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Posted by evankessler on July 18, 2004

So before I get to this past day, I guess I’ll do a little recap of Friday, even though I don’t really remember much of it. Erica Bryndza and Rob Degrezia held a joint birthday party at Abaya on E. Houston St. It was an excellent work gathering and I think all I can say about it is I think most of us spent a lot of money and got really drunk on $6 beer and drinks that were definitely more expensive. It was cool to see former VH1er David Heyward out. I haven’t seen him in awhile. I think we started the whole rubber band fight craze when we were both seated in the pit. Good times. We partied until 3 something in the AM and then a couple of us got some Ray’s pizza.

This morning (afternoon) I woke up at around 12:05pm and after talking with Bess Sobota decided to head down to the Siren Festival on Coney Island at around 2:30. Beforehand I got in some quality roof time though.

The train ride with Bess and her sister took about an hour and as soon as we got there at 3:30 we headed straight to Nathan’s for some hot dogs. For those who don’t know, the original Nathan’s was in Coney Island so if you’re in Coney Island you have to go to Nathan’s. I partook not once, but twice.

The Siren Festival is a yearly concert put on by the Village Voice featuring a bunch of bands on 2 stages from 12-9. Since, I didn’t know most of the bands who were playing I didn’t have any bands I planned on seeing, I just planned on watching a couple of them. So I caught some of TV On The Radio, Electric Six, and Mission of Burma. Most of the day was just spent hanging out with friends in the beautiful weather. I feel like a large portion of the people I know in NY were on Coney Island for the show. I ran into, Rob Goodman, Marty Dundics, Reva Goldberg, Samantha Hahn, Sean Maddison, Liz Allen, Rachel Myers, Liz Schroeter, Nicole Johnson, Rich Mai, Joe Dworkin, Greg Altman, Marissa Brotspies, Jaime Greenberg, Laura Renga and my friend Marisa’s who’s last name escapes me at the moment.

I spent most of the day split between hanging with Bess, and with Joe and Rich. The concert was an good as last year because I didn’t really care about who was playing. I left around 8:15 and got back around 9:30pm.

When I got home I turned on comedy central and behold, they were showing the 25 most outrageous episodes of South Park ever. I was set for the night. The first one I saw was of my favorite episodes ever, the classic Jennifer Lopez episode where Cartman makes a Jennifer Lopez hand puppet. That was my costume for Halloween last year. The #3 most outrageous should have been #1 though, it was the Lemmiwinks episode where Mr. Garrison tries to get fired for being gay and the kids get sent to Tolerance camp. I think that has to be the best episode ever and it may be the most wrong thing ever shown on television. Instead #’s 1 and 2 were the Who is Cartman’s dad two parter which I don’t find to be nearly as outrageous but I don’t get to make the call on that.

I’m so glad for the South Park marathon though. It’s the perfect non-productive weekend evening. Yes folks, just because it’s a weekend evening doesn’t mean you have to drink. There’s plenty of other days during the week to do that.

OK, Now they’re showing the South Park Movie uncensored. I may be up to 3:30am just watching South Park and I’m perfectly okay with that.

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