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Clem Snide at Prospect Park

Posted by evankessler on July 23, 2004

I was a zombie all day today thanks to last night’s hijinx. After work I had the option of going to a work birthday party for Vicky Ruggiero or going to the Clem Snide show in Prospect Park. I hate to miss a work party (not sarcastic) but I didn’t really want to so much as look at an alcoholic beverage so I chose going to Prospect Park for Clem Snide where we met up with Maureen’s friend Laura, who I guess is my friend now as well. I guess I’ve gone to enough shows and hung out with her enough at parties, and enjoyed conversation with her so we’re qualified as such. Clem Snide was opening for Pere Ubu who was playing music over a classic horror movie, which sounded cool but we didn’t stay for that. I think Clem Snide only played for 45 minutes or so. It was a good performance though. They were missing one of their guitarists and replaced him with a horn section and a keyboardist. I think the keyboardist is the same girl who I’ve seen play with Ben Lee and Luna. I think she gets around the New York Indie scene.

Afterwards, the show we met up with Maureen and Laura’s friend Andrew at the Park Slope Ale House and got dinner, and that’s about all there is to it. It was a relaxing night with fun people which was much needed after the previous evening’s frantic bar hopping. Time to go to sleep. I’m exhausted.

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