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Wavefarm Wednesday

Posted by evankessler on December 31, 2004

Yeah, I know it’s Thursday but I thought I’d write about yesterday since I haven’t yet and I’ve been lazy today so there’s not much to write about. Anyway, last night I went to the Slipper Room on Orchard to see Rich M’s Band Wavefarm. Rich plays the Keyboards and Ahmad Saeed is on the Bass and that’s it for the people I know in the band. The gathering at the Slipper Room was a High School reunion of sorts. Amongst the crowd were my fellow Ramapo Gryphons (worst mascot name ever) Joe D, Eric L, Dana R, Deborah S, Rebecca S, Katie E, and Amy G. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out of that but I might have. I hadn’t seen Rebecca and Katie in about a year and a half. They now live in San Francisco and were home for the holidays. It was great to see them. It felt like the old high school crew was together to some extent. It was great to see them. To be honest I wish I’d talked with the two of them more but I don’t think they’ll hold it against me. There are some people that you’ll always care for and no matter how much time passes in between meetings the feelings between you always remain just as warm. That’s how I feel about those two. Also Rebecca told me that every time she sees me I look more like Eddie Vedder. I don’t see it, but I’ll take it as a compliment seeing as she used to have a shrine to him in her bedroom.

Deb and Rebecca have teeth. I’m not sure about Joe though.

Between talking with Rebecca, Katie, Joe, and Sulaiman , I was also talking to Eric L, Amy G and her two friends in from Canada (Jo) and Australia (Alex). They were very cool and I think we’re all hanging out at some point tonight. It’s never a bad time to make new friends. Though I think I was drunk babbling the equivalent of a bad drunk dial. I’m not really sure what I was talking about but I haven’t heard any complaints as of yet.

Amy, Jo, Alex, 2 beers, A piece of paper and a camera.

Alex, Myself, Eric, and some sort of unidentified hovering object (UHO) above my head.

I think I left the bar around 2am or something but I have no idea. After I left I gorged on some pizza from the place across the street from the Slipper Room and jumped in a cab to get home. I woke up this morning somewhat slightly dazed and basically sat around til 3pm when I went to the gym. I had the intention of running some errands today but it didn’t happen. I mostly just zoned out while playing pile up on yahoo games and listened to my Itunes though I did come up with a new way to express difficulty. Instead of saying, that will be difficult, you can now say, “That’s like playing Carmen SanDiego without the Almanac.” I’m referring to the computer version, not the TV version. Or you could say, “That’s like winning Carmen Sandiego without getting the loot or the warrant,” to denote impossibility. What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. These thoughts just pop into my head and I can’t control them but I can type them out.


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