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Posted by evankessler on October 20, 2004

Tonight I am a Bostonian, mostly because I don’t know the term for someone from Massachusetts (Massachusettsian?) but tonight I will remain a Bostonian and I may let it carry through til tomorrow. I know, I was born in the suburbs of NYC, I’m a Mets fan and I hate the Yankees.

I spent the evening at Time Café on Great Jones and Lafayette with Arby, Marie, Zach, and the Scotsman watching the Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees in Game 6 of the ALCS. What a game!!! Mark Bellhorn, arguably the crappiest player on the Sox hitting a 3 run homer in the 4th inning to give the Sox the lead for good. The Major League film equivalent would be Roger Dorn (Corbin Bernsen) hitting a grand slam or fielding the ball correctly during the “the Indians are getting better” montage. Curt Schilling would be in the role of Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger) as the aging but wily veteran on his last legs even though he’s not a catcher. I don’t quite have a handle on who would be Willie Mays Hays but that’s not quite where this metaphor ends.

Every pitch after Keith Foulke’s leadoff walk in the bottom of the 9th felt like Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn vs. Yankees Film slugger Clu Haywood (possibly the worst name in sports movie history). I half expected Lou Brown to come to the mound and tell Foulke, Forget about the curveball Ricky, give ’em the heater”. Though, Foulke’s first name is Keith so this wouldn’t have made much sense but luckily for the Sox, despite the nail biting, Foulke struck out the last batter and the tied the series at 6.

The nail biting had been going on ever since the Bernie Williams HR in the 7th inning and continued on through A-Rod’s 8th inning douchebaggery as he slapped the ball away from Bronson Arroyo who tried to tag him and then acted like he was the victim of a bad call. I hate that guy. The Red Sox, however managed to stave off elimination for a third straight night to force a game 7 at Yankee Stadium which will take place tomorrow night. The Sox are the first team ever to be down 3-0 in a series and come back to force a game 7. I hope they win. I’m tired of the Yankees always being in the World Series. Besides, I’m a Mets fan, and after ’86, the Red Sox deserve another chance.

A. Rod shows his true douchebag colors

Oh, and another sidebar to the evening, 5 beers and a burger and fries later, the bill came to $0 thanks to the fact that Marie works at Time. That being said, I wasn’t a cheapskate, I gave the bartender a $20 tip. Good times. I loved being around genuine sox fans for this game. I really could feel the intensity of the curse and all of their emotion with every pitch. I was nervous every time the Yankees hit a deep fly ball or they had runners in scoring position. The tension was multiplied by the amount of Sox fans surrounding me as the Red Sox contingent around us grew as the game went on. When the game ended the crowd erupted in cheers and their was a good feeling all around and it was impossible not to feel it. I hope Boston pulls it out in 7. GO SOX!!!!


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