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Debate #3

Posted by evankessler on October 14, 2004

Tonight was Presidential Debate #3 in the party town of Tempe, Arizona and I don’t know if it’s just me, but each successive debate just seems like a rerun of the other. Each candidate uses the same lines, and I get more tired of hearing them not say anything. That being said, I think at least Kerry seems to outline his policies more. Bush just tries to trumpet his accomplishments, which may or may not have occurred. Probably the most telling moment out of the three debates was during the town hall formatted debate in which a member of the audience had asked him to identify three mistakes. Instead of showing humanity, he showed stubbornness and talked about things that he has done that were not mistakes. This is a person who will never learn from his experiences, he’ll just press on with what he feels is right and will fail to recognize the harm his actions have on other people, and I for one cannot vote for someone who refuses to take any accountability for the effects of his actions. So, come November 2nd, I hope anyone reading this will vote for John Kerry. He may be an ugly dude, but he’ll be a better president than George W. Bush.

Wow, okay, enough of politics. Anyway, I’ve spent pretty much all of this week in so I don’t have much in the way of excitement other than watching the debate. I feel as though the last two weeks have been devoid of social activity. I feel as though I have been very introverted. I think for the most part other people aren’t going out as much. I spoke to Jessica Smith on the phone Tuesday night and she echoed that she hadn’t really done anything either. I think the reason for people’s hesitancy to go out on the town is pretty simple. Everyone is sort of bummed that it’s now getting colder and realize that they have to wear a jacket. This serves as an immediate deterrent for only a couple of weeks ago, it was shorts and a t shirt and you’re ready to go. It was the ultimate in comfort. Summer turns to fall and everyone goes into shock that it’s jacket weather so you start to hear the words, “it’s so frickin’ cold outside” even though it’s only 59. Well, get ready people, its going to be much colder in the not so distant future. I propose that it’s time we start to get off our asses and warm ourselves up with some liquor. Who’s in? I’m hitting up Dark Light or whatever the held it’s called on Thursday. I know that place sucks and has shitty music, but my friends Sierra and Stacey are bartending. Let’s go!!! We can go somewhere better afterwards.


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