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Bitchfest ’05

Posted by evankessler on March 29, 2005

10:02:15, Bleep Boop What was the deal with 24 tonight? It’s like Jack Bauer took an hour off to rest and not kick people’s ass, save for two people he kicked in the face while he was handcuffed to a pole. Instead 24 fans were treated to an hour of Chloe and Edgar bitching at each other while key information collected dust on a desk without them noticing. If there’s one lesson I took away from this episode it’s to keep your ego in check or else a whole lot of people will die in a future episode. I have a feeling the evil stealth bomber pilot may take out CTU next week. If that happens there’ll be no Tony Almeida spin-off. Too bad, I was eagerly awaiting the premiere of Almeida next fall on Fox. Oh well, at least Jack Bauer lives to see another day. 10:09:35 PM, Boop Beep.

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Don’t Become A Statistic

Posted by evankessler on March 28, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, thousands, maybe millions of people get married every year. Don’t become another statistic. Just kidding. I went to a wedding in case you couldn’t guess from the last couple of sentences. Two people that I know very well were betrothed to each other at the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan this weekend. But that was Saturday night and before I get to that perhaps I should take you through Friday. I know, all that build up and the suspense is killing you.

Friday night I met Arby at Absolutely 4th St. in the West Village for Ellen Magid’s birthday. Ellen was Rich’s roommate junior and senior year and a good friend of mine as well. I hadn’t seen Ellen in a while but it’s always good to see her. She’s just one of those really great people that you wish you saw more often. She’s a lot of fun and very funny and the source of some of my favorite college memories. I met some of her law school friends as well as her boyfriend Jan. All in all it was good times. I knew a couple of her friends but had not seen them in at least 2 years. Her friend Beth had been up to Syracuse when we were there and I’d seen her several times since was now engaged and her friend Chris who was bald when I last saw her had plenty of hair. People change when you don’t see them for a while. I had originally only planned to go out for about an hour and a half on account of having had more than my fair share of alcohol on Thursday for Mike Haigh’s birthday but I made an exception for a good friend. I was out til about 2am. Good times though.

Ellen Magid Conversatin’ and Relatin’ on Her Birthday

Saturday I woke up in a bit of a frantic state. Not only did I have a wedding that day but Sunday (today was my brother’s birthday and I had yet to buy him a gift. The first part of my day was dedicated to finding him a gift. My original plan of attack was to hit up Crate & Barrel for some unique kitchen appliance or something of the likes because my brother is quite the accomplished cook and I thought that would be a good birthday gift. However, after about 45 minutes of wandering around I was without inspiration. Not to say that it was uneventful. I skillfully ignored an old camp acquaintance who was shopping with her boyfriend. It’s not that I dislike her or anything, it’s just that I’d run into her before and had an uncomfortable, half ass, what’ve you been up to conversation that I did not wish to repeat. I think I did us both a favor.

Upon leaving Crate & Barrel I rifled through the contents of my brain hoping to come to some sort of epiphany for the perfect gift for Greg H. Kessler. As I racked my brain I took a brief sabbatical at Jamba Juice hoping the Protein boost in my Aloha Pineapple smoothie might get my creative juices flowing. Wouldn’t you know it, It did. I decided that I would get my brother’s some records. If there’s anything the Greg Kessler likes it record shopping. He doesn’t necessarily look for great albums, he shops by title and visual presentation. I bought him Foghat Live, Joe Jackson Look Sharp, Look Sharp, The Best of The Lovin Spoonful, Jethro Tull’s Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Young To Die, and finally Cheap Trick’s classic Live at Budokan album. Relieved that my shopping was done, I headed to the gym for a pre wedding work out.

