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Blizzard ’05

Posted by evankessler on January 24, 2005

What a weekend of wintry wonder! New York City was hit with 14.5 inches of heaven’s dandruff on Saturday. I have to say I found it quite enjoyable, but not quite as enjoyable as my Friday night. I left work at 5pm on Friday along with pretty much everyone because they were reorganizing our floor and told everyone to leave their offices by 5pm. Who were we to take a stand? Besides, we had planned a happy hour drinking excursion at Mars 2112 downstairs from our offices at 1633 Broadway. It was a pretty decent turnout. Beer was $2 and we all benefited from such a monumental deal. God Bless happy hour, it’s the next best thing to free beer. The VH1 folks know how to enjoy themselves with the drink. I made the rounds taking pictures and annoying people. I’m presently deciding which pictures to include below. They’ll probably be there by the time you read this. I’m not sure what time I left but I think by that time, only Maureen Hoban, Sierra Lindsey, and I were left. Oh, and I also want to apologize to Vanessa Whitewolf who waved at me and was ignored by me, partially because I was having a serious conversation with Maureen at the time and also because I thought she was waving at someone behind me. So, I’m sorry about that Vanessa.

I look like I’ve had a few too many. Deb Miran and Jess Sabin retain their poise.
Best Friends Drink at Mars 2112 Together. Maureen Hoban smiles and I give the drunk look again.

Anyway, I went home and grabbed some Wendy’s before heading to my next destination. I went to Rob Goodman’s moving out of Manhattan party at his place on 34th st. He’s moving to Park Slope. I had some initial difficulty getting there though since I didn’t have the printout with the address with me and when I got out of the cab I realized that I had lost my phone for the 2nd time in about a month. Luckily when I called it later I found out that I had left it at Mars 2112. Who knows how that happened? Anyway, so I had to take another cab home to find the address and then take a cab back to Rob’s. I had fun though once I finally got there. It was a good turnout and fun people were around. Several of whom may be pictured below. I don’t really want to list people for fear of leaving someone out.

You Can’t Spell P-A-R-T-Y Without Rachel Meyers and Rob Goodman. Actually I think you’d at least be missing a P.

Saturday I woke up and had a massive hangover and pretty much spent all day spacing out but I’m sure the spacing out doesn’t surprise anyone. I also shoveled snow off of our roof so it didn’t collapse and went to pick up my phone from Mars 2112. A side note about picking up my phone from Mars 2112, when I went to the front desk to ask if they had my phone, the guy paged the worker who had my phone to come to the “Spaceport”. Sometimes I think these theme restaurants go a little too far when every section of the restaurant is named after the space type things. It seems to me that they probably have a space name for the bathrooms (docking station) and the kitchen (spacelab).

So most of the day Saturday was spent working on a mix for my mix of the month club. It’s taking shape rather nicely and its up there with some of my best work. It’s a little depressing but then again, so is a lot of the music I listen to. Later in the evening I ventured out to Jessica Rash’s birthday party at Grace in Tribeca. As I walked outside and towards the subway I noticed how nice Jones St. looked in the snow so I took a picture. I think the city is a wonderful place to be in a snowstorm. Everything is that much more calm and quiet. Anyway, Jessica’s party was okay. It was a little weird because I didn’t really know anyone there and she’s pretty much the only person I talked to the whole time but I hadn’t seen her in awhile and it was fine by me. It was nice to be out of the house as well.

The Winter Wonderland of Jones Street.

This morning I hit up Cornelia St. Café for Brunch with Samantha Hahn (old college roommate) , who I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was okay, I was just hungry and tired and not very talkative but I always enjoy the brunch. Later on, Sean Maddison and I went to my brother’s place to make Chili and watch the AFC and NFC Championship games. It was a good if uneventful time. Anyway, it’s Pats vs. Eagles in the Super Bowl XXXVIX in two weeks. GO PATS!!! I hate the Eagles.


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