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Posted by evankessler on July 28, 2004

Ellis Island: The Kessler and Paris’ family’s gateway to America

After a lovely 4-day weekend with family it’s time to head back to work tomorrow. I don’t mind though. It was pretty exhausting as alluded to in the previous entry. Today was sort of a day off from that anyway. Yesterday was a beautiful day. My aunt Melane, cousins Erika and Diana, myself, and my brother went to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We found our family on the Wall of Honor or Remembrance or whatever wall it is that commemorates the immigrants whose families pay for a place on the wall. My paternal grandmother Miriam Schneck Kessler came over from Poland, as did her husband Samuel. We also saw the name of my maternal Great Grandfather Hyman Paris who came over from Russia. I’m not sure of the dates of their arrival though. We didn’t really stay that long at either the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island but it was definitely cool to go their since I had never been and although we had swore off tourist attractions after the Empire State Building debacle, this wasn’t so bad.
Today I just sort of hung out, ran errands, burned cds and went to the gym. Afterwards Greg and I watched X-Men 2, which was a pretty entertaining. All in all I’d call this a pretty successful vacation. I didn’t really do much for myself really but I enjoyed the things I did. The best part is that I get to go back for only a 3-day work week. It’s going to get hectic soon but now I’m sort of ready. The final blowing off of steam takes place tomorrow night as the I Love The 90’s Wrap Party takes place. There’ll be 3 hours of open bar, karaoke, food, folks and fun. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to remember my own name by 11pm. That’s not necessarily a lofty goal but that’s just the way these parties always end up.

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