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Greg Won’t Be Home No More

Posted by evankessler on December 8, 2004

Today is a historic day in the history of my apartment. Greg Kessler has moved out. That’s right. After 6 years he has finally moved on to a new apartment in Tribeca. And so it goes. The world still turns and I still had to go to work, but after work I ran to CVS to get a Menorah for the first night of Hannukah. It seems CVS had a menorah for 30 dollars but no candles so I went to the stationery store 2 doors down and grabbed a festive candelabra and some candles for my celebration. I went home and lit the candles and said my prayers. Something was different when I arrived home though. It looked like we had been robbed due to Greg’s moving. There was no art on the walls and no pots and pans. I’m still taking inventory on what we don’t have anymore but rest assured we’ll be doing some shopping for the apartment this weekend.

After the ceremony I went to meet Arby, Marie Lyons, and her friend Connie at Fez to see Rhett Miller, lead singer of the Old 97’s in a solo acoustic performance. In the past few months I think I’ve raved about Mr. Miller’s songwriting capabilities rather often. Before we got to enjoy that, we had to endure a standup comedy performance that was pretty mediocre, yet it had its bright spots.

Rhett came on after the brief set and Marie noted his feminine appearance. I had to agree. Every time I’ve seen Rhett Miller perform either with the Old 97’s or solo, he looks more and more feminine. He has long blond hair past his shoulders that swings around while he does his equally girly guitar strum. Nonetheless, he is a clever wordsmith and can write some great songs. He opened the show with “Won’t Be Home No More” off of Drag It Up which did not disappoint, followed by a song off of his solo record, which was then followed up “Friends Forever” also from Drag It up. Overall he only did 5 or 6 Old 97’s songs as well as a 4 or 5 originals including 3 written in the past week and a song that he said would be on an Old 97’s Christmas album next year. Mr. Miller even through in a cover of the Kinks “Waterloo Sunset”. Probably the most enjoyable part of the show was the in between songs banter. In a way it seems like these are the best shows to go to because a singer doesn’t have an entire band to interact with and has to make himself feel at home with the crowd. He even confided with the crowd while performing the Fight Songs outtake “Villain” that he didn’t know how a part of the song went, so the crowd gleefully covered for him when it was time. The ended with the classic “Doreen” and the crowd was greeted moments later with an encore of “Big Brown Eyes”. It was really an excellent show. That was just the early show. I wish I was aware of the late show set list.

After Rhett finished, Arby, Marie, Connie, and I went upstairs for a couple more drinks and the topic of Connie’s breasts came up for some reason. I think because her shirt kept falling down and it wasn’t really meant to be an undershirt. Marie called her Tits Macpherson, which I thought was excellent for some reason, like some sort of 20’s Gangster. Anyway, I got a good laugh out of it and immensely enjoyed the show. I really want to thank Marie Lyons for coming through with the tickets and everything else in the clutch. It wouldn’t be the first time. Marie, I owe you more than one.


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