At 6:30 I headed uptown for the Wedding of one Jonathan Wolk and one Michelle Kafko. I’ve known Jon my entire life. Our parents are best friends and his youngest brother and I, were born a week apart and were best friends for a good portion of our childhood. Michelle I’ve pretty much known since the first time I went over her house in I think 4th or 5th grade as a guest of her brother Craig who’s been one of my best friends ever since that day. She was also the same year as my brother in school so they were friends as well. I arrived at about 7pm and was immediately engulfed by the Rockland County Jewish Adult Association, many of whose members hadn’t seen me since I was little or since high school. During the ceremony my mom took care to point out everyone who was walking down the aisle even though I’d known just about everyone for the majority of my life. The person performing the ceremony was also a good high school friends’ mother. All in all it was a fun wedding due to the fact that we basically knew everyone there and didn’t feel strange. Though there was a hint of pressure seeing as all of the children in both families are either married or engaged or about to be engaged and being that we’re so close to both families people start to look at you like you’re next or at least you should be. No matter, I don’t feel any pressure. Either Jon’s younger brother Eric, or Michelle’s brother Craig will be next. They’ll probably be engaged any minute now. Eric gave a great best man speech for Jon. He was almost in standup comic mode. I was very impressed. He was doing double duty as someone got smacked in the face with a camera on the dance floor, Eric (a doctor) got to show off some medical expertise. All in all it was a fun night and not my usual negative wedding experience. Though I will say I didn’t like the grandstanding of the band. At one point one of the guys in the band decided to show off that he could play two trumpets at the same time. What a jackass. The weddings not about you jumping all around the dance floor playing two trumpets. It’s about the people who are getting married. Anyway, Greg and I left the wedding around 1am when the band stopped playing. Good times.

This Could Be You One Day. Make sure you don’t fall off the chair.

I slept about 10 hours last night and woke up today with a sense of purpose. I went to the gym and upon my return engaged in some spring cleaning. There’s plenty more to be done but I still got a lot accomplished. There’s a long way to go before the problem of my permanent mess is alleviated. At around 8pm I headed to Greg’s apartment for his 29th birthday celebration. Last year we went to the Outback Steakhouse but we were a far cry from that tonight. Greg did some cooking. He made fish but since I don’t eat fish he made me chicken. I think there were only 3 Americans in the dinner party. The guests consisted of Greg, Myself, Sven (my brother’s German friend whom he met at University in Brighton), Cammie (Sven’s wife, but she’s American), Mateus (French), Frauka (German), Julia (German) and Frank (Madagascar). My brother’s roommate Linda (Czech Republic) was there but she fell asleep in her room before dinner and didn’t wake up while I was there. It was a very good time. There was salad, a main course, and plenty of wine, not to mention the Death By Chocolate dessert provided by Frauka (Luka) and Julia. I really enjoy Sven and Cammie. They are a very cool couple and I always have a lot to talk to them about. In general everyone was very outgoing and pleasant. Most importantly, my brother enjoyed himself. I think he had a good low key birthday with good friends, and what’s wrong with that? Jesus Christ, it’s pretty late. I’d like to say more but I’m looking at the clock and it’s late and this one has gone on far enough. It’s Monday morning. I need to get some sleep.

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Here Come The Painbirds

Posted by evankessler on March 24, 2005

Okay, don’t misunderstand the title. I’m not depressed, not even sad. The Painbirds is just one of the bands I’m in. I know what you’re thinking, “Evan, you’re not in any bands”. Technically you’re right but the other night I came up with another good band name to add to a list I’ve been compiling over some time. It all started back in Syracuse when I’d sit in the University Union office with John Vacanti, Matt Singer, Poingly, and Pete Thomas watching CTN and marveling at awful band names such as Souldecision and Godsmack. We were immediately inspired to come up with some of our own band names and fit them into genres.

The first one I remember was my Hard Rock Nu Metal band Punchface. Soon after we came up with Folk-rockers Matt Matthews and The Matthewses in hopes that if we got a record deal people might confuse us with being Dave Matthews brother and we’d make it big. This of course was a hypothetical situation seeing as we weren’t an actual band, though Pete, Matt, Poingly, and John all have the ability to play music. I’ve come up with many band names and genres since. My inspiration occurs usually minutes before my first pass at sleeping but the Painbirds one came when I was in the shower. . I used to exchange emails with Aamer Haleem and send him the names of my fake bands to reunite so there are probably more band names in those emails. Sometimes I write the names down, sometimes I don’t but I had nothing to really write about tonight so I thought maybe I’d share my band names with you since I’ve been meaning to write them down for a long time and I otherwise probably wouldn’t write anything until the weekend is over. Also, if anyone feels compelled to join one of my bands so we can conquer the world and score hot chicks in the process, let me know. Men and women are welcome.

The Oregon Trail- I think this is an indie rock band but I’m not sure. Right now it’s just a two piece with John Vacanti and myself. John is multitalented though. He plays the banjo and guitar. I’ve only played the trumpet from 4th to 9th grade and I was pretty bad at it.

