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Room for Rent Part II

Posted by evankessler on November 11, 2004

It was cold this morning. Probably the coldest its been since last winter. Even as I’m writing this there is a chill filling the air in my bedroom and the computer keys are cold. Most of the day at work was status quo. I was doing research on my years of I Love The 70’s. I learned some interesting things by using IMDB.

The China Syndrome, a movie about a Nuclear accident opened two weeks prior to the Nuclear accident at 3 Mile Island.

Jack Lemmon’s death scene in The China Syndrome was the only death scene he has ever filmed in all of his movies.

Most actresses in their 20’s or 30’s that share a birthday with me are porn actresses. I swear there were like 7. I clicked on the whose birthday it was today link and did investigative reporting regarding if any other famous people shared my birthday. I came up with P.Diddy, Laura Bush, and Kathy Griffin.

There were other interesting tidbits but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. IMDB is a wonderful site though. Kudos to the people who stockpile that website with tons of trivial information. I’ve never had the urge to know Meredith Baxter-Birney’s measurements but now if the occasion comes up, I can buy her a birthday gift.

I left work at around 6pm and rushed home for our first interview of the evening at 6:45 with another Matt. Matt is the ex-boyfriend of my friend Orly from high school. Apparently he just broke up with his girlfriend and is looking for a new place. He currently lives down the street. Overall, the interview with Matt went really well. He seemed pretty open and comfortable with us all and the roommates seemed to take a liking to him. He seemed a little reserved at first but warmed up quickly. He hung out for about a half hour and asked us questions. He asked a lot of questions but that was good seeing as we’re not too good at knowing which info to give out. I’d say his interview went pretty well. He definitely made it hard for us not to like him or nitpick about him. GRADE: A

After interviewing our 2nd Matt in 2 days of interviewing we strangely enough interviewed our 2nd Greg. Greg was a financial consultant at a small firm, I don’t remember exactly where. I think he worked somewhere on 57th St. He walked in wearing a nice blue suit straight from work. I’d love to insult and nitpick about all of these people but I think in general we interviewed some pretty nice guys. I’d like to commend Sean and myself for doing a good job weeding out the Craigslist riff raff emails. Now that I’m done patting myself and my roommate on the back, back to the interview. Greg, like Matt, had a lot of questions but seemed a little less outgoing, a little too financial. He seemed like the kind of guy who would be in bed by 10pm and be mad if you were up late. I know that’s not fair but you have to go by your instinct in these situations. It’s not like you’re going to live in a house for a week with them and give a rose to the one you like. Someone is moving out and we have to move someone in. GRADE: B-

We’re sick of interviewing people even though there’s only been 6, but we’ve whittled it down to 2. It’s between Matt #1 and Matt #2. Winner to be announced soon.

Also tonight after I got back from the gym my brother’s friend Tony Kim was being really annoying yelling, “Blog Me, Blog Me! I want to be in your blog!” He got really drunk on a couple of glasses of wine and started acting like an idiot. He accidentally broke a window on Sebastian’s door and passed out on Greg’s bed and was later moved to the upstairs couch. Congratulations Tony Kim, You’ve made the blog!!! Not to be mean, I like Tony, but this is what he gets for his combined drunkenness and badgering. Goodnight all and a have a pleasant tomorrow or today if you’re reading this on the 11th during the day, which I guess you would be.


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