absent seeing as they were all with their significant others’ families. Rhona’s Brother, Jack, came with his family, (Wife – Camile, Son- Mark, Daughter-Nerissa) who are also at all most of our major family holidays as well. Jack also bought his mother and father in law which was different. It’s strange having someone else’s extended family at your seder, not that it bothered me it was just strange. My mother also invited her friend Janelle and her fiancée Mike. I’m not quite sure how my mom knows Mike and Janelle seeing as they are all of 27 years old. I think the story goes something along the lines of she taught in my mom’s school before she decided she didn’t want to be a teacher anymore. I guess I forgot to mention my brother was there to. Fine, you’re caught up on the attendees of my Seder. How exciting for you.

Normally we only get halfway through the Seder, eat our meal and never get back to it. My mom was determined the full way on this one. We all read our parts through the Haggadah, with my mom making sure she sang all of the songs. We got to the meal rather quickly but we didn’t skip anything I don’t think. The meal was delicious with Matzo balls soup, brisket, turkey, vegetables, some sweet potato apple thing, bitter herbs, charoset, and more food than I can remember. We always have good meals due to the fact that Rhona, my mom, Irwin and Camille are pretty excellent cooks. Actually Camille’s mom made a very spicy Broccoli Rabe, which I rather enjoyed. Here’s where I would put a picture of the food if I had taken any.

After the meal we left the Seder table for some relaxing conversation of which I really had nothing to contribute. Greg was talking about models and Stuart and Irwin were talking about real estate. I went upstairs into my room because I had a feeling that there was something I needed to bring back. Though I didn’t come across what I needed to bring back I did come across a picture of the time in 6th grade when I went with my GATE (Gifted And Talented Education) group to meet the President George Bush (the first one) and Mikhail Gorbachev in New York. It was really wonderful and they didn’t mind that we were jumping all over them. They were really pretty nice guys for a bunch of power hungry world leaders.

GLASNOST: Even though President Bush got a little testy about people hanging
over him he was a good sport and Gorbachev, forget about it, that guy loved us.

I also came across my 1st grade class picture. Good stuff. It reflected a simpler time before all of the previously mentioned human rights violations took place in that class. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a search for the word “violation” or “Haitians” or “rug” on this page.

I was a total babe magnet in the 1st grade, Can you guess which one is me?
Oh, and by the way three of these people are my friendsters.

Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to put those pictures up. After discovering the pictures in my room I went back down for the dessert portion of the Seder. And this is the part that really gets me. My mom wants us to finish the tradition of the Seder, which we never do but in finishing that tradition she shows no regard for the tradition. What do I mean? Well, the last part of the Seder calls for two more cups of wine. Seeing as we were at dessert though my mom, who made such a big deal about keeping with tradition, suggests that we just substitute the cups of wine with cups of coffee. (Just like the coffee we had in the desert when we were escaping Egypt) This is coming from the same person who insists we go to temple for Yom Kippur, but then rushes out to leave after an hour. Religion at your convenience is hardly religious. That’s not to say I’m arguing, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy on display. In keeping with tradition I poured whoever wanted some more wine to partake in the tradition. That’s not to say I’m a traditionalist, but if we’re going to pretend to be, let’s not do half assed pretending. So we ate a dessert that consisted of Macaroons, fruit, and a really great chocolate cake my mom made without flour that is kosher for Passover.
Overall it was a long, and pretty decent meal. It was fun despite the abnormal wealth of unfamiliar faces. Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider 4 people a wealth of people. Afterwards, Greg showed everyone the pictures he took from the wedding of Rhona and Stuart’s son Jon that we attended several weeks ago (see 3/27/05 blog). Everyone stood around the couch looking at a slide show on Greg’s computer. Everyone was staring like it was the first time they’d seen moving pictures, even though they weren’t moving. It was a funny sight though, everyone gathered around Greg’s computer as if it were Prometheus introducing fire. When the slideshow ended, we said our goodbyes and Janelle and Mike gave us a lift into the city in the pouring rain, which was extremely nice of them.

This morning I woke up with no agenda and it was a little cool outside so I didn’t really look to have a plan. I did some spring- cleaning since my previous efforts at doing so had been undone so quickly. I suspect I will have to give my room another once over in the tidying up department in another week or two because we hope to have a spring barbecue sometime soon. I also went to the Pita Pit today, which just opened this weekend around the corner from me. It was one of my favorite places to get food back in Syracuse and now it’s in my very own neighborhood next to the new independent movie theater which I’m also extremely excited about. Tonight, I don’t have much else planned except I have to watch 24 before the new episode tonight. I was going to put an entry tonight with that recap but perhaps its too late for that seeing as it aired last week. I’ll just update you on all of the 24 happenings tomorrow night, as if you care. Okay, I think that’s enough. I hope you had a good weekend. I can’t believe I was actually able to write this much about mine.


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