The Feelings Police- This is an emo punk band. The name was inspired by a nickname my brother and I had for one of our mom’s friends who was overly sensitive about anything we said to her son. She once yelled at me for reading the words on her son’s shirt. She thought I was making fun of him when really I was just asking what it was that the shirt meant. Okay, I may have been making of him but I don’t recall. I was never a bully. The first album for The Feelings Police will be titled, I’m Sad, Pull Over.

Punchface- This is the aforementioned hard rock- nu metal band inspired by the stupidity of a name like Godsmack. Apparently the only guideline for naming a metal band is that you have to make it sound violent. For instance, a metal band will not be called “The Whispers”. Punchface’s first album with be entitled Feel The Sting.

Soulgasm- Apparently every band that uses the phrase “a unique fusion of funk, soul, rock & hip hop” has to incorporate the words “Soul” or “Funk” into their name. For instance I was on Bleecker St. near the Red Lion and saw posters for two bands describing themselves similarly. Their names were Soulstice and Confunkshun Junction. Here’s how I would describe Soulgasm in our press release:
“Imagine Steve Wonder, James Brown, George Clinton, and the members of Sly and The Family Stone all had gay sex. Now imagine they had a love child that turned out to be an all white funk band with one black guy on trumpet. Now you’ve got the right recipe for a Soulgasm.”

I’d tell you what their first album title is but unfortunately Soulgasm will never release a first album because they’ll be too busy building up their fan base by playing at the same two clubs, The Lion’s Den on Sullivan St. and The Red Lion on Bleecker to record an album.

CAPITOLISM- CAPITOLISM is my industrial rock outfit in the mold of Nine Inch Nails. I haven’t totally figured out their influences or anything but I know that all of their album titles will be economic concepts. The 1st album will be called SUPPLY AND DEMAND. The 2nd album will be named TRICKLE DOWN THEORY.

The Open Mouths- This one is a generally stupid idea but it could work. We get a bunch of 60 year olds to form a Rolling Stones cover band and when the stones finally retire, these guys can tour in their place. Every night they would have to wear T-shirts with the Rolling Stones open mouth logo so people get the name, and so the members themselves don’t forget the name because they’ll be getting senile at this point. I hope they can remember the lyrics.

The Painbirds- I came up with this one last weekend when I was in the shower. The Sparklehorse song, Painbirds popped into my head and I just immediately thought that would be a good band name. I’m not sure if they’re an Alt- Country (whatever that means) band or if they’re like a Death Cab type band. I’m on the fence. I know what their logo looks like though but I can’t draw. Anyway, I think their first album could be called If Murder Is Illegal Love Should Be Too. Unless someone has already done that because it sort of sounds like a familiar concept.

Evan Kessler & His Only 2 Friends- This is my main project, focusing on upbeat sort of power pop. I have a logo actually made up for this band. Perhaps I will put the shirts up on the store site. I haven’t decided yet.

Common Denominator- Okay, this one isn’t actually mine. I think maybe Rob Goodman or Matt Landman came up with this name one night when Matt, Ian Schaefer, Rob, and I were going into the city for Rob’s birthday a couple of years ago. Matt came to pick us up and when we were all in the car we realized that we were all wearing basically the same outfit, of either Jeans or Khakis and a black t-shirt. It was then we decided to tell everyone we met that night that we were in a boy band called Common Denominator. It’s amazing to me that no boy band called Common Denominator has come out.

Special Guests- I’m sort of fuzzy on the genre of this band as well. The one thing I know is that they can never make it big, but if they do the words “with Special Guests” can never appear on another concert poster because people might mistake it for the actual band when in fact the promoters only meant to suggest that more people would be playing with whoever else is on the bill that night. So basically the goal of this band would be to affect the usage of the combination of the words Special and Guests for all of eternity.

And finally….

The Lesser Antilles- This is the band I thought of last night. The Lesser Antilles is a collection of Islands somewhere that I thought just sounded like a good name. I’m thinking they’re somewhere along the lines of a Franz Ferdinand. I don’t know though.

So there you have it folks. If you would actually like to join any of these bands let me know. Maybe we can start something. Or if you just want to use the name for your band please contact me and send your demo tape and I’ll see if your band’s music fits the name. If it doesn’t I’ll gladly name your band for a fee.

