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Kasey Chambers at Irving (11/16)

Posted by evankessler on November 17, 2004

Alright, so I just got back from seeing Kasey Chambers at Irving Plaza and I have to say that it was a hell of a show. For those not familiar with Ms.(Mrs). Chambers she is an Australian Country singer who has been playing music since touring around rural Australia since she was a child. She has three solo albums since 2000.. I think the reason I like her so much is that she has a very interesting voice that I guess I can only describe as cute, but with a lot of power behind it. I mean I’m sure I can describe it other ways. Here’s another way, she sounds like a little girl but with a lot of purpose and meaning in the way she sings. I’m also a sucker for that Australian accent.

I had seen her once before about a year and a half ago at Irving as well and I can’t really say which show was better, this one definitely gets the Evan Kessler Stamp of Approval. I should make up a logo for that.
Before she came out to play Shane Nicholson from Sydney played a couple of songs. Kasey was actually standing right next to me for his set. Then someone named Holly Williams with a new album just out on Universal South played about 45 minutes. They weren’t bad. I think I like the first opener more than the second.

Kasey Chambers took the stage with her band around 10:35 and led off the show with the song “Like A River” off her new album Wayward Angel. At this point it should be painfully obvious to anyone who ever reads my blog that I am completely unaware when you’re supposed to italicize things and when you’re supposed to quote them. Anyway, the song should be the first single off her album, though I don’t think it is because I saw she had a video for something else, but I think it is destined to become a big mainstream country hit because it is hooky as all hell. She then went into the title track of her second a good rock number called “Barricades and Brick walls”. Throughout the show she mixed up the setlist with songs off all of her albums and even a few covers. Her rapport with the crowd was excellent as she often engaged in banter and told funny stories. She talked about waiting backstage at the Australian Grammies to meet The Crocodile Hunter for an autograph and when he came out of his dressing room, he had a python around his neck and then played the song of her new album she had written about him. Kasey also had a lot to say about her 2 year old son and how she won’t let him be anything but a musician.

Other highlights included her Hank Williams-esque honky tonker “I’m A Little Bit Lonesome” as well as a cover of a Neil Young’s “Comes A Time”. The set closed with a story about her first meeting with Lucinda Williams opening up on her tour 5 years ago and then Kasey brought the house down with a cover of Lucinda’s breakup anthem”Changed the Locks.”

Soon after Ms. Chambers came out for an encore and did a solo acoustic version of the title track to her debut The Captain, and if that weren’t enough she called her father who also serves as her guitar player and her brother, who also serves as her sound engineer and producer for an utterly breathtaking performance of Gram Parson’s “Sin City” complete with 3 part vocal harmonies. I would’ve been satisfied if the show ended right there. In fact, that would’ve been the perfect ending. However, I could not complain about Kasey and her band coming out once again for a second encore consisting of 2 more songs, “Saturated” from her latest, Wayward Angel, and the upbeat rocker “Crossfire” to close it out.

Overall, it was a more than satisfying show that left me smiling as I left the venue. I wish I had a setlist to post but I’m not really sure anyone took it down and posted it online. Besides, I don’t think any of you really care which songs she played.

Kasey Chambers, Irving Plaza 11/16/04 Setlist
Like a River
Barricades & Brickwalls

If I Could (Going Fishing)
On a Bad Day
Runaway Train

Not Pretty Enough

Little Bit Lonesome
More than Ordinary

Comes a Time

Last Hard Bible
Follow You Home
Changed the Locks

Sin City




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