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Bitchfest ’05

Posted by evankessler on March 29, 2005

10:02:15, Bleep Boop What was the deal with 24 tonight? It’s like Jack Bauer took an hour off to rest and not kick people’s ass, save for two people he kicked in the face while he was handcuffed to a pole. Instead 24 fans were treated to an hour of Chloe and Edgar bitching at each other while key information collected dust on a desk without them noticing. If there’s one lesson I took away from this episode it’s to keep your ego in check or else a whole lot of people will die in a future episode. I have a feeling the evil stealth bomber pilot may take out CTU next week. If that happens there’ll be no Tony Almeida spin-off. Too bad, I was eagerly awaiting the premiere of Almeida next fall on Fox. Oh well, at least Jack Bauer lives to see another day. 10:09:35 PM, Boop Beep.


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