Oh, and just a random thought. The other day I was in Jamba Juice and someone ordered a Strawberry Tsunami. I’m not overly sensitive but I wonder if the Jamba Juice people thought about changing that name after the actual Tsunami in SE Asia. It just sounded weird to hear someone cheerfully shout, “Okay, who’s got a Strawberry Tsunami.” I just had this picture of this huge wave of Fruity Strawberry doom taking out everything it its path. Weird. Anyway, goodnight.

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Full of Crap

Posted by evankessler on March 17, 2005

I wanted to write about this last night but I was unable to sit in typing position. Last night the book club I am in (stop laughing) met at my apartment for some dinner and to discuss the latest book we had read (well sort of read), Random Family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc. The book is basically a look at Hispanic families living in the Bronx in the early 80’s. The entire story basically consists of girls being molested by their mother’s boyfriends’ at a young age, and the girls turning 12, becoming sexually active and getting pregnant by drug dealers or break dancers multiple times and then so that the cycle repeats itself for their children to struggle through. Good times. Actually it was very interesting at first but every successive chapter introduced about 5 new characters and by about the 6th chapter I had completely lost track of what was going on and who was who. I didn’t make it much past page 100.

Anyway, back to the actual book club meeting. Each of our book club meetings has a dinner theme. Our theme this time was cafeteria food since all of the kids in the book were cutting school we decided to celebrate the foods they were missing out on. I got home around 7pm and started making grilled cheese sandwiches and crinkle cut fries. Jess Smith showed up around 7:45 with fruit, tater tots, and assorted sandwiches from the rest of her group. Deb Spokony was right behind her with girl- scout cookies and milk. Orly Sigal, Samantha Martin and her friend Gina went to get Juice boxes and mozzarella sticks. Already this sounds like the gayest meal ever, but anyway we sat down and ate the food and started discussing the book. Soon after Lauren King and her fiancée Justin came. I think they brought devil dogs, canned fruit and green beans. Everything was great while we were eating it. We had a relatively small group and I’m surprised how much food we ripped through. The book was only discussed for about 15 minutes tops and we moved on to other topics that come up. It’s more of a dinner get together than a book club. We were a little short of the normal bunch this week but it was still fun.

Everyone left at around 10:30 but had helped me clean a good deal. I finished cleaning at about 10:45 and settled down to watch The Daily Show. When The Daily Show ended all of the food had settled in my stomach seemingly expanding it tenfold, and I could feel every inch of it. It may have exploded if not for it’s extreme elasticity but it sure felt like it was about to. I was literally in pain from all the food I ate and seriously contemplated making myself throw up but that wouldn’t have been very pleasant. So I just rode it out and I thought I was about to die until around 3am. When I think the majority of the greasy crap in my stomach had been digested and I could finally go to sleep.

I woke up this morning and was still full. I really didn’t have to eat today if I didn’t want to. I think I could go about 4 days without getting hungry. My entire nutritional intake today consisted of a bowl of Special K and a salad. I’m still debating whether or not to eat tomorrow. Well this has been a relatively unpleasant and unnecessary post.

