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Don’t Become A Statistic

Posted by evankessler on March 28, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, thousands, maybe millions of people get married every year. Don’t become another statistic. Just kidding. I went to a wedding in case you couldn’t guess from the last couple of sentences. Two people that I know very well were betrothed to each other at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan this weekend. But that was Saturday night and before I get to that perhaps I should take you through Friday. I know, all that build up and the suspense is killing you.

Friday night I met Arby at Absolutely 4th St. in the West Village for Ellen Magid’s birthday. Ellen was Rich’s roommate junior and senior year and a good friend of mine as well. I hadn’t seen Ellen in a while but it’s always good to see her. She’s just one of those really great people that you wish you saw more often. She’s a lot of fun and very funny and the source of some of my favorite college memories. I met some of her law school friends as well as her boyfriend Jan. All in all it was good times. I knew a couple of her friends but had not seen them in at least 2 years. Her friend Beth had been up to Syracuse when we were there and I’d seen her several times since was now engaged and her friend Chris who was bald when I last saw her had plenty of hair. People change when you don’t see them for a while. I had originally only planned to go out for about an hour and a half on account of having had more than my fair share of alcohol on Thursday for Mike Haigh’s birthday but I made an exception for a good friend. I was out til about 2am. Good times though.

Ellen Magid Conversatin’ and Relatin’ on Her Birthday

Saturday I woke up in a bit of a frantic state. Not only did I have a wedding that day but Sunday (today was my brother’s birthday and I had yet to buy him a gift. The first part of my day was dedicated to finding him a gift. My original plan of attack was to hit up Crate & Barrel for some unique kitchen appliance or something of the likes because my brother is quite the accomplished cook and I thought that would be a good birthday gift. However, after about 45 minutes of wandering around I was without inspiration. Not to say that it was uneventful. I skillfully ignored an old camp acquaintance who was shopping with her boyfriend. It’s not that I dislike her or anything, it’s just that I’d run into her before and had an uncomfortable, half ass, what’ve you been up to conversation that I did not wish to repeat. I think I did us both a favor.

Upon leaving Crate & Barrel I rifled through the contents of my brain hoping to come to some sort of epiphany for the perfect gift for Greg H. Kessler. As I racked my brain I took a brief sabbatical at Jamba Juice hoping the Protein boost in my Aloha Pineapple smoothie might get my creative juices flowing. Wouldn’t you know it, It did. I decided that I would get my brother’s some records. If there’s anything the Greg Kessler likes it record shopping. He doesn’t necessarily look for great albums, he shops by title and visual presentation. I bought him Foghat Live, Joe Jackson Look Sharp, Look Sharp, The Best of The Lovin Spoonful, Jethro Tull’s Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Young To Die, and finally Cheap Trick’s classic Live at Budokan album. Relieved that my shopping was done, I headed to the gym for a pre wedding work out.

At 6:30 I headed uptown for the Wedding of one Jonathan Wolk and one Michelle Kafko. I’ve known Jon my entire life. Our parents are best friends and his youngest brother and I, were born a week apart and were best friends for a good portion of our childhood. Michelle I’ve pretty much known since the first time I went over her house in I think 4th or 5th grade as a guest of her brother Craig who’s been one of my best friends ever since that day. She was also the same year as my brother in school so they were friends as well. I arrived at about 7pm and was immediately engulfed by the Rockland County Jewish Adult Association, many of whose members hadn’t seen me since I was little or since high school. During the ceremony my mom took care to point out everyone who was walking down the aisle even though I’d known just about everyone for the majority of my life. The person performing the ceremony was also a good high school friends’ mother. All in all it was a fun wedding due to the fact that we basically knew everyone there and didn’t feel strange. Though there was a hint of pressure seeing as all of the children in both families are either married or engaged or about to be engaged and being that we’re so close to both families people start to look at you like you’re next or at least you should be. No matter, I don’t feel any pressure. Either Jon’s younger brother Eric, or Michelle’s brother Craig will be next. They’ll probably be engaged any minute now. Eric gave a great best man speech for Jon. He was almost in standup comic mode. I was very impressed. He was doing double duty as someone got smacked in the face with a camera on the dance floor, Eric (a doctor) got to show off some medical expertise. All in all it was a fun night and not my usual negative wedding experience. Though I will say I didn’t like the grandstanding of the band. At one point one of the guys in the band decided to show off that he could play two trumpets at the same time. What a jackass. The weddings not about you jumping all around the dance floor playing two trumpets. It’s about the people who are getting married. Anyway, Greg and I left the wedding around 1am when the band stopped playing. Good times.

This Could Be You One Day. Make sure you don’t fall off the chair.

I slept about 10 hours last night and woke up today with a sense of purpose. I went to the gym and upon my return engaged in some spring cleaning. There’s plenty more to be done but I still got a lot accomplished. There’s a long way to go before the problem of my permanent mess is alleviated. At around 8pm I headed to Greg’s apartment for his 29th birthday celebration. Last year we went to the Outback Steakhouse but we were a far cry from that tonight. Greg did some cooking. He made fish but since I don’t eat fish he made me chicken. I think there were only 3 Americans in the dinner party. The guests consisted of Greg, Myself, Sven (my brother’s German friend whom he met at University in Brighton), Cammie (Sven’s wife, but she’s American), Mateus (French), Frauka (German), Julia (German) and Frank (Madagascar). My brother’s roommate Linda (Czech Republic) was there but she fell asleep in her room before dinner and didn’t wake up while I was there. It was a very good time. There was salad, a main course, and plenty of wine, not to mention the Death By Chocolate dessert provided by Frauka (Luka) and Julia. I really enjoy Sven and Cammie. They are a very cool couple and I always have a lot to talk to them about. In general everyone was very outgoing and pleasant. Most importantly, my brother enjoyed himself. I think he had a good low key birthday with good friends, and what’s wrong with that? Jesus Christ, it’s pretty late. I’d like to say more but I’m looking at the clock and it’s late and this one has gone on far enough. It’s Monday morning. I need to get some sleep.


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