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I Need To Sleep, Why Won’t You Let Me?

Posted by evankessler on April 8, 2005

Let the record show that after last night’s post I couldn’t fall asleep for nearly 8 hours. I was up til 7:15 due to the fact that my radiator was making loud obnoxious noises every 2 minutes. It was a nightmare, or maybe it was the exact opposite seeing as I couldn’t fall asleep to have that nightmare. As a result I plodded through my day on 1 hour of sleep. Exhaustion was my buzzword. That being said, the nice weather continued from yesterday and my lunch walk was pleasant if a bit lonely.

Later in the day I learned that there are reasons I am not in finance. I went to chase bank to transfer funds from one account to another. This could not have been more difficult. People at the Chase bank were asking me financial questions I couldn’t fathom and using financial terms that were completely alien to my being. I goaded my helpers into dealing with me on what was the equivalent of a 3rd grade speaking level when dealing with my financial matters. I needed my hand to be held and to be given constant reassurance that I was doing the right thing. It was quite harrowing. I hate money. Perhaps I should live in a fantasyland where money holds little importance, or maybe I should just be very rich in order to quell any fears that transactions dealing with money matters don’t actually matter due to the absurdity of my wealth.

After work I was torn between more rest and going to see Rich Mai ,Jasky Raju, Ahmad and Abdullah Saeed, amongst others (whose full names I don’t know_ perform as part of the Cold Hands Collective at Galapagos in Brooklyn. Ultimately I chose to go to Brooklyn because weeks ago I said I would be there and I don’t like to go back on my word, though I don’t always bat 1.000 for every promise I make.
I left my apartment at around 8:45 and eventually ended up on the L train which I am renaming the Genocidal Hipster Cattle Car. Every single person on that train had that particular homogenized Williamsburg hipster look to them and we were all pressed up against each other eagerly awaiting the Bedford stop. Every stop prior, nobody got off, just more and more hipsters piled into the train.

I got to Galapagos at 9:20 and sort of stood around because I recognized nobody. Soon Rich came out and introduced me to some people. Soon enough I was surround by more people I knew, Joe D, Suli, Lauren H, Melissa G, Kayvalyn T and Jason S were just some of the folks that made their presence felt. I’m going to put up pictures of some of these people later but I’m too tired right now but I suppose some of the pictures will be below this paragraph.

Lauren and Suli are totally hanging out in this picture.
Definitive proof that Kayvalyn and I are not the same person.

Anyway, the band went on a little after 10. The music was exceptional. I’d describe it as hip-hop with a backing band, I know that’s not much of a description but I’m not good at describing hip- hop. Needless to say I think they did a good job. I took some cool pictures of the performance that just may make it onto the website eventually.

Oh Snap! Abdullah Saeed on the Mic for Cold Hands Collective

Lauren and I left shortly after performance was over. I said goodnight to Rich, Ahmad, Abdullah, and Jasky. Lauren and I took off back to Manhattan and here I am writing this blog for you folks. It all comes full circle. Crazy. Okay, I need sleep, goodnight.


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