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G is for Guttenburg

Posted by evankessler on March 14, 2005

I think I’ve been a little unhealthily obsessed with Steve Guttenburg as of late after last months poll question but it seems as though all of the HBO’s have been Guttenberg themed lately. As I flipped through all of my HBO’s today I came across the first Police Academy, on HBO-Z which features SG at his youthful finest as he engages in various hyjinx in an attempt to get kicked out of the Police Academy. Did I sit through the entire film? You bet your ass I did.
After Police Academy ended I was flipping through my HBO channels once more hoping to find some more engaging cinematic masterpieces, and what did I come across? Any clue? Short Circuit on HBO-F, and I had only missed about 5 to 10 minutes, which had overlapped with Police Academy. It was almost as if I had hit some sort of 80’s movie jackpot that rewarded me with a Steve Guttenburg- G.W. Bailey Marathon. (Capt. Harris also appears in Short Circuit). Before I was watching those movies I caught a bit of The Goonies as well but that movie doesn’t boast either of the aforementioned actors. I think HBO should just save us some time and come out with HBO-G, all Guttenburg all of the time. We could have Police Academy 1-4 and Cocoon 1 and 2,. Three Men and A Baby is also prime Guttenburg and also features Ted Danson and Tom Selleck in fine form. I’ve even come across Three Men And A Little Lady flipping through the HBOs this month. We could include that for good measure. If programming gets a little repetitive we could always spice things up with It Takes Two, where Mr. Moveable Type plays proud papa to one of the two preteen Olsen Twins. I think he directed some movies too that could also be thrown in there. The ratings for HBO-G will be huge. Finally one of the 80’s biggest stars will get the credit he deserves.
Okay, that was a mouthful or page full on the SG, now let’s move on to weekend recapitulation. Friday night was all about the poker. Well, poker and drinking. I played a little poker with Deb Miran, Jess, Sabin, Adam Starling, Anna Mikelson and Rob DeGrezia amongst others. We each put $20 in and I think I was the 3rd or 4th to lose it all. No big deal though, it was fun while the money lasted. Afterwards, I went with Anna and Jess to meet Kim Rowe at a divey Irish Pub on 19th st., where I put on songs I didn’t get to hear because we left after one beer. We then went to another bar a couple of blocks away where they had a pretty awful jukebox but I managed to find 5 good songs for my $2 there. We were later by everyone else from the poker game and Bryan Hacken from work. It was then I overheard some of the people Bryan and Jess were talking to that they both knew. I heard the name “bauer”. I looked at the kid and just thought, “He kind of looks familiar.” It turns out that this kid was my brother’s camper in 1993 or something. I remember seeing this kid when he was 10 and now he was 21. It was extremely bizarre. Anyway, I have no idea what time I left the bar but it was fun and I was drunk. That’s the end of that story.

Jess Sabin and Anna Mikelson at whatever bar we were at on Friday.

When I woke up the next morning I was definitely aware of the alcohol I had drank the previous evening. I sat on the couch hoping to find something entertaining enough to watch until I had to get a haircut at 2pm. I don’t remember what I watched so it obviously wasn’t that entertaining. I don’t think that was important enough to write about. Anyway, I got a haircut and was reminded of the reason I can never go to a barbershop. It’s all about the shampooing. There’s nothing pleasant about an old Italian guy ripping through your hair with a comb after he’s spritzed you with one of those spray bottles to get your hair wet. There’s something so relaxing about having someone shampoo your hair and the way this girl washed my hair was the most relaxing thing ever. She even massaged my temples and my neck. It was a little odd but enjoyable.

After my haircut I called Sarah Fleischmann. We had had plans for brunch but I forgot that I had a haircut so I originally bailed on our plans but when I called her she hadn’t eaten yet so we went to our usual brunch place, The Grey Dog’s Coffee. I also tried to meet Vanessa White Wolf there at the same time to have a lunch foursome but when we got there they wouldn’t seat us next to her. Sarah and I sat next to a girl that really annoyed us. She wasn’t really doing anything so bad to us, it was her complete lack of common sense and respect for her animal that she had brought with her in a tote bag. She put the dog in the tote bag on the bench next to us. First the dog got out and started to sniff Sarah’s food. She put the dog back in the tote bag and put it under the table. Every time the dog tried to get out she would yell at it as if it were unnatural for the dog to not want to be in the tote bag. People, just because you want to go somewhere doesn’t mean your dog wants to go with you. Leave your dog at home if you’re just going to carry it around in a bag. And if you dare use the logic that the dog likes the bag, consider what it would be like being shoved into a bag and carried around unwillingly by someone 25 times your size. Then tell me your dog likes the bag. The same girl then went on to give relationship advice with her friend to the people on The O.C. as if they were real people. “If I were Summer’s friend I would tell her to get back with that guy…,” Get the picture? These people are fictional characters. You shouldn’t worry where there relationship is going, just sit back and enjoy the show. That’s why the show has writers and you’re not one of t hem.

Anyway, afterwards Sarah and I went back to my apartment and watched TV on the couch. Sarah left around 5:30 and I was sleepy and watched TV the rest of the night including the Big East championship which was won by Syracuse. Sweet. The NCAA tournament starts this week. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your tournament brackets ready.

Today before the Guttenberg- G.W. Bailey marathon I had brunch with the family at Kitchenette in Tribeca. The food was excellent and I highly recommend it. You know the rest of how my Sunday went. Okay, it’s time to catch the new South Park episode I missed. Happy new week.

