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Presidential Debate

Posted by evankessler on October 1, 2004

Tonight I got home just in time for the presidential debate after a long day at work. I settled down in front of the TV with Sean Maddison and some Japanese food. This was one of the more important political events in recent memory, or at least in the last 4 years since the last debate. I don’t count the war as a political event, it was a presidential decision so I’m not discounting that. My definition of political events involves the pandering to the American public for approval. That being said, I think Kerry came out on top as he appeared confident and poised most of the time. The President was stumbling and often appeared to be searching for words. I’m a little biased as I’ve long since lost any faith I might have had in this President’s ability to carry out his job. Someone made the point to me recently that a lot of people like President Bush because he’s the type of guy you’d like in your backyard for a barbecue. Why would you want the President in the backyard for a barbecue? So you can talk to him about football or the pennant race? Fuck that. I’d rather have a President who seemed liked he had something more important to do than bullshit because he’s too busy running a country. I don’t want to talk to him about eating good burgers and fishing in Texas. I can do that with people that aren’t supposed to be running the country. I want my President to be much smarter than me. I don’t get that feeling from President Bush. Check out this link http://homepage.mac.com/njenson/movies/sovereignty.html Now, I don’t really have any idea how to answer this question but I would hope my President would be able to and not be laughed while attempting to do so, after nearly four years in office. I’d rather have a President who was made fun of because he was boring over one who is made fun of for being stupid.

Okay, enough of that. I’m not so good at the political speak and that’s not my only reason for liking Kerry over Bush but I’m not as good about writing about political doctrine and the likes. I leave that to the professionals. Also, the Daily Show had a great segment tonight about undecided voters in which Samantha Bee yelled at undecided voters saying something along the lines of, “Why can’t you make a fucking decision undecided voters! These two candidates are as different as night and day.” You should check it out. It’s pretty funny. It’ll probably be on the http://www.comedycentral.com webpage tomorrow under the Daily show section. Okay, time to go to bed. Goodnight.

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