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Posted by evankessler on September 28, 2004

Tonight I met up with Kristin Ertel and Bill Ehninger for a little Rock and Roll action at Webster Hall via the Decemberists. Well, first Kristin and I met up and had a couple of drinks at Nevada Smith’s and Bill met us and we headed in. On the way in I ran into Syracuse Alum, Tom Hoban, now of the TVLand faction. It was a nice but brief reunion. We headed inside around 10:15. Unfortunately, we had lost track of the time and missed the opener Lou Barlow, which I am a little sore about but I’m already over.

At around 10:30 the Decemberists took to the stage and unleashed their Nerdy, Bouncy, Sea Shanty Pop on the crowd of suspecting fans. It was immediately met with cheers and happiness amongst a sea of bobbing heads. Kristin started singing along and during “Billy Liar” the third song of the set was chided by a fellow concert goer who said, “I’m here to see them not you.” Ouch. Nonetheless, Kristin admirably kept the peace although Bill wanted to strike a blow in defense. Not to say Bill’s intentions were less than admirable it just would’ve been too much to deal with that early in the night. My head was bouncing up and down all night to the Decemberists pop precision. There was nary a bad song as even the new material kept it upbeat for the seemingly pleased audience. You could tell that most of the people at the show really wanted to show their sheer exuberance for the bands material. As I looked around I saw plenty of people smiling and singing along to each accordion laden shanty. I think its obvious at this point that I’m practicing my writing skills. Nonetheless it was an excellent show.

Afterwards, Kristin and Bill went on about their early brush with bitchiness a la the girl who more or less told Kristin to be quiet. Well, let’s face it she told her to shut up in a pretty direct manner. No matter, we didn’t let it deter us from enjoying a pretty great show. I think Webster Hall has managed to position itself in between Bowery Ballroom and Irving Plaza in the Pantheon of great NYC concert venues in the past two weeks between the Modest Mouse show, and the Decemberists show.

Also, on my way home I made up a catchy chorus to what might be a good indie rock song. I’m a little hesitant to share it with anyone tonight so I put it in my written journal (gurnel) but if I ever release an album with my indie rock act Evan Kessler and His Only Two Friends, you may just be lucky enough to hear it much to your ears’ delight.

Also just a sidenote; I think I’m starting to realize just how selfish and self centered I am. Every day I sort of pick up little signals and I think I’ve been meaning to write about it for awhile but never get around to it. I guess this website is evidence enough, but I think there’s more where that came from. I’m hoping to explore it further in the future but for now, mere recognition will have to do. I mean I’m pretty sure I’m selfish and self-centered but not to the point of being a total douche, which, I think should be a relief.


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