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Language Lessons

Posted by evankessler on March 9, 2005

I wasn’t going to post tonight but since I’ve been getting so many hits the past couple of days I sort of felt the need to keep the evankessler.com faithful happy, not that there are more than 3 or 4 of you and also because I think I may be busy over the course of the next couple of nights.
All I really did tonight was go to my brother’s apartment tonight and have some homemade soup and watch Hero. As my brother and I had some of his delicious vegetable soup he told me that he had received an email from a guy that had gone to camp with us almost 10 years ago if not more. In the email the guy asked my brother how he was along with the following gem, “I’m getting married. OMG.” What is wrong with that quote? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? If you haven’t figured this out yet, you may be part of the problem and not part of the solution. The letters OMG do not actually spell anything. They’re a lazy person’s excuse for the words “oh”, “my” and “god”. I told my brother to respond only in letters to see if the guy could decipher it. It seems the internet has made people way too lazy to actually communicate via the art of the complete sentence much less the complete phrase or god forbid complete word. Other examples include using the combination 4U to substitute for the phrase “for you” or n2 in place of “into”. The words “for you”only contain 6 letters. I just typed the words “for you” in less than 2 seconds. It takes me about the same time to type 4u and that combination just missed my destroyer. Also there’s the ever popular ROFL and LOL, which are the same as say “funny” or “haha”. Those also take the same exact time to type as their online counterparts. What that means is, that when you think you are saving time, you’re probably not. It’s much easier to write out your words an avoid confusion and annoyance. Talk to you later (2 seconds). Goodnight.

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Natalie Portman, Tween Temptress

Posted by evankessler on March 7, 2005

Before I discuss my weekend I just want to gloss over a certain weird observation I had today. I know this is jarring given the usually linear format of this blog but I guess you can take a shock to the system if I can. So this afternoon I was watching the movie Beautful Girls on one of my 19 new HBO channels. I’m not even sure which HBO it was. Anyway, so Natalie Portman plays Timothy Hutton’s ideal girl if you haven’t seen the movie. The only problem is that she’s 12, which I would say is a huge problem. If you watch the movie straight through and had never seen it before (which fortunately I had) you’d probably suspect that these two are about to run off together given the seriousness with which they discuss their relationship. If this were any other movie it might creep you out but for some reason you find yourself rooting for them and thinking “she is the perfect girl, even at 12.” In the end everyone finds happiness and 30- year old Timothy Hutton doesn’t run off with Natalie Portman and you find yourself simultaneously disappointed and relieved that it doesn’t work out. That’s part where I said to myself, “what is wrong with me?” It’s hard not to fall in love with Natalie Portman in that movie even as a 12 year old. This was only her 3rd movie I believe and already she was treading on familiar territory as an actress. In her first movie Leon: The Professional, she develops another relationship of sorts with an older man who helps her kill the people that kill her family. This whole little rant has no point I was just realizing when I was watching Beautiful Girls that Natalie Portman has a bizarre almost Lolita-esque with older men in the movies she was at the age the marketing people refer to as tweens. I also thought that if I was an older guy at that point I still would’ve thought she was gorgeous. I’ve just disturbed myself. I’m not going to start NAMGLA or anything, so don’t report me. My point is that I didn’t need to see Natalie Portman in a thong in Closer to realize that she was hot. On that note I also didn’t need to see any of those chick flicks with Ashley Judd and Susan Sarandon she made either. And let’s face it, the Star Wars Movies aren’t doing anything for her image.

Natalie Charming a Much Older Man in Tim Hutton

Professional Tween

Okay, now that I’m done disturbing myself and mostly everyone, let’s move on to this weekend’s happenings. First up we’ve got Friday. What happened Friday? NOTHING. Let’s move on to Saturday, shall we? Saturday I went to get a haircut but the person I like to go to didn’t have any time available; so I scheduled an appointment for next week. On my way back home I ran into my friend from Syracuse, Matt Singer. Matt and I chatted for a minute or two which was cool since I hadn’t seen him in at least 6 months. He headed to work at Kim’s on St. Marks and I headed home. I got home and watched Syracuse get blown out by UCONN in basketball and prepared for my evening.

I left my apartment at 9:15 pm and walked to the Bowery Ballroom where I was meeting Arby, Maureen Hoban, and Laura Renga for the Clem Snide show. Our crew was complete by about 10:10 and we walked in and checked our coats and got drinks upstairs during one of the openers. Laura and Maureen were quizzing Rich on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 because Rich worked on it. They were extremely excited to get any inside information. We went back down for more drinks during the second opener and the conversation was extremely fun and funny for that matter. I think we were all having a good time.

