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Kathleen Edwards At Canal Room

Posted by evankessler on March 2, 2005

Kathleen Edwards Settles In At The Canal Room

Kathleen Edwards seems like the kind of girl you’d run into at your local dive bar and have a few drinks with. It’s this sort of laid back matter of fact, I’m here to enjoy myself demeanor that translates to a good time in concert. Tonight I went with John Vacanti to see Kathleen Edwards for the 2nd time in around 2 years. The first time was after her release Failer was released in the U.S. and she played at the Bowery Ballroom. . You’d probably describe her sound as somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Tom Petty which to me seem like very favorable comparisons. Today her 2nd album Back to Me was released stateside as Ms. Edwards traveled 12 hours by Greyhound Bus to play Letterman and the Canal Room.

I’ll Call This One “In The Moment”

She was probably exhausted but you wouldn’t know it. She was engaging and energetic in her performance and bantered with the audience with a natural charisma and charm, much like if you were just chatting in a bar. She talked about her bus ordeal as well as the fact that she was puzzled as to why Kirstie Alley was on Letterman tonight to talk about being fat.
Edwards’ material further complimented her personality as she ripped through mostly upbeat new tunes to start the show. Best of all, she did not hesitate to rock out and seemed completely in step with her band. The crowd was eagerly awaiting more familiar material off of her critical acclaimed debut but responded very favorably to the new stuff. About halfway through the set she got to some more recognizable songs off of her debut, such as “Mercury” “Westby” “Six O’Clock News” and my personal favorite “Hockey Skates”. She played a couple of songs for an encore including “National Steel” by request, and another song about hockey(“I Wish I Was The Best at Shinny”) to which she changed the lyrics to reflect her disappointment over the lack of an NHL season. The show ended on a cover song that I sort of recognized but couldn’t place. All in all it was a spectacular show that lasted probably about an hour and a half. Ms. Edwards held up her end of the bargain for a 2nd time. If she’s back in New York soon, I’ll be at her next show.I highly recommend you pick up Kathleen Edwards Failer and Back To Me

And Finally “Rockin Out”

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