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VH1 7, Real Simple 0

Posted by evankessler on August 19, 2004

Last night after work I went with Adam Starling to watch the VH1 Soccer team take on Real Simple in a game of soccer at Riverside Park on 72nd st. and West End. The Vh1 team was pretty solid and could play pretty well. They spent most of the time playing offense as the Real Simple team was pretty pathetic, but they were just having fun which is admirable. Besides I don’t think they’re as pathetic as me and Adam for not actually playing but showing up to cheer the team on. We screamed such classic cheers as “SOCCER!!!” and “What the hell are you doing out there?!?!” and “Go Team!” After the game was over we headed over to an outdoor bar with members of both the VH1 team and the Real Simple team for some drinks and food. Turns out I actually knew two of the girls on the other team (Tara and Fern) from college. Small world.

I was also thinking yesterday that the summer sports would be better during the winter if we just threw the word Ice in front of every sport. For example, Ice Volleyball, Ice Swimming (or the Hypothermia Challenge), Ice Diving, Ice Boxing, and Ice Gymnastics. I’ll leave you now to imagine all of those sports on ice. Much more interesting right?


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