We went back upstairs before Clem Snide went on. The band took the stage at around 11:40pm. Eef Barzelay led the show off with an a capella song that I had never heard before breaking into “Fill Me With Your Light” off of their new album the End of Love. It seemed like we’d be in for quite a show. The band ripped through a bevy (I like that word) of songs off the new album as well as some new songs not on the album. They only played 3 songs off of other albums including two from their 1998 debut You Were A Diamond and one off of The Ghost of Fashion. They didn’t play one song off of Your Favorite Music, which coincidentally has some of my favorite music. That being said the new stuff sounded good with the exception of a few rare Bowery Ballroom sound glitches. The band’s first set ended at around 12:35, which was really disappointing. They came out for their encore after about 2 minutes and ended up playing til 1am but the show just seemed too short. I don’t know if there was a Bowery curfew that did them in but I really wish Clem Snide had played longer.

Shortly after the show ended, Maureen and Laura left and Rich and I drank until the bar downstairs closed at around 2 or maybe later. Overall it was good times and I had a great time hanging out with some of my favorite people. Afterwards, I walked home and was feeling slightly dazed this morning. I watched Beautiful Girls, went to the gym, and then went to Angelika to see Million Dollar Baby, which is a fine feature film and deserving of the awards that were bestowed upon it. That’s not to say other films didn’t deserve awards to. Actually I don’t really think awards are necessary, as long as people get enjoyment that should be enough of a reward to the filmmakers. However, we live in this world and not the fairytale world so people want their movies to win awards and make tons of money. Anyway,
I’m going to sleep. Stay tuned in the week ahead and don’t forget to answer the poll and sign my Guestbook.

CLEM SNIDE 03/05/05 Bowery Ballroom NYC Setlist
Ballad of David Icke

Fill Me With Your Light


German Hip Hop
Jews for Jesus Blues

Break Something Beautiful
Yip Jump Music

Long Lost Twin

New Song – Crash the Party in Your Mind(?)

End of Love (powerfully performed)
New Song – “The thing you claim to love so much you don’t do very well”
Heaven (Talking Heads cover)

God Answers Back

Nothing is Over

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Kathleen Edwards At Canal Room

Posted by evankessler on March 2, 2005

Kathleen Edwards Settles In At The Canal Room

Kathleen Edwards seems like the kind of girl you’d run into at your local dive bar and have a few drinks with. It’s this sort of laid back matter of fact, I’m here to enjoy myself demeanor that translates to a good time in concert. Tonight I went with John Vacanti to see Kathleen Edwards for the 2nd time in around 2 years. The first time was after her release Failer was released in the U.S. and she played at the Bowery Ballroom. . You’d probably describe her sound as somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Tom Petty which to me seem like very favorable comparisons. Today her 2nd album Back to Me was released stateside as Ms. Edwards traveled 12 hours by Greyhound Bus to play Letterman and the Canal Room.

I’ll Call This One “In The Moment”

She was probably exhausted but you wouldn’t know it. She was engaging and energetic in her performance and bantered with the audience with a natural charisma and charm, much like if you were just chatting in a bar. She talked about her bus ordeal as well as the fact that she was puzzled as to why Kirstie Alley was on Letterman tonight to talk about being fat.
Edwards’ material further complimented her personality as she ripped through mostly upbeat new tunes to start the show. Best of all, she did not hesitate to rock out and seemed completely in step with her band. The crowd was eagerly awaiting more familiar material off of her critical acclaimed debut but responded very favorably to the new stuff. About halfway through the set she got to some more recognizable songs off of her debut, such as “Mercury” “Westby” “Six O’Clock News” and my personal favorite “Hockey Skates”. She played a couple of songs for an encore including “National Steel” by request, and another song about hockey(“I Wish I Was The Best at Shinny”) to which she changed the lyrics to reflect her disappointment over the lack of an NHL season. The show ended on a cover song that I sort of recognized but couldn’t place. All in all it was a spectacular show that lasted probably about an hour and a half. Ms. Edwards held up her end of the bargain for a 2nd time. If she’s back in New York soon, I’ll be at her next show.I highly recommend you pick up Kathleen Edwards Failer and Back To Me

And Finally “Rockin Out”

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