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A Very U2 Lunch Break

Posted by evankessler on November 23, 2004

At around 1:15 Monday afternoon I went to Hale & Hearty Soups on 49th St. with Maureen Hoban, Betsy Van Stone and Noelle Stehmann. As we were on line getting our food a caravan of vehicles including a flatbed truck with performing on it passed by Hale & Hearty. It was at that point an extremely crowded place of business turned into an absolute ghost town. I was on line and virtually everyone in the establishment had run out the door to follow U2. I did not rush for the door seeing as I don’t really ever feel the need to run for anything. After I got my food the 4 of us followed the route of the truck down about 4 blocks to 45th and Broadway as Bono and company played to the crowd who gathered as they were stopped at a stoplight. Apparently the band was filming a video for their 2nd single off of their upcoming album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Maureen made it right in front of the truck and just sort of stared in amazement and I took a picture with my camera phone which, to be honest, does not take very good pictures. I can barely tell what I’m looking out on this one so I won’t even post it. I joked with Maureen that she’d be in the video just staring blankly at the stage.

It was quite the interesting lunch break but I have to be honest here. It sort of seems like U2 is running out of video ideas. This is the 4th one that’s sort of related to playing in front of people as they move through a city. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” took place as they walked the Vegas streets, “The Sweetest Thing” took place on a flatbed truck as they drove through a city, “Where The Streets have No Name” was on top of a building (ok a little different but sort of similar concept) and this new one was also on a flatbed truck. That being said, it’s a pretty cool idea just as a promotional tool not necessarily for a video shoot.

I hope the new album is good though I haven’t really liked them as much since Rattle and Hum and I think the last album was severely overhyped though it did have some good songs, as well as one of the worst songs ever. Once Bono started acting way too cool it sort of started to annoy me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a great guy. He does great stuff for the world and he’s a great social activist. I just think he’s trying to hard when he sings ‘Uno, Dos, Tres, Catorce!” in the new single ‘Vertigo’. I mean, he’s too cool to say one, two three, four? Bono is so cool he can get away with saying one, two, three, fourteen? Now all of these dumb people will actually think that catorce means four.

Anyway, I want to thank Jess Sabin for helping me figure out the grammar rules for italicizing album titles and putting song titles in quotes. I hope that I did it right in this entry.
I also planned on posting a nonsensical improvisational IM conversation I had with John Vacanti, but I’m having trouble accessing my gmail so there I can’t post it. You’re probably not missing anything but I’m tired anyway, so I’ll just go to